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McCurtain, Oklahoma is a small town of a little over 500 people in Haskell, County in far eastern Oklahoma. Last week I received a book in PDF format, Chant-McCurtain Pictorial History 1890-1980. The PDF file is huge, 475 megs, that would take up about 3/4ths of a CD. The book is chocked full of historical photos from 1890 and more modern day photos stopping in 1980. The book is 203 pages in length. McCurtain was originally named Chant. In 1912 there was a coal mine explosion at McCurtain that killed 73 miners and ended prosperity for McCurtain.

If anyone wants a copy of the PDF file, let me know. Since its such a big file I can snailmail it on CD for a small donation, or I can email you the link to download it from Cajon Valley, California. Like I said above, it's a 475 meg file, so it will take a while to download on a slow computer or internet.

In 1930 Herr Family Jewelers was located at #10 C Street SW. It was owned by Frank and Anna Herr. They resided at 1103 Hurst Road in NW Ardmore.

Sherrer Drive Inn Durant, Oklahoma

June 1932
Unless some action is taken against wolves and coyotes, it will become impossible for farmers to raise poultry and especially turkeys. Nearly every day, farmers appear at the county agent's office with a tale of raided turkey flocks by wolves that make away with several turkeys each week. Melvin Phillips, government trapper, did a fine job of killing wolves, but as soon as he left, wolves have returned to play havoc with flocks.

June 1963
Just Mitchell, Haskell VanBuskirk comma and Barney Keith were the winners in the first municipal election in history for the town of Lone Grove on Saturday July 6th. Mitchell defeated Ed Gothard 54-50 for commissioner of District 3. VanBuskirk beat Wilton Cannon, 55-46 to become commissioner of District 2, and Keith was unopposed for election as commissioner of District 1. Buster Smith, Lone Grove cafe owner, was elected Town Marshal without opposition. Lone Grove incorporated on May 18th in a 81-7 vote of townspeople. Mitchell, who was later elected the town's first mayor, said the first project for the new commissioners probably would be to build a city hall and contract for gas, water and sewage services. Commissioners are also considering imposing city taxes. Lone Grove has a population of 433.

A few bricks I've sandblasted.

You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.

Q.  What is the deepest lake in Oklahoma?
A.   Broken Bow Lake at 185 feet with Lake Tenkiller coming in 2nd at 165 feet.

Q. Where in Oklahoma was the largest fish ever caught?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of August 3, 2002:

"Butch, my father, James R. Wilson, was a crewman on the B-17 that crashed with all aboard on Dec.15, 1943. I was 15 months old. My mother heard the crash, though she didn't know immediately that my father's ship had gone down. Do you have a copy of the accident report, or know where I might find one? I would like to contribute to the memorial. Please let me know your preferred method of contribution." -James Robert Wilson Jr. Chapel Hill, NC
"Hi Butch! Was funny when the discussion began a few weeks ago in the T & T about the neighborhood grocery stores as I had just been thinking about that very thing and going over in my mind all the little stores I could remember and most of them have been mentioned. There are two, however, that haven't been mentioned. The first was the store at 718 B N. W. W. T. (Bill) and Julia Shannon sold their grocery store in Ringling in 1945-46 and bought this property which had the Martin grocery on it, tore down the old building and built a brand new concrete block building at the 718 B N. W. location and then across a wide driveway built their new home at 720 B N. W. Shannon Grocery had a fresh meat market as well as sandwich meats, cheeses, etc. and delicious homemade chili. It was a full grocery and most of their business was done on credit as were most of the stores of the time. The Shannon's operated this store until the mid fifties when they sold to Eddie and Thera Elles. I grew up in this store as the Shannon's were my sister's in-law's and I have many fond memories of them letting me run the manual adding machine, gather up my own candy etc. Wanted to fill in this piece of history between the Martin's Grocery and Elles Food Mart. There was another little store in my neighborhood on the northwest corner of 9th and A N. W. that was owned by Nannie Williams that brings back a lot of memories. It was an old frame building built so that the front of the store faced right to the corner....unusual, especially for that day of the late 40's, early 50's. Wood floors that creaked and of course, a screen door that squeaked. Enjoy the T & T so much, it's the highlight of the week. Thanks for the memories....keep up the good work." -Ruth Ann McCollum
"Your comments of the Cafeteria reminded me of visits there in the early 60's. If memory has not failed entirely, I believe it was one of Dr Boyd's son's or son in law that ran the facility. There was also a swimming pool and a Chapel just beyond the Cafeteria. My boys had their first swimming experience in that pool. I bought some used furniture from George Norris in '60 or '61, about the time he was retiring from the Ardmoreite I think. Seems like his house was on "G" or "H" NW."
"This is a picture of Ova Blackerby. He was Chief of Police in Healdton in 1958, 59, 60, 61,? He was night watchman before that. My name is Kathy Correia, he was my uncle. Uncle Ova died June 3, 1984 in Bakersfield, CA. His wife Gladys Blackerby, sons James, Ronnie, daughters Brenda, Joyce (twins), Barbara, still reside in Bakersfield, CA. I'm his niece and i live in Riverside, ca. He has two brothers still alive. Roy of Pruitt City, OK, Tommy of Lake Jackson, TX, one sister, Dean Clary of Yukon, Ok. It was a very sad day in my life when my uncle died. I used to visit him a lot. I may have other pictures of Healdton. If you would like I'll look."
"Several people have commented about early-day Oklahoma Lawmen in the past in This and That. I have just rented a video starring Sam Elliot entitled "You Know My Name" about William Matthew Tilghman that is supposedly based on fact about Tilghman in Seminole County Oklahoma in 1924. Don't know how much is "Hollywood" and how much is fact, but it was an interesting video if anyone might be interested in renting it."

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch; I think the question in last week's newsletter about the largest lake in Oklahoma was incorrectly answered. There are quite a few ways to categorize lakes and maybe Grand Lake may be the largest lake in one way but here is a chart that lists lakes by size. Texoma is certainly the largest in capacity but second in surface acres. Eufaula is largest in surface acres but second in capacity. Grand Lake is third in both categories. Maybe the measurement you used was miles of shoreline, average visitor counts....etc. Grand Lake is certainly a very busy lake and is crowded almost every weekend during warm weather. It is also probably the most developed lake with communities, homes and cabins lining the lake." -Gerald

"In last Thursday's item on SW Bell's Tea Party, Nola Jackson is the lady in the striped dress. She is the only lady I recognized. I had two relatives (Joyce Hattensty Faircloth and Anna Sekavec Vannoy) that worked for SW Bell as Operators. I also have an Uncle that retired from SW Bell, Louie (Toody) Hattensty. Thank you for your Newsletter, Butch." -Jenell Gist Noel

"You can tell her that the Chief Operator, 5th from right in dark dress with stripes, is Nola Jackson. Her nickname was Putch. She was my mom?s best friend." -Les Gilliam

"Butch, Concerning the picture of the Southwestern Bell operators, I can tell LaRita Reynes that the tall lady directly in the center, in dark dress with white pointed collar, is my cousin Clara (Thompson) Martin. She retired from Southwestern Bell after 30-plus years, and was Chief Operator when she retired. I remember the lady in the striped dress, but cannot think of her name." -Nell Hull, Plano, Texas

"I enjoyed so much the article concerning "union suits and long cotton stockings"' that Tweed Stonum Machock sent in. She brought back those same memories for me. I also remember the "union suits" and long cotton stockings. I began school at Graham when I was five in 1932, and like she said, on a certain date, out would come the union suits and long, cotton stockings. As soon as I got on the bus, and along with all the other girls, we began rolling those stockings down. They made such big rolls around our ankles, we could hardly walk. So, we all sort of bumped along all day at school. Then when school was out and we were back on the bus, we would roll the stockings back up so no one would be the wiser. I also remember those little pink Calilactose pills and the castor oil. It seems back then, there was very little medication in our homes, maybe those two plus Vicks Salve and maybe Bayer Aspirin. Thanks to Tweed Machock for our trip down memory lane." -Elisabeth
Ardmore is 129 years old last July 28th. Ever wonder why its not mentioned anymore or celebrated? I remember the pioneer breakfast in Whittington park in the late 60's. I would see horse drawn wagons and buggies pull into the park at sunrise and people would cook up a breakfast for the citizens who came to the park. I also remember when the stores downtown would have sales during the birthday. Too bad those times cant return. I guess its like in real life, the older you get birthdays don't seem that important anymore.
"Your latest issue on the Ardmore Explosion was an interesting read. I grew up in the 200 block of D Street Southeast in Ardmore, about a half mile from the train station. My family had the home in 1915 when the explosion hit and almost every window was knocked out. For some odd reason they replaced all the windows but one - which had a crack in it. They wanted to remember the disaster. Later, we put storm windows on the outside of the house, but my mother insisted on leaving the crack on that one inside window. I'm sure the new owners replaced the window."  -John Bagwell
"Rudy's Drive Inn was located just north of Grove Mart in Lone Grove, you can still see the ruins.... Best burger, fries, catfish, burrito, milk shake, coffee, breakfast, soda pop, and onion rings a person could ask for. The original owners, Kent Rudisill and Brenda Knowles, closed shop around 1990. The reason for closure had all to do with the tire factory located 6 miles to the east. That was my dad's (Rudy) "real" job. I can still remember when my folks opened Rudy's.... Mom and Dad cooked a bunch of food for friends and family and put half of it in white paper sacks and the other half in brown paper sacks. Whichever sack showed the most grease "freshness" is what they went with. The brown sack won. Oh how times have changed." -Casey Rudisill
"Brewster's Fat Boy Diner in Lone Grove, later H & K Corner Burgers, now Lone Grove Admin. Office. Fat Jack Brewster ran it, myself and Karen reopened it in the mid 80's as H & K and Fat Jack's father Jack Brewster sold it to the school." -Harvey Wilson
Here are 5 scans of old postcards. -Robert Hensley

Ardmore Santa Fe Depot 1974

Honey Creek at Turner Falls.

Southern Oklahoma Memorial Hospital in Ardmore 1955

C Street Southwest in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Turner Falls near Davis, Oklahoma

Just Fishing by Trace Adkins 2011

I'm lost in her there holdin' that pink rod and reel
She's doin' almost everything but sittin' still
Talkin' 'bout her ballet shoes and training wheels
And her kittens
And she thinks we're just fishin'

See everyone next week!

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