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Ardmore, Oklahoma
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The Wisnor Hotel

The first large hotel in Ardmore was located on North Washington Street, just south of the present Federal Building (southwest corner of North Washington and Broadway). It was built in the spring of 1894 and was named the Winsor Hotel after Ben Wisnor Carter, a prominent Chickasaw Indian. It was a three story building a brick and stone and had 50 rooms.

The Wisnor was quite aristocratic for the times and a large stagecoach trimmed and bright red and yellow met all the Santa Fe trains and carry all the guest up Main Street in great style to the hotel. It boasted the first room in a hotel with a bath in Ardmore. The bathtub and other fixtures were open to full view in one corner of the room.

In the fire of 1895, this hotel fortunately escaped damage. In 1896, W. F. Whittington built even a fancier hotel at the southwest corner of Caddo and Main Streets. Gradually, the popularity of the Wisnor faded, but it was one of the most important structures in the very early days of Ardmore.
-Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1982

Note. To the south of the Wisnor Hotel (#15-21 north Washington) was the first U.S. courthouse. In the photo below the Wisnor Hotel is on the right hand side, and the U.S. Courthouse on the left hand side.

Below is a newspaper article from a 1948 issue of the Lawton, Oklahoma newspaper. According to the write-up, outlaw Jessie James was found alive and living in Lawton long after the pubic thought he was dead. The newspaper is on public display at the Old Plantation Restaurant in Medicine Park, Oklahoma north of Lawton. I think the history experts have determined Jessie James was not the outlaw mentioned in the newspaper clipping, but his brother.

This is a 1969 parade in Tishomingo, Oklahoma someone caught on video. What caught my attention is about halfway through the nearly 3 minute video is a card going over the old swinging bridge in Tish. I remember going over it in the 1970s and tapping my brakes on and off, to make it swing.  Dumb, I know.

This is a photograph of the old Frisco depot in Sulphur, Oklahoma

July 1935
Whitt Carroll (1858-1947), Brock, says, "Times are different than what they were 25 years ago when there was a cotton gin at nearly every country crossroads and all of those roads were crowded when all the gins worked overtime during the cotton season."

I stumbled across an Ardmore street this week by the name of June Avenue Northeast. In 1930 it was around North Washington and Freeman Street. Anyone ever heard of it?

Q.  What hidden sanctuary in Oklahoma is home to one of the largest herds of Asian elephants in America?
A.   The Endangered Ark Foundation in Hugo, Oklahoma is home of the second largest herd in the U.S.

Q.  Where is the unusual Calyx Dome located in Oklahoma?
A.  Answer in next week's newsletter

A couple pavers I made this week.

Our cat Henry has sure been enjoying his Wheatgrass the past couple months. He eats some a couple times a day. I just buy the seeds and in a few days he has plenty to munch on.

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of August 30, 2007

Ardmoreite Robert Chavers sent in some photos this week he took of a little horny toad he found in his yard. I remember finding them in the 60s in my neighborhood of Northeast Ardmore, but the last 30 years I have not seen nary a one in town. In 1997 a Reader sent in a photo of a horny toad she saw on East Main in the yard of the old Dunbar School, but it seems they have almost become extinct in this area. But Robert found they still survive in Ardmore, but I would guess very few still in this area. Thanks Robert for sharing the pictures and confirming horny toads are still around Ardmore.
There was a very unusual looking car parked on the west side of the courthouse this week, one like I have never saw before. It is called a Smartcar and from its 3 cyclinder engine it gets 70 miles to a gallon which equals 300 miles on its 5 gallon tank. Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa has already sold out its 2008 Smartcar allotment, so I guess I won't be getting one of those. Tempting, very tempting.
A Reader sent in an old map the State of Sequoyah around 1905. Back then it was proposed that Oklahoma be two parts, Oklahoma Territory and Sequoyah Territory. But it didn't turn out that way, it would become Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory.
"Hi Mr. Bridges, I am from Overbrook and a friend of mine shared this information with me. It is interesting reading about a small town that is older than Ardmore. It is long, but I typed it exactly as written. Ralph Evans, from Greenville, OK, wrote this as told by George Bourland. We always referred to Mr. Bourland as "The mayor of Overbrook." Thanks. -Cleta Hipley
"There was a family owned grocery store on the corner of NW K street and 7th, I don't know exact yr it closed but I think in late 50's early 60's. It was there when we moved to Ardmore in 51. -Karen Jones
The Wilson Post Democrat - June 29, 1950
Armadillos Found in Oklahoma
Although the armadillos are not known to be native of Oklahoma the state game and fish department has reason to believe they are establishing themselves here. State Game Rangers Earl Sparks, Maysville, and J. R. Turnbill, Anadarko, located families of the odd, shell-backed animals recently. Armadillos are native to southwest Texas and Mexico, and occasionally are found in Oklahoma. Those found here may be escapees from traveling animal exhibits or others imported as pets, game department officials said. The department hopes to place a pair of the animals in its own traveling exhibit which is under construction for educational purposes.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Santa Fe cut through the Arbuckle Mountains 1907 Ardmore, I.T. -Robert Hensley
The Fabulous Fifties
In reference to the Lutz Cafe south of the old Ardmore High school, my first year at Ardmore High in 1965, would go over there for lunch. Their burgers were better ya know. My one and only time of detention was from being late to a trip here. -Shirley Acosta

A stitch in time saves nine

First recorded in 1732 as 'a stitch in time may save nine,' it is later found in 1797 as the more confident 'a stitch in time saves nine'. It comes from the literal meaning that sewing one stitch is easier than sewing nine stitches.

See everyone next week!

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