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Author: Jeff Stephenson

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,316 April 14, 2022

    I was searching for something the other day in my archives and ran across the link below. I had bookmarked it on my PC several years ago and forgotten about it. It is a wealth of Carter county history. Its 130 pages entitled Carter County Then and Now by Bob Burke and Eric Dabnet and commissioned by […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,315 April 7, 2022

    December 11, 1901Oklahoma Sandstorms, by Edson Smith, Jr. Remember the “sandstorms” from the early days of Oklahoma? There was one special storm that came into Wirt when I was a kid. It came in from the Northwest. The Dourghty boy who lived across the road north of the Dundee school had spent the night with […]