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Ardmore, Oklahoma

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The Tivoli Theater, which attracted those in search of entertainment and cool air, especially when Ardmore temperature hovered around the 100 degree mark with humidity about the same, was a popular place on Main Street. Unfortunately, on April 26, 1958 the elegant Tivoli suffered extensive fire damage which spread to Eden's Cafe, the Tivoli Barbershop and Campbell's Clothiers. The new theater was a plainer building, lacking the ornate facade of the original and some of the interior amenities. It was still, however, a popular entertainment center as it had been since its operating in 1916 opening in 1916. At that time it was called The Princess and was the property of Harry Lowenstein, who also owned the Palace Theater two doors west where, in 1927, the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson, was shown. The Tivoli closed its doors September 8th 1983, and 21 years later was given to the Main Street Authority by the Lowenstein Trust. From the book Territory Town, The Ardmore Story published 2006 by Sally Gray

In the 1980s while Betty Carroll was employed by American National Bank in Ardmore she was called on to narrate local history. During her time there she was asked to do some 1 minute radio spots for advertising purposes, with local history as the theme. Some of the information Betty uses comes from the book 'Reporter's Notebook' published in 1973 by Mac McGalliard.

May 1933 - The First Christian Church at Graham, Oklahoma, a large frame building, was razed by a wind storm which swept this village at 9:50pm on May 11th. The church was demolished and the furniture badly damaged. Four or five small garages were blown down by the wind, as were small outbuildings in the thirty minute storm.

My water well quit and I thought I was going to have to replace the water pump 180 feet down in the well. But after checking I discovered the 220v wire that supplied the well electricty had shorted out for some reason about a foot where the wire comes out of the ground. I cut out that 3 inches, turned on the pump, and I had water again! So thankful that was all it was, a not a burned out pump.

Ever since Jill and I moved south of Lone Grove February 2, 2008 I have wanted a water well on our property. I wanted another source of water besides our SOWC meter. Harold Newman lives about 4 miles on southwest of us and is in the water well drilling business, so I contacted him in March 2008 about drilling a well.

On Friday July 25, 2008 I gave Harold the go-ahead to drill. He had already been out and witched (dowsed) for water, but unbeknownst to Harold I had already witched my property for water and placed a rock where I thought the spot to drill. When Harold came out a couple days prior to July 25th and witched for water, he came to the spot where he thought the best place to drill. I told Harold to look down. "See that rock at your feed"? Yes, he replied. I placed that rock there yesterday when I used my 2 brass welding rods to witch the property. We both had witched for water, and both of us determined the same spot, just about 100 feet SE of our house! Wow!
That Friday morning at 7am Harold called me and said his young hired hand helper could not make it to work and asked if I could help him. I said sure, come on! Harold said he'd drop the price from $18 a foot to $15 a foot (a $540 savings to me) if I would help.

At 80 feet Harold hit the first sand/water zone, but told me that is not the place we need to be, and that I would not be happy with this spot. So he continued on down and hit the 2nd sand and water zone at 120 feet. Harold said this is what he was looking for, so he drilled on down to 185 ft to insure a good well, and a good well we now have too! The water level stays at around 40 to 45 feet below the surface. That gives me about 140 feet of water standing in the 6 inch PVC pipe, plenty of cold, clear water. Harold said the well was producing about 15 gallons a minute, and we have never pumped it dry and hopefully be a good well for years to come.

You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.

Q. Where in Oklahoma is the Cave House?
A. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Q. What animal was so rare here that one was donated as the first animal to the Oklahoma City Zoo?
A. Answer in next week's newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of July 8, 2005

Ardmore Senior High School Class 1950 -Grover Wells

"I have an interesting story about the polio vacinations in the 1950's. I was one of those teenage mothers from that era. Of course we were all terrified of that horrible disease and the thought of living the rest of our life in an iron lung was certainly something to be afraid of but even worse was the thought of our children having this horrible disease. I was 18 years old and had two children in 1956 when the the health department was giving polio vaccinations. The vacinations were free to people 18 years and younger so me and both of my children got our shots free. This was certainly fascinating to the health care workers in Wilson where the vaccinations were being given. They even talked about putting that statistic in the Ardmoreite but to my knowledge it was not put in the paper. It still makes one of those interesting family stories that are passed from one generation to another." -Nancy Singleterry
NELL NOLEN, who lives at 1841 East 23rd in Oklahoma City, just called the Daily Ardmoreite to tell us that FRANK FRENSLEY of Duncan cannot have the honor of having been the first child born in Ardmore. The credit has always gone to NELL NOLEN and this is the first time Frensley's name has appeared as Ardmore's first born, said Miss Nolen. Nell says the DOUGLAS'es and all other old timers in Ardmore will confirm her claims as having been Ardmore's first born.
JOSEPH W. BEARD moved into the Leon community in 1889 and later came to Ardmore. His home is at 809 A street southeast. He and Mrs. Beard have reared 11 children, all of whom are living and these children have always had a family roof to return to. Mrs. RAMONA MADDEN, well known as an Ardmore teacher, was a BOURLAND, and the Bourlands are a pioneer family of Indian blood. GEORGE BOURLAND called up The Daily Ardmoreite to tell the paper that Overbrook is the home of one of the finest old pioneers any county ever had. This man is HENRY M. BROWN. When you learn that he arrived here as early as 1880 and that he drove two yokes of oxen from Alabama then you will know that he had ruggedness of character. Not only did he do this but he is one of the very few men now living who rode the old Chisholm trail--the trail cattle were driven over from Texas and Indian Territory into Kansas where they could be loaded on railway trains. Mr. Brown celebrated his 91st birthday anniversary just a few days ago. SID BOURLAND and GEORGE BOURLAND are related to him and they are kind to him. Mrs. CLAUDE HOLDEN of Ardmore is one of two daughters he has and Mrs. Holden never forgets him for as long as one day. Mr. Brown married CHARLOTTE RINER. She is still living and is 79. Mrs. Brown raises some chickens every year, milks a cow, she has a good garden, she does her own cooking and housekeeping and now you know she possesses a rugged character just the same as her pioneer husband. They have been married 54 years. BUD WATKINS was born in 1873 at Woodville in Pickens county, Indian Territory. He will ride in the pioneer section of the Ardmore parade on July 24. JIM WATKINS was born at Colbert Station between Durant and Red River in 1878. That was in Panola county, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. ROBERT WATKINS was born at Courtney in Pickens county, Chickasaw Nation, in 1885. E.D. GARNAND, born July 6, 1873, came into Ardmore on the first passenger train that ever arrived here and has been living here all through the years. HARRY CASMEDES, who has for a great many years operated the White House cafe in Durant, had his building damaged by fire. In making repairs he built a larger and much more handsome White House cafe. Some days ago when he reopened his place the Durant Democrat published a number of advertisements of friends of Casmedes congratulating him on his achievements. One of these ads was set in Greek type but by turning the ad upside down one could read the interpretation in English. It was clever and where did the paper get the Greek language characters? The planning  and resources board of Oklahoma has used space in the New York Times calling attention to the things Oklahoma offers concerns that want to engage in manufacturing.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

In last Thursday's newsletter you answered for the previous week's trivia question:

"The name Lloyd Hudson brought back some old, old memories. He served as one of my seconds in the boxing ring. In a rather unorganized boxing tournament at the Eastside Civic Building on east Main, some boxers didn't show up and Lloyd asked me to fill in (I had boxed in the Golden Gloves). Not really enthused about it, I agreed. That's when Lloyd told me who I was boxing....turns out my opponent was noted for a rather tough, street fighter, about 2 or 3 years older and about 20 lbs heavier than me. ( I was about 15 or 16). Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive but, I had already committed so I climbed into the ring and yes, my opponent looked intimidating. Lloyd being the old time boxer apparently knew things I didn't know... My opponent was also a big party guy and was not in great condition so Lloyd told me, "work on his mid section, his belly and solar plexus. Lloyd was right on. I never hit that guy anywhere else but where Lloyd had told me. About middle of the third round, my opponent quit and walked back to his corner. Lloyds' strategy worked. I worried about my opponent for a short while after that match for fear he might take revenge, out of the ring, in a dark alley. I heard through the grapevine, my opponent took a lot of ribbing from his friends because a 16 year old kid had whipped him. Lloyd was a colorful guy." -Dale Young
"Thanks Butch for the information on James Clark's book A Journey Through the Mind of a Lawyer. My daughter got me a copy for Father's Day and sent it to me. I worked with James when he was DA and I remember "James Clark and the Raiders." The book was so interesting and entertaining, I read it in one sitting. It was a good read and well worth your time. Way to go James." -David Willingham
Dear Butch, I read with interest your article about James Baxter b. 1929 (and Dr. JAMES COX officiated) . . . . in your "This and That Newsletter
Vol 21 Issue 1067 July 6, 2017". I know you won't want to publish all of the following but wondered if some of it would be of interest to you. or
your readers because I've researched Dr. Cox & is family as I searched for my mother's family. Dr. Cox was a wonderful man.

I have been searching for years trying to find more about the family of my Mom?s ?Thomas Griffin", her Father & the family who lived in Ardmore,
Carter Co. OK from 1900 - 1922 and I'm making very little headway because I didn?t listen very carefully when Mom talked about them as I grew up. I remember that Mom, Dad and I drove to Ardmore OK in June 1937 from South Texas and stayed with Dr. James L. Cox and his second wife Mae and years later I found that Dr. R.L. Cox made an affidavit that served as Proof of my Mom?s birth. {Roxie Olivia Griffin) was born in McMillan, Marshall Co. OK (date omitted), 1899 and at that time they did not issue birth certificates.] In Oct 2004, I started corresponding with researcher Ruth Bellamy of Ardmore OK and with help from many people, I'm now making a collection of information about Dr. Cox that I hope will give me some leads to information on my Thomas Griffin Family.

DR. JAMES LLOYD COX OF ARDMORE OK (mentioned in the article above)

I have been searching for years trying to find more about the family of my Mom?s ?Thomas Griffin", her Father & the family who lived in Ardmore,
Carter Co. OK from 1900 - 1922 and I'm making very little headway because I didn?t listen very carefully when Mom talked about them as I grew up. I remember that Mom, Dad and I drove to Ardmore OK in June 1937 from South Texas and stayed with Dr. James L. Cox and his second wife Mae and years later I found that Dr. R.L. Cox made an affidavit that served as Proof of my Mom?s birth. {Roxie Olivia Griffin) was born in McMillan, Marshall Co. OK (date omitted), 1899 and at that time they did not issue birth certificates.] In Oct 2004, I started corresponding with researcher Ruth Bellamy of Ardmore OK and with help from many people, I'm now making a collection of information about Dr. Cox that I hope will give me some leads to information on my Thomas Griffin Family.

Along the way I read the complete Obituary of Mrs. Vernie Winston Cox dated September 23, 1933, the First wife of Dr. R. L. Cox and discovered that Dr. R. L. Cox never had children of his own with his two wives . . . but while married Dr. Cox did pay for the education for 17 motherless children. That indeed is a wonderful lifetime achievement!

Mrs. Vernie Winston Cox was born in Leesville, NC. the dau. of Col. & Mrs. John E. Winston and Mrs. Cox attended and Graduated from Roanoke Female College in Danville, VA. She first married Dr. George I. Anderson and they moved to Oklahoma to live. After he died Mrs. Vernie (Winston) Anderson married Dr. J.L. Cox of Ardmore.

The Daily Ardmoreite Ardmore, Indian Territory Tuesday, November 17, 1903 McMillan OK . . . . Dr. and Mrs. COX visited relatives at Orlena, Texas. - (This would be Dr. J. L. Cox & his first wife)

A "Certificate of Birth" No. 4967 was given to Roxie Olivia Griffin in 1949 by Judge A.D. Aikin of San Patirio Co. TX. Attached to this Certificate
were two Affidavits stating that Roxie Olivia Griffin was born at 6 A.M. on _____ 1899 in McMillan, Carter Co. OK. (McMillan, OK was actually in
Marshall Co. OK by 1949) but apparently was in Carter Co. OK in 1899. The 2 Affidavits were signed by"

Mrs. Olivia Sumpter Griffin, Mother of Roxie Olivia Griffin on ____________ 1948 and Dr. R. L. Cox of Ardmore, Carter Co. OK on _________ 1948 [Dr. Cox was the husband of Mae Cox who had been a childhood friend of Roxie Griffin. Both stating that the above facts were true.

At the time of birth of Roxie Olivia Griffin in 1899, McMillan, was in Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory (later OK) before OK joined the United
States as a state. No birth certificates were issued there at the time of her birth however by 1948 Roxie Olivia Griffin Adair felt that she should
ask for a Certificate of Birth while these two people were able to verify facts about her birth.

I found Dr. J. L. Cox (who signed the Birth Affidavit for the birth of Roxie Griffin Adair) was in 1910 census

The 1910 fed. census of Ardmore, Carter Co. OK had 2 step children living with Dr. J.L. Cox & his wife, Virprice, so apparently Verprice was lst
married to a Mr. Anderson. The children's names were George R. Anderson age 16 and Anna May Anderson age 12 and also living with the Cox family a niece Essie Winston age 16 and nephew Edmond Winston age 13.

1920 Fed Census
Cox, James L Ardmore, Carter, OK 1873 Georgia Dr. James L. Cox age 46 b. GA in the 1920 census HH No. 819-168-184:
Lists his wife as Verna, age 51 b. NC. It also list Annie Anderson, step daughter (a school teacher) in the household. There is also a Minnie Beal,
aunt living with them.

Same 1920 census says that Annie Anderson age 23 b. OK is a schoolteacher. The aunt age 64 was born in GA and has no occupation.

1930 census - Ancestry Image 12 Carter Co. OK 2 Ward Ardmore J L Cox 2-WD ARDMORE, CARTER, OK 1874 born in Georgia White (age of lst marriage 20) His lst wife was listed in 1930 fed. census as Veprice Cox age 55 b. NC (age of her lst marriage 20 - both her parents b. NC)
Ardmore, Carter, OK 1874 Wife Living with J.L. Cox & wife was his father P. D. Cox age 75 b. 1855 in GA (widowed - age of lst marriage 21 -
both of his parents b. North Carolina ) and a servant Martha Johnson.

A researcher, Ruth Bellamy, of Ardmore OK (who has helped me so much) sent me this message about the Cox Family:

"I found the obit for Mae, but could not find one for Dr. Cox. I cannot believe it, as I thought he would make the front page. He was born in
1880's and died in 1966. Mae did not die until 2000. she was born 1903."

There appears to be a discrepancy in the age of Dr. J. L. Cox. In the 1930 census the census taker put down his birth year as "1874".
?IF that is true then Dr. Cox was 92 years of age when he died and his wife Mae was 97 when she died.?

I asked Ruth Bellamy if she could find the maiden name for Mae Cox and she said:
The obit said that Dr. Cox's wife, Mae Cox, maiden name was Morse, I think. but then it lists her mother as Ollie Paschall Morse. Just noticed
her brothers were Morse so guess that is right.

In the 1920 census I found the father of Mae (May) Morse to be S. Wade Morse age 43 b. 1876 TX - (wife Holly E. Morse age 38 b. TX) His
occupation was a Confectioner. Mae Cox was a clerk age 16. Son George O 25 - (in 1930 I found George's wife to be Beryl.) Son Raymond H. - Dau. Linnie or Lonnie age 8.

1930 census Mae Morse age 25 was listed as "Marse" in Ancestry Image 29 Carter Co. OK . . . . living with father, mother Ollie, dau. Linnine & son Raymond in Carter Co. Mae was a trained nurse. I recall that mother always said she worked for Dr. Cox before she married him so this would explain that she was his office nurse I guess. Her father listed as "Wade Marse" and operated a Cafe.

Ruth found where Vernie Winston Cox, the First Wife of Dr. R died Sept. 28, 1933. I could not find Dr. Cox in any funeral home records. That is
really strange!.

Obituary for Mae Cox, the Second wife of Dr. R. L. Cox"
Mae Morse Cox
Private family services for Mae Morse Cox, 97, were at 11 a.m. Thursday at Rose Hill Cemetery. Mrs. Cox was born September 4, 1903 to Wade and Ollie Paschall Morse in Lone Grove, Indian Territory. She died December 27, 2000 in Ardmore. She was a lifelong resident of this area and was the widow of Dr. J. L. Cox whom she married in 1936. She was also preceded in death by two sisters, Allene Morse and Lenia P. "Tinker" Smith, two brothers, George O. and Raymond "Judge" Morse. She is survived by nieces and a nephew. Craddock Funeral Home directed services.

Dr. Cox graduated medical school in 1905 & first practiced in McMillan OK. until 1908 when he too moved to Ardmore OK.

My own Note: [It is my "Guess" (speculation) that the parents of these girls above (my G Grandparents, Alex. Rhodes and Louisa (Hale)
Morrison] were probably still living in or near McMillan OK where Dr. Cox "may" have known them. Dr. Cox moved to Ardmore in 1908 and on 26
Feb 1909 Thomas Griffin, a grocery merchant, died in Ardmore and I 'assume' that Dr. Cox knew the Griffin family from 1908 on.
Then in 1936, Dr. Cox, by then a widower, married a 2nd time to long childhood friend of Roxie Griffin, Miss Mae Morse Cox.

The Daily Ardmoreite Ardmore, Indian Territory
Tuesday, November 17, 1903
McMillan OK

Dr. and Mrs. COX visited relatives at Orlena, Texas. - (This would be Dr. J. L. Cox & his first wife)

(LRS. Interview with Mae Cox)
[typed (copied) from a printed article found in Ardmore, OK, Archives]

James Lloyd "J.L." Cox, one of the early Ardmore OK physicians, was born November 5, 1850 in Georgia. His father was Pete "Bud" Cox and he
spent his last years in Ardmore OK. J.L. (Cox) had two brothers: Lucian Cox that ran a loan office in Ardmore and Shannon Cox that was
associated with the ice plant here.

In 1905 J.L. (Cox) received his M.D. degree from Memphis Medical School (now the University of Tennessee). He first practiced at McMillan,
Indian Territory, but in 1908, he came to Ardmore OK, where he remained 58 years, He was a general practioner and was initially the City Physical for Ardmore. He practiced in the days when many visits were house calls. His first office was over the City Drug Store, was later above the Exchange National Bank at the corner of "A" and Main Streets, then lastly in whats now the Ardmoreite Building.

Dr. Cox had a stepson by his first marriage. George Anderson, for whom the American Legion Post in Ardmore is named. In 1936, Dr. Cox married Mae (Morse) Cox, who had been a part of his office staff for several years. Mae is a true pioneer in this area, being born near Lone Grove, Pickens Co., (OK) September 04, 19003. Her parents were Wade and Ollie (Paschal) Morse. Wade was Postmaster and operated a store in Lone Grove, then lived in Ardmore in his later years. Mae's siblings are Otis Morse, who worked in the Post Office for 35 years. Pinker (Mrs. Homer Smith); and Raymond Morse. The Morses (family) came into Indian Territory in 1891 from Texas.

Dr. Cox practiced in Ardmore until 1966, when he died. Mae still resides here and continues to lead a full life. She is grateful to have
lived in Carter County all her life, as there really isn't any finer place on earth.

(LRS. Interview with Mae Cox)

Unleaded Coffee - Synonym for decaffeinated coffee

See everyone next week!

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