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Ardmore, Oklahoma
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Last fall a visitor to the Ardmore Airpark memorial signed the guest register, leaving a comment about her uncle. She said he died on that plane in 1966 with the others, but his body was never found. Some physics told his mother he did not die on the plane, but lost his memory from the accident and never heard from again. There was never a mention of a Rene Guajardo in the newspapers and other accounts as being on the plane. This is a real mystery, I wonder what really happened to Rene? Below is an email I received today from his niece.

Hi.. First of all I want to thank you for emailing me. I was going through my old emails and the 1st one i found was from Gary D. Simmons. He also saw my email on the guest sign in sheet he send me the pictures of the 3 platoon unfortunately we cant point out which one is my uncle Rene Guajardo. My uncles story for us is unique and unfortunate, and of course were left with a lot of unanswered questions I have been trying to contact survivors to ask if they might have known my uncle or even if they could share photos anything. I was able to contact one his last name is Deeney I reached out to his daughter she did reply but unfortunately he didn't know my uncle. I've been doing a lot of searching because we don't have much on him...
My uncle was the oldest of 18 kids but only 11 survived my mom being the youngest. She was 3 years old when he passed so she cant tell me much. I have asked my Aunts who were closer to him in age, about him. After he passed they said my Grandma Ramona did have a hard life she was already a single parent at the time of his death Rene would help her a lot. They do know my Grandma receive a sum of money with that money she paid off her home and bought the cemetery plots to bury an empty casket. She didn't receive his dog tag all she had was the flag and some frames of metal he had done engraved with his name. while they were visiting family they got the news that the house caught on fire unfortunately my grandma didn't have a bank account she had what was left of the money in the house .. however firefighters couldn't find no traces of the money nor the flag nor the metal frames.. basically it turned out someone might have stolen the money and probably the rest of my uncles belongings and set their house on fire. After their home burned down everything went down hill for my grandma she struggle to keep her 3 jobs she didn't know if kids would go to school most of the boys just left and were not heard of anymore (I have been trying to locate them but hasn't been easy at all) I had seen on the article as well that he was born in Goshen California according to my aunts and my mom he was born in Rio Grande City, Texas in my grandmas house. He did however attend school in California i have been searching through lots and lots of year books hoping to find another photo other then the one we have maybe with a new photo we can point out which one he is from the 3 platoon photos we have. My Grandma didn't have much answers as well all she got was the plane went down your son was in it and he didn't survive. Her not having a body to bury she never got closure she was left with lots of questions we were told by strangers she would go to psychics to find closure some how .. however all psychics she went with told her he's alive, he survived the crash but lost him memory. my Grandma passed away believing her 1st born was still alive. We also know he had a girlfriend her name was Donna he attend to Redwood high school in California and that's pretty much it.. I would love to hear more story's about my uncle so of course i will still continue searching and asking questions. We also have a Canvas of him my Grandma had giving it to her mom once my uncle went to the military after her house burned down my great grandma gave her the canvas back that canvas is at my moms house I did mentioned to my mom I would love to donate that canvas to a military museum so everyone can know who he was not just us. I'm attaching the only photos we have of him. Once again thank you so much for emailing me and for wanting to know of him. I'm sorry I didn't see your email sooner.

Susie Guzman

August 1934
Mrs. Mullen has a small ranch. Her ponds were dry and well were failing. R.W. Trout of Pooleville was called. Trout came to the ranch, cut him a forked peach tree switch and after working for a time, located a suitable well site. He said water would be found at 40 feet. Her new well gives promise to providing plenty of water for the ranch.

August 1983
Carter County Commissioners agreed to purchase a 5-acre tract of land at the Springer Air Park from the City of Ardmore for $15,000. Immediately following approval of the purchase the commissioners adopted a resolution declaring the acquisition of the land was for the purpose of selling or trading said land for a different site that provided better access to the county courthouse and declaring the land as surplus property.

August 1958
The Carter County grand jury recommendation to stop graveling on private property and on roads not a part of the county system resulting in a graveling project being stopped today on Lake Ardmore Road. According to the commissioners Rooney and Heartsill the lake road is not a county road. Commissioners contend that Ardmore City residents vote for the commissioners and that most of the tax money for operation of the county comes from Ardmore.

Don't forget the Ardmore Hot Rod Reunion is this weekend, August 31st and September 1st north of Ardmore at the Ardmore Dragway at Springer, Oklahoma.

Q.  Where in Oklahoma is Dead Woman's Crossing?
A.   Weatherford, Oklahoma

Q.  There is a state park and lake in western Oklahoma with 1,749 acres of land and 8,800 acres of water (60 miles of shoreline) and the most beautiful sand beach for people's enjoyment. Where is it?
A.  Answer in next week's newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of September 7, 2006

Grover Wells sent in a fantastic photo this week of the old wading pool that was across the street west from Washington School on 5th and G NE. I swam in that wading pool many times back in the late 50s and early 60s. Eddie Graham ran the pool every afternoon during the summer months. Eddie and Ancel Graham (Ancel was the Carter county court clerk) lived just a block south of the wading pool at G and 4th NE. This photo was taken in the 30s and you can see the 2 story red brick Washington Grade School in the background.
"Enjoy Southern Oklahoma at its finest, this is an old bridge at the fish hatchery at Regan, Oklahoma. This is Pennington Creek. Are we lucky to have such untouched natural beauty?" -Doug Williams
"Last week there was a short note of a bank robbery that occurred here in McCurtain county in 1919. The two robbers were apprehended at a resort in the Arbuckle Mountains called Fallis Falls. It seems these two cowboys were spending alot of money very freely. The take was after all over two thousand dollars. I have never heard of Fallis Falls resort. I was wondering if anyone had? Thanks" -Jack Ricketts
"I bought a 1920's fire truck that i was told came from oklahoma, the motor was made by the Buda company but the fire truck was made by General Fire Truck Company. the model # is G f 6 serial # is 1913165A. can one find out any information about it?"
"Hello Butch: have been enjoying the T&T as usual but have refrained from putting anything back. this issue mentioned Wilkerson Feed. I don't know what your readership considers ancient history but to me this isn't so ancient. Shock Wilkerson was an OHP trooper stationed in Ardmore with my dad. He and my dad had much of the same mannerisms and seem to always have a smile on his face. I really liked him. he had a son Bruce which I was sure I would see him on the PGA circuit. when he was just a child I played golf with him and he beat me. It wasn't that he was a long hitter it was that he knew exactly where the ball was going. I found real quick from him that distance didn't mean much. it was accuracy that counted. anyway, before it was Wilkerson Feed it was Cochran (sp)? Feed. Gerald Cochran was the owner operator. I liked him also. I remember one day with my dad we stopped in to visit him. I didn't know it at the time but the purpose of the visit was for Mr. Cochran to convince me to go to his alma mater, Texas A&M, being an alumni seem to give me a boost. he also offered to assist in any financial aid i needed. it was tempting but I didn't even know where the school was and i had never been very far from home. to me it was half way across the world and i didn't see me attending. well, back to my story, Mr. Cochran had a daughter and she and Shockney (Shock) became married and i always suspected that a part of Mr. Cochran's approval was that he resign from the OHP, which he did. this is one of the reasons i don't reply very much seems i don't know when to stop, so, will not bore you any longer. just wanted to say something about some of the greatest people associated with our fair town." -Gerald Cobb, former Carter County Sheriff
The Wilson News April 8, 1915
"The youth, Curry, who shot Henry Starr, and to whom no doubt belongs the credit for capture of that notorious bandit, is likely to be spoiled by the prominence and notoriety that he will get. Unless he has careful guidance he will probably think he is sure enough "gun man" and will contract the habit of "toting" one or two guns with him at all times; and that is what will probably do the damage. A "gun toter" is usually good for nothing in a business or social way. That's what young Curry may come to unless he is carefully watched by his parents. Author's note: Henry Starr was shot by Curry after having committed a double bank robbery in Stroud, OK in March 1915. He was shot and killed in Feb. 1921 while robbing a bank in Harrison, AR. Paul Curry later became a respectable school teacher, farmer and family man. Paul Curry holding the gun he used to shoot Henry Starr." -Submitted by Mindy Taylor

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

It snowed yesterday, 8/27/18, in Big Sky, Montana. The temperature this morning was 34. This is the earliest we have had snow here in the eleven years we've been here. There has been a lot of bear activity in the past week and the moose have come out of hiding. We may have another early snow season again this year. It has also rained two days this past week. -Cameron

O Chickasaw, O Chickasaw
You are so lush with life:
Your towering canopy of trees,
Entwining vines so rife,

Your hidden sanctuaries
That only wild things know -
Safe haven for the foxes,
The rabbit or the doe.

We walk your paths and seldom
Think that in your bosom deep,
A thousand tiny seedlings
Of the future giants sleep.

How many helpless, newborn things
Are safe within your care,
Whose future, hopefully,
We’ll all be blessed to share?

Your springtime paths bid lovers stroll
Beneath the towering heights,
Or bask in moonlight’s golden glow
On mellow autumn nights.

Your dappled shadows beckon those
Whose hearts are filled with grief,
To pause and let the healing strength
Of nature bring relief.

O Chickasaw, O Chickasaw
May future years be kind,
And keep you safe and bountiful
For those who walk behind.

-Joh Gainey, Sulphur, Oklahoma

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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