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Ardmore, Oklahoma
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A Glimpse Into The Past

Jack Powledge
Carter County Sheriff

James Winston "Jack" Powledge was born in Denton, Texas in August 5, 1895. After moving to Ardmore, Oklahoma and living at 715 Elm Street NW, he ran for sheriff in July 1950 and won. He took office on September 1950 after the resignation of Sheriff Howard Johnson. County officials were elected to two year terms so he decided to run for the office again in July 1952. But in that election Powledge would lose the office of Sheriff to Enoch Watterson by 316 votes. Poweldge's term as sheriff ended on December 31, 1952.

It was during Sheriff Robert Denney's 5 terms as sheriff (1970-1990) that around 1972 the state upped a term of office for county officials from 2 years to 4 years.

Back around 1990 Jean Deck at the sheriffs office did a lot of research to find photos of all the sheriffs since 1907. She made a wood framed plaque of all 14 sheriffs at that time and the plaques were hung on the outside wall of Sheriff Bill Noland's office. There were several she couldn't find photos for, so those few sheriffs only had a blank plaque with only their name on it. About 20 years ago I took up the search and did find a couple more missing photos, but this week I feel like a reached a milestone, finding 1 of the last two sheriffs there are no photos to go along with their name. I stumbled on to the granddaughter of Sheriff Jack Powledge in Norman. She sent me the photo below of her grandfather. The 8x12 plaques were removed during the Melton Anthony term of office.

Powledge died February 2, 1964 and is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

January 1983
The Lone Grove Police is up to full staff. Chief Bill Malone appointed David Dalton to fill a vacancy last week, and added a third officer, Ted Montgomery yesterday. Montgomery will be assigned to the night shift, with Dalton acting as his relief. Malone says each officer will be working at least 60 hours per week with all officers on weekend duty.

In the meantime, former police chief Dearl Cathey will have a hearing before District Judge Woodrow George in a show and cause hearing Friday.

January 1952
Myra Crowder, postmistress and storekeeper at Milo, has a pretty new home right next to her store.

January 1927
A six-year sentence in the state pen was given Claude Pruitt charged with assault with intent to kill, by a jury in District Court. Information was filed in 1924 against Pruitt after an encounter in which policeman M.A. Butler was shot and wounded. Testimony was offered to show that Butler had been offered $2,000 to drop prosecution of the case. Butler later try to get the case dismissed, but the judge refused, and said all cases dismissed must be at the request of the district attorney.

January 1927
Work of rebuilding the Dickson union graded school, recently destroyed by fire, was begun by Pritchard Brothers, who were awarded the contract for the new structure. The bid was $5,115 and the contract calls for completion of the school within 60 days. Another $1,800 will be spent in equipping the school.

January 1927
In 44 years the cost of upkeep for a home rose from a yearly budget of $321 in 1880 yo $2,563.76 in 1924. The generator of the comparison, a college professor, said the 1920 household has all "sorts of modern conveniences."

Here's sandblasting I've done lately.

Q.  What small Oklahoma town has more outdoor attractions than any other place in the state?
The small town of Davis is home to the tallest waterfall in the state and filled with a variety of outdoor attractions. From ziplining to hiking to swimming, you can do it all in Davis. CLICK HERE

Q.  During WWII the 'WAVES" had a training 'ship' on what campus?
A.  Answer in next week's newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of April 24, 2008

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers were married just south of Davis, Oklahoma on the Healey Brothers Flying L Ranch on New Years Eve back in 1947.  The cabin house they were married in burned long ago, today only parts of the foundation are still visible.  But just short distance from there is the Price's Chapel (namesake Nathan Price), built before statehood.  We find this building as a school house around 1923.
Gibsonite:  In Murray county, 7 miles east of Davis.  A post office from March 31,  1900 to February 27, 1909. The name is that of a variety of asphalt, a commodity mined nearby.  -from Oklahoma Place Names
A Reader sent in a picture this week she took inside the old Gilbert Building at West Broadway and B Street (now the Ardmoreite Building).  It is a photo of a Viking's Head located near the ceiling of what used to be the Auditorium when the Masons opened the building in 1930.  What detail.  True craftsmen.
"Dear Butch, At the age of 14, armed with an eighth grade education, I left home and started out on my life's journey by working on some of the vast cattle ranches that used to cover central Florida before the Yankees developed them all up.  Since that time I have had many very exciting adventures. I am now 82 years old and for the past few years I have been writing stories about them that I plan to publish as soon as I con finish one more that I am working on now.

I have a list of more than 30 different occupations that I have used to make a living which range from ranch hand through rodeo performer, inventor, mechanical engineer and licensed general contractor, all of which I learned by working free of charge for the people who could teach me. I now have about 15 stories, one of which, about alligator hunting, has been published with considerable success. In 1944 I worked for Col. Jim Eskew on his wild west shows in the eastern U.S. & Canada and spent the winter on his "ranch" in Waverly, N.Y. It had only 240 acres at that time and I built the fence around it.

I followed the rodeo circuit all over the U.S. and Canada for 8 years beginning in 1943.  I think I rode in Ardmore one time in the late 40s. There are Overstreets all over the U.S. now. I run across them almost everywhere I go. They are all descendents of a Henry Overstreet who landed in Georgia some time about 1800 or before with Oglethorps group of political prisoners."  -LeRoy Overstreet (1925-2016), Rio Hondo, Texas

The Sage of Naptali's Journey by LeRoy Overstreet

For digital copy (11 pages) CLICK HERE
"My name is Dick (Richard) M. Manley. You and I have corresponded over the past several years and you have been a big help in me rebuilding my childhood. I was born in Lawton, Comanche County, OK on October 26, 1930. My Father was Irvin Warren Manley, a soldier at Ft. Sill at the time and Catherine Irene Harrity Manley, Daughter of John Franklin Harrity, again a soldier at Ft. Sill, and Ona Phipps. John was from Philadelphia and I believe Ona lived at 210 H. Street, there in Lawton. Ona, from what I have been able to uncover, was related to Outlaws, Oscar, and Policemen, My Uncle Tom. Butch, I believe there are stories there about Lawton, Ardmore and Hugo OK and the families I mentioned , that would equal any thing Zane Grey could write about that area. As you can see by my birthdate, I ain't gittin any younger. I went through school years in Lawton, Ardmore and Hugo. My daddy was a trooper on the OHP and moved around a lot. He was also Under-Sheriff in Comanche County under George Myers (Meyers) 1n the 1940s. -Dick Manley
"Butch, I have seen several articles about Pennington Creek in Tishomingo.  I have heard that it may have been named after Edward Alonzo (Lonz) Pennington born 1811 in Kentucky who was captured on Pennington Creek and taken back to Kentucky and hung for murder.
William Taylor grave south of Sulphur, Oklahoma

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Ardmore trolley car photo -Robert Hensley
Dear friends, we are ok also and I get my food from Amazon, and my medicines I get it in the UPS and the Mail, my 6 children are Ok and my 10 grandchildren are OK also, well one daughter and a son lives in NY another daughter and son in NJ. the other boy in Chicago (he was a marine) and a daughter (she was a nurse for 20 years in the Air Force and she went to the Gulf War, her husband a Dr, and also in the Air Force and went to Afghanistan, they both retired now and they live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sorry I tell all this but I am very proud of them that I have to mention all to my dear Jill and Butch. Love always.  -Milagros and Ernesto in NJ


Jesus loves the little children,
all the little children of the world
Red and yellow, black and white,
they are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world

Everything is beautiful in its' own way
Like a starry summer night or a snow
covered winter's day

Everybody's beautiful in their own way
Under God's heaven, the world's gonna
find a way

-Ray Stevens, 1971

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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