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Ardmore, Oklahoma
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It always saddens me when I read where a friend and T&T reader has passed away. Kenneth Eck of Healdton provided many pieces of history over the years for my newsletter. He was a wealth of historical knowledge in this area of the state. He stopped by my office many times over the years to share history. I never knew what history of Carter county he would bring. I will miss this wonderful man.

Coulter-Baker Lumber Company. A and 4th SW, Ardmore 1939

Pabst Brewing Co, Paul Jundt Agent, 306 E Main

Elbert M. Parker (Cora), installer Chickasaw Telephone Co. 314 F SE
Chickasaw Telephone Co. 15 A NW. Ardmore

Shelby E. Priddy (Maude), Groceries, Confectionery and Fruits
123 West Main. Residence 502 5th NE

Potterf Building, 105-107 W. Main. Henry Potterf, Lawyer

Lee Rasor (Nell) Local Manager Chickasaw Telephone Co. r 210 8th NW

Robison's Opera House. 232 West Main. Seating 1,000

Ardmore Auto and Garage Co, Stephen A. Douglas, Thomas H. Carter, Automobiles and Livery, 9 A NW

Firefox internet browser came out with a new version last week, and its faster than greased lightning. I doubt if I'll use Internet Explorer much here at home anymore. Firefox works so much faster with those heavy graphics websites, videos, youtube, etc. One reason I did not use Firefox in the past, is of its slowness. I been using Firefox at work for a year now, but with this new Firefox version out, Goodbye Microsoft IE here at home.

Speaking of work, I can not believe as of today a year has gone by since I went to work at the Michelin tire plant here in Ardmore. Time is flying by, faster then I really want it to. But I'm thankful I'm still alive and still able to work full time at a wonderful place. I am working with some great co-workers, and enjoying learning so much.

A piece of granite I sandblasted the other day.

You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.

Q.  Where in Oklahoma was the states first permanent white settlement?
A.   Salina, Oklahoma

Q. Where is the oldest bar in Oklahoma?
A. Answer in next week's newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of February 16, 2006

Mark Coe wrote in this week asking if anyone knew if any of those old concrete street markers were still around Ardmore. You know, they were triangular in shape, and never wear out. Anyway, there are two that I know of. One is at C street and Moore SE and the other at Bailey and 9th SE. Does anyone know of any more scattered around town?

I must tell a story about me and those concrete street markers: Back in 1976 we had just received 2 new Dodge van type ambulances and moved into our new office on Grand Avenue. For one thing, we still had a very looooooong Cadillac ambulance and it would barely fit in the bay's stall and even then came within a few inches of the back wall. So every now and then someone would back too far in, and hit that north wall. Now let me make one thing perfectly clear, I never backed into that north wall. lol. Anyway, our Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Service manager, Bill Lewis, was at work at Charlie's garage on his day's off, called the ambulance office and asked me to check with the City to see if they had any left over concrete street signs we could use in the bays as 'stops' behind the back wheels of our ambulances. So I made the call, and sure enough, they had several sitting out at the old city garage at C Street SE and 3rd, and all we had to do was go pick them up. No problem, I'm 25 years old, strong as an ox and that assignment would no hill for a climber. WRONG. My shift partner, Joe Pack, and I got in our 1967 Chevrolet station wagon ambulance and went to get four of those concrete street signs. After all, they are only about 5 wide inches on each side and about 4 feet long. Hey, I thought this was going to be easy.

Boy, we could only put two of those markers on the tail gate of that station wagon without making the back end hit bottom. And just trying to lift those to the back of the tailgate, well, all I can say is we both nearly busted a gut doing it. Man, it seemed those things weighed a ton. But we got it done. I think Bill Lewis had that planned all along, to be off the day we picked them up. lol. Here's a couple of pics of our old ambulances when we were parked at the old Seventh Day Adventists Hospital. One was taken at the side of the old office building, the other when we were temporarily housed in a trailer house on the east side of that hospital.
Can't remember if I posted this or not, but when I was at the McMillan cemetery between Ardmore and Madill a couple weeks ago, I took a pic of the entrance. I know some readers have kinfolks buried there, and they live many states away and seldom if ever get to visit.

Speaking of McMillan, Oklahoma when I was leaving to go back to Highway 70, there on the east side of McMillan Road just a few 100 feet north of the cemetery was a bell. I think it was in front of a church or soon to be church. And when I looked closer, there was some old steps in front of the church. I wonder if these were the steps to an old church or school? Anyway, here is some pics of that great big bell mounted on railroad ties..... a real school bell.
I received a phone call and special request. He was one of the very few survivors of that 1966 plane crash NE of Ardmore in the Arbuckle mountains. Here is his own words:

"I was a survivor of the 1966 plane crash. I was badly burned. but I managed to hike out down the hill to a road. I was picked by a couple, who took me to their house and called for help. I was taken to the Ardmore Hospital. I did not know about the Airpark Memorial till just recently. I am planning to visit the area this spring and I would like to get as much info as I can and about the couple who rescued me." -Daniel McNutt
"I just wanted to make a correction regarding the chili story at Pittman's grocery in NE Ardmore. The store was located on 4th Ave. NE, on the NW corner of "M" street, not L as mentioned in a previous posting. Wayne Pittman's Dad did work in the store some, but it was his wife Mabel who ran the store. Mable also made the chili, and she had different women who helped her run the store. Shack Pittman would work in the store some after working for ONG Company in the late evenings and on Saturday's also. His brother Ernest also helped Mable in the store at various times. I remember Pauline Burris, and Mrs. Bea Scribner working with Mabel, and now remember Mary McNeely Walters also did for awhile. Yes, the city bus also came down from 8th Ave NE on M to 3rd NE where it turned back west towards town. Later, the bus just stayed on 7th Ave NE all the way from "F" to "M". For many years when the bus reached "L" NE, it turned and crossed the Frisco RR, and went down 8th Ave. NE that one block until it reached "M" where it turned south. Many black people and students from Douglas got on and off the bus at the 8th and M street bus stop. Trips down memory lane can be very fond indeed."
"Butch, your readers might enjoy this old 1967 picture of Mack McGilliard. The people in the picture left to right are: Charles Smith, Glenn Smith, Ollie Testerman, Joe Woody, V.S. Watson, Mack McGilliard, and Jerry Coe. Joyce Franks took the picture. Mack spotted the cave entrance while shooting aerial photo's for the Ardmoreite. V.S. Watson and Ollie Testerman located the cave entrance near the head waters of Eight Mile Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains. Eight of us took off to christen the cave in an old WW11 Army Ambulance belonging to Glenn Smith. Mack broke a bottle of Spring Water over the cave entrance to christen it "McGilliard Cave". An article and pictures appeared in the Ardmoreite Sunday, October 15, 1967." -Charles Smith
"Butch, This circus entry in T&T reminded me of the days when I worked for the Carter County Title Company and was digging around in court house records for land title information. Back then I learned that at one time, John Ringling North, who once owned the Ringling brothers circus, had large land holdings in Carter county. I frequently ran across that name when researching land titles in Carter county. I'm sure one of those people down in the county clerk's office could tell you a little more about that as I'm sure they still come across the name as often today. I did a little internet searching as I wrote this email. It appears that North was a nephew of the Ringling bros who began that circus. I believe that the Jefferson county town of Ringling was named for North's uncle, John Ringling." -David Cathey
Butch-- Having recently been elected to the CPASA (Citizen's for the Protection of the Arbuckle Simpson Acquifer) Board, I am becoming more aware of the crisis we are facing in South Central Oklahoma in order to preserve the beauty and heritage of our area. As readers of T&T, I know you have a love for southern Oklahoma. I encourage each of you to check our website to become aware of the impending danger to the water and streams in our area. When you go to the website go to "Home"" and then click "Watch video online--" The Arbuckle/Simpson Acquifer, a Treasure Threatened" -- it's an eye opener. We need your support!! Thanks -Helen Thompson
"Just a note FYI. George's Drive In in Durant started life as Pete's Drive In. I don't know the particulars but as a teenager I had a lot of good burgers there when it was Pete's. As best I remember, it became George's some time in the late 50's or early 60's.
"While Terri and I were visiting her Mom at Mehan (near Stillwater) I ran over to Cushing to see the tank farms that Terri's Mom was telling me about. I've attached some shots of Cushing's unique "Pipeline Crossroads" sign (one at each end of town) and of some of the Oilfield Tank Farms just outside of town. Quite interesting to see this many of the large tanks. I visited with the folks in the offices to get permission to photograph the farms. Very nice folks. As with any large facility such as this they are concerned with the homeland security issues nowdays and I can certainly understand that. In years past there were at least this many of these large tanks in the Wilson-Ringling-Healdton area. There are still a few around but not like in the old days." -Dwane Stevens
"Kind of sad that she only lived for six months after arriving at the sanctuary, but it sounds like she had a very very long life. I can't find any details, but I did find the following". -Julie

"Anna May, a 57-year-old Asian elephant, passed away at Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary on December 21, 2004"
"Overbrook School south of Ardmore closed in 1960. I am trying to contact people that have gone to school there Is there anyway that you can help by putting something on your website. We want to have an Overbrook School reunion sometime in the summer. we have not set a definite date yet. Anyone that has gone to school there can contact me at or mail me at Linda Kerr, 603 E Main, Marietta, Ok. 73448 or can call me at 580-812-1208 or my sister Joyce Allgood at 580-223-2175, or mail 717 4th SE, Ardmore, Ok. 73401. Will appreciate all the help that you can give. Or if you have any information the Overbrook School. thanks." -Linda Kerr
Cotton wagons on Main Street of Roff, Oklahoma.
"Ten of thirty buffalo transferred to Lake Murray Park from Medford, Oklahoma roamed to another part of the park and had to be "rounded up" and brought back to their assigned pastures. Carl Votaw, park superintendent, hired Joe Forbes and three of his ranch cowboys to drive them home. November 10, 1943 Fast Forward Note: According to recent communication with Floyd Forbes, son of Joe Forbes and one of the cowboys who rounded up the buffalo, they continued to roam! They were put in pastures surrounded with fences but would swim out into Lake Murray in the Elephant Rock area and return to shore in another area beyond the fences. The problem continued and the animals were sold, gathered and shipped to a new owner. One animal that could not be gathered with the herd, later supplied buffalo steaks courtesy of Forbes Meat Market, Ardmore, owned by Joe Forbes' brother." From "Memory Joggers 1942-46
Sulphur, Oklahoma Belleview Artesian Well and Plunge.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Hello Butch, I came across your website and thought you might find my film project interesting. Check out my website." -Mark Archuleta
"I hear there was a trolley running from downtown to Dornick Hills. Does anyone anyone have a map of the trolley lines, that could be overlayed on a current map ? What great history." -Jerry

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.
Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint on the clouds of doubt,
And you can never tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar.
So, stick to the fight when you're hardest hit
It's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit.

Butch and Jill Bridges

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