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Ardmore, Oklahoma
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Selden T. Lindsey by grandson Harrell McCullough

Selden T. Lindsey came to Ardmore in 1888 as a U.S. Deputy Marshal and lived in Carter County for the next 15 years. He was born in Minden, Louisiana and there was saw the renegade Yankees come to plunder his home while his father was away with the Confederate Army.

Selden Lindsey became a cowboy in Limestone County, Texas and in 1870, when he was 16 years old, he made one of the early cattle drives across the Indian Territory. This was up the Old Cloud Trail through what is now Leon, Healdton, and Pooleville to Fort Arbuckle and on through Baxter Springs, Kansas.

He returned to Waco, Texas to find his family in a feud with the "White Caps", a group of masked men who controlled the county. Still only 16, Selden beat an experienced gunman to the draw to save his father's life for which he spent 16 months in jail, which was a hole in the ground covered with logs. He escaped from this jail and continue to fight with his father's enemies. For months he fired buckshot into the lines of white robed night riders with devastating effect. Seldom next went to West Texas where he hunted Buffalo and fought the Comanches.

In the latter 1870s the Lindseys moved to the Chickasaw Nation in the Indian Territory. This was in the Red River Valley south of what is now Leon on the Old Cloud Trail, Selden eloped with Nina Miller the daughter of the legendary Captain John Miller. They forded the Red River and married in Gainesville, Texas on a marriage license issued by a Mr. Bunch, who later became a leader of an outlaw gang.

In 1889 Selden T Lindsey became a U.S. Deputy Marshal and for the next 12 years he killed and captured western outlaws, many of them in the Arbuckle Mountains. On June 8, 1894 he fired the 38-56 Winchester bullet that ended the career of outlaw Bill Dalton at the Wallace cabin about 3 miles southwest of what is now Pooleville in NW Carter county. In 1902, when Indian Territory was about to be cleared of outlaws, he resigned his commission as U.S. Deputy Marshal.

The Dawes Commission set up tents and accepted the petition of Nina Lindsay, wife of Selden Lindsey, stating that her father Captain John Miller was 1/16 Indian. This gave Nina and each of her nine children an Indian allotment. Nina then remarried her husband Selden Lindsey under Indian law while sitting in a buggy holding one of her children in her lap. This marriage under Indian law gave Selden Lindsay an Indian allotment. That night Nina, Selden, and her nine children stayed up until daylight celebrating the second marriage. The Lindseys received about three thousand acres in the 11 allotments.

Selden then became a rancher in the Washita Valley 9 miles east of Ardmore near were Wolf Creek flows into the Washita River. In 1891 he organized the first Republican Club in Ardmore known as the Lincoln Club.

Before he died in 1939, grandfather Lindsey told me many exciting stories about his fights with Indians,  outlaws and gunmen. -Harrell McCullough

From the Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book printed in 1983

Photo of Selden T. Lindsey

Note: McCullough Street southwest is named after Harrell McCullough's family. Harrell McCullough's parents established a large nursery at this location from which he supplied many of the orchards, shade trees, and shrubs that grew in what is now Southern Oklahoma. The family lived where South Washington ends at Drew Street in a large 2 story house.

October 1934
R V Hankey, 42, Carter County school superintendent, died at his home Tuesday morning, after an illness extending over nearly a year. He recently filed for a second term and received no opposition. Carter County Commissioners say they will appoint Mrs. R V Hankey to fill out her late husband's term. Since his name is on the upcoming election ballot, election officials will paste a black sticker over the name of Hankey. "There will be no voting on a county superintendent for the next two years," said George Smith Democratic Central committee chairman for the county.

October 1958
Paul Heartsill resigned Saturday as the Carter County Commissioner and will begin serving a one-year term for tax evasion on Monday. He asked the other two Commissioners to appoint Huss Standifer to his spot on the board. Heartsill said he was turning over to the board more than $100,000 worth of county equipment in his district.

October 1983
A $450,000 claim was filed against District #3 Commissioner Ronnie Young. It was filed by a former employee, Cathy Glover.

Q.  Where is the largest quilt shop in Oklahoma?
A. The Prairie Quilt in Hennessey, Oklahoma with 6072 square feet jammed packed with over 5000 bolts of quilting fabrics.

Q.  Where is the only Wild Mustang Horse Ranch in Oklahoma?
A.  Answer in next week's newsletter

Here's a couple of pavers I sandblasted the other day.

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of November 8, 2006

I was needing 6 panes of glass, frosted, to replace some yellow plastic sheets in a wall of my house this week. I called every lumber yard and hardware store in Ardmore and no one carried frosted glass. So I had read and heard you can make a piece of glass frosted by sandblasting it. I tried my sandblast unit on a glass jar and was amazed how beautiful it came out... a perfect frosting. It ordinary glass jar turned out so beautiful, I hated to throw it away. So I have decided to just take 6 plain glass panes, 24X30 and frost them on one side with my sandblaster. I will take some pictures of the finished product, so wish me luck. -Butch
"In response to Monroe Cameron's letter last week. The Accountant that worked for Mr. Luke was Grace Lawrence. Many of us remember her brother, John Lawrence who was our teacher at Lincoln school during the late 30's and early 40's." -J. V. Harris
Johnny Crawford recorded the following singles in the 1960s:

Daydreams / So Goes The Story (1961)
Your Love Is Growling Cold / Treasure (1961) Patti Ann / Donna (1962)
Cindy's Birthday / Something Special (1962)
Your Nose Is Gonna Grow / Mr Blue (1962)
Rumors / No One Really Loves A Clown (1962)
Proud / Lonesome Town (1963)
When I Fall In Love / Cry On My Shoulder (1963)
What Happened To Janie / Petite Chanson (1963)
Cindy's Gonna Cry / Debbie (1963)
Sandy / Ol' Shorty (1963)
Judy Loves Me / Living In The Past (1963)
The Girl Next Door / Sittin' And A-Watchin' (1964)
Am I Too Young? (with Bobby Fuller) / Janie Please Believe Me (1965)
"Hi Butch. I wonder if your readers remember the old cabin at Devil's Den? It was an old one room cabin and had a sign on it that said "Belle Starr's Cabin" Last time I was there was over 30 years ago and it was falling down then. I believe if there is a Belle Starr cabin it is probably farther east near Younger's Bend. I wish Devil's Den was open to the public again." -Jon Lofton

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Was over in Ringling a week ago. Happened onto this old hardware store. Don't know anything about the place or the history, but perhaps some of your readers will. Maybe you can spot a curious onlooker watching as I was taking this photo. -David

Follow up:
Never a grocery store. It was first an auto repair shop with gas pumps out front then my uncle Buddy bought it and put a auto supply in till he built a new building on Hwy 70 where ricks shop is now. Dad and grandpa Morris split the furniture and hardware business that was on Main Street in 1959 and dad moved the hardware in the building. -Jimmy Morris
Oklahoma Land Run settlers setting up tents after the land run of 1889 Newkirk, Oklahoma. On the back in pencil it reads "Uncle Jack Herrington". Newkirk, O.T./Okla in Kay County. Located 10 miles south of the Kansas border. - Robert Hensley
Butch, Dan Blocker, Hoss Cartwright, was from NW Texas but was in the 45th Division. Blocker went to Korea when the 45th was mobilized. My uncle Vincent Kimberlin was Company Commander of the Healdton Tank Company during that time. When Dan Blocker was the entertainment at the 1962 Rodeo Blocker invited my uncle Vincent and a few others to be his guest. -Vince Freeman, Healdton

Hi Butch, I watched the video on tire repair - interesting. You see, I worked at a Conoco & Phillips station in the summers fixing flats, washing cars etc.. This was in the mid 60s also.

I fixed a LOT of flats with that "Hot Patch" method. Plugging tires was a NO-NO. The reason that those tires with the ring are so dangerous is because you have to stick the air hose through the hole in the rim from the back of the tire and wheel so that if the ring blew off, it wouldn't hit you in the head and kill you. We fixed a lot of flats for Tuboscope oil field drilling company. To make matters worse, the tires were full of mud that you had to wash off before you could get the ring off. We also fixed tractor tires on those old Ford tractors. They were big and heavy back wheels. The contractor would put water and anti-freeze in the back tires for more weigh and traction. You talk about a oily mess to clean up so you could put that hot patch on was frustrating, to say the least. Remember those dirty restrooms that had to be cleaned out? I had enough of service stations and got a job at Safeway. I saw that dirt work going on in Ardmore a few weeks back. I didn't know exactly what was being built there. Better mosey along, -Cecil

"The books of the Holy Bible never say but one time just exactly what God is, and in those three little words it pours out a hundred million college educations and says, God is love." óWoody Guthrie

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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