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Ardmore, Oklahoma
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A Glimpse into the Past


In the year 1895, H.H. Atkinson, wife and children arrived in Ardmore, Indian Territory. They were from the Tom Bean area, Grayson County, Texas. H.H. wore the gray in the War Between the States, serving with the 7th Calvary, State of Arkansas, Confederate States of America. H.H. sold his cotton gin and grocery store in Tom Bean before they started by wagon to this new land.

There were several children born to this marriage, but we only have record of 2 sons and 3 daughters: Alanzo D., Charles R.; Etta; Ruth and Elderado, called Elder.

Charles R. married Carrie Windrow in Sherman, Texas. This couple had 3 boys: Carle, Clive, Reuel, and a daughter Lois, who married Paul Colbert. Lois and Paul reside in Ardmore at this writing. Charles R. died in 1929.

Etta married Bob Roberts, and they had a daughter Catherine, who married Fred Tate. Another daughter Ruth married John McGinness. Elderado married S.T. Bledsoe.

H.H. owned and operated a store on the northwest corner of Caddo and Broadway. He sold this store to T.J. Smith. He was killed by a train in 1907.
-Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1982

Mr and Mrs Atkinson are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Ardmore, Oklahoma.
-Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1982

The Daily Pointer newspaper, Ardmore, Oklahoma September 14, 1908

Medicare has temporarily expanded its coverage of telehealth services to respond to COVID-19.

Medicare beneficiaries can temporarily use telehealth services for common office visits, mental health counseling and preventive health screenings. This will help ensure Medicare beneficiaries are able to visit with their doctor from their home, without having to go to a doctor's office or hospital, which puts themselves and others at risk.

If you have an existing healthcare appointment, or think you need to see your doctor, please call them first to see if your appointment can be conducted over a smartphone with video capability or any device using video technology, like a tablet or a laptop. For some appointments, a simple check-in over the phone without video capabilities may suffice.

Important: If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as a cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider immediately.

December 1983
Lone Grove has a new fire chief, Leo Potts, and he is all fired up about his new job as well as the future possibilities for the Department.

December 1927
The entire Amerado School including faculty aided by the area women picked cotton to raise money for a library.

December 1927
Frank Jackson, a Milo farmer, is dead; Homer Tedder, Newport constable is suffering from knife wounds and Bob Short, deputy sheriff, nearly escaped death in an encounter between officers and some county residents. The difficulty arose when Tedder, accompanied by D.C. Rose & Royce Arnold went to a dance and arrested Joe Jackson for drinking. The officer had Joe Jackson in his car when several dance participants Rush the car and Jackson. Tedder and his companions got away and drove to Short's house. The officers then returned to the dance and we're faced with gunfire and individuals with knives. Jackson was killed in the ensuing battle and Tedder arrested.

Q.  Where is the most dangerous 5 mile stretch of highway in Oklahoma?
A.  The 5 mile stretch of I-35 between SE 15th and NE 36th in Oklahoma City.

Q.  Where is the two-story thrift shop in Oklahoma that's almost too good to be true?
A.  Answer in next week's newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of March 20, 2008

I have some aerial shots to share with everyone this week. This is an aerial view of Tishomingo. You can easily spot the old capital for the Chickasaw Nation.

The next two aerials are of the Devils Den area north of Tishomingo. Shame its closed down and no longer accessible by the public. I enjoyed going there as a kid back in the 60s.

This next aerial is also on private property, a photo of Goddard Lake northeast of Gene Autry on Goddard Ranch. I believe that is Oil Springs Creek (Oil Springs Falls) feeding the lake.

A Reader ask for any info on a Carter county town of long ago called Umbria.  I did several searches on the net and found nothing, so maybe this town (before statehood) has eluded the history researchers and archivers. I did find one mention, a map showing Umbria about 3 miles south of present day Gene Autry. If anyone knows more about Umbria, let us know.
"Butch, according to an article I saw on an article at the website below, Nofire Hollow is between Tahlequah & Stilwell, Oklahoma."
"Butch, here is a picture for your this and that.  It is the old tribal
courthouse from the air over Tishomingo."
Below is the sign at Ardmore's Whataburger.
Bill Melton of Davis, OK is the best shuffleboard player in the world.

Alan Primrose of Davis, OK inducted into the Shuffleboard Hall of Fame
The Wilson News 1-20-1916 submitted by Mindy Taylor

Big Carnival Coming to Wilson
Shows will arrive in Wilson Thursday morning Jan. 20th from Ringling where they showed last week at an agricultural show given by the farmers of that place and are receiving a liberal patronage from Wilson people and the farmers of this community, who are well pleased with the exhibits. The management and concessionist appear to be a company of ordinary ladies and gentlemen, putting on a style of clean and orderly and up to date shows and amusements. Some of the features that are particularly good are the educated horse that does almost everything except talk -goes to bed like a human, rescues a baby from a burning building.
Introducing Col. West, the world's premier horse educator and his equine wonders, featuring Sahara, the horse that goes to bed just like a human being, and Maxie the talking mule and her thrilling fire rescue and fighting the flames spectacle.
The Candle Family Musical show presents some musical novelties that are worth witnessing. The two junior members of the family pleasing their audience with their singing and dancing.
The Human Roulette Wheel is also an especial source of mirth, you can, you can't, all fun.
Git with it. The Days of '49 Show, early life in California. See Cowboys and cowgirls dance, one of the Big show features is the Wild West Show, good roping riding, bucking horses and everything to make it a good show.

Wilson Museum hours: Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Rare stereoview card of a Santa Fe freight train going thru The Cut in the Arbuckle mountains in 1901 -Robert Hensley
I remember during World War II of having mills. I believe one was silver and one was gold colored. Was this a way of paying tax on the item, or for some other reason? Hopefully, some of you readers were around during this time and remember using the mills.
-Elisabeth Spain

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." -Robert Louis Stevenson

See everyone next week!

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