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Ardmore, Oklahoma
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"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us,
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

A Glimpse Into The Past

The Ardmore Statesman
Thursday November 25, 1920
Kirby Frans Killed
Kirby Frans, federal probation officer for the Oklahoma City district, was shot while raiding a still near Perry, Oklahoma last Saturday and brought in his wounded condition to Oklahoma City where he died on that night as a result of his injuries. Frans, in company with Joel C. Bates, another enforcement officer, had located a still in the cellar of the home of George Willis near Perry and were engaged in destroying it when Willis, it is said, appeared at the cellar door and fired one shot which pierced Frans' body.

Willis then ordered Bates to turn over his gun to Dan Dexter, a brother-in-law of Willis, who was in the cellar with the officers. This he did, and carried the body of Frans out and took it to a drug store, ultimately to Oklahoma City. Bates accompanied with another officer returned, it is said, to the Willis home, but Willis and Dexter had fled in an auto. Dexter returned the next day and gave himself up, declaring he did not know where Willis went. Search is still being made for him by the officers.

Kirby Frans was well-known all over the state. He ran for the nomination as Democratic candidate for the Secretary of State in 1914, and was for a time engaged in the newspaper business at Kingfisher, and other points in the state. For some time he had been serving as an enforcement officer and was popular with all who knew him except the moonshiners.

September 1968
KTEN is seeking to block Vumore cable company from adding two UHF signals. Vumore wants to bring in KDTV and KMEC TV from Dallas for distribution over its system. The additions would result in station KTEN being a less attractive buy to advertisers.

September 1927
Indiscriminate destruction to wild life on the farm is resented by farmer's wives and daughters, according to a statement by Miss Jennie Selfridge of Prairie Valley. Miss Selfridge asked hunters to exterminate crows and jack rabbits but leave doves alone. Doves will eat their weight in boll weevils and other pests.

September 1927
The new school building at Blue Ribbon will be finished this week. The old, two-story house was torn down to make way for the new structure, which is one story but of large-capacity. School will begin October 3rd under the direction of Professor Todd and Mrs. Oma Lee.

September 1927
Oklahoma's new speed law which permits motorists to travel up to 45 miles an hour on state highways, was held unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court. State and County officials said they would continue to enforce the 35 mile an hour law. Sid Masters challenged the new law after he was arrested for driving 40 miles an hour.

Still finding people in Oklahoma with unclaimed money. We're now over the $1.7 Million dollars. Sometimes progress is slow locating people or their kin with unclaimed insurance money at the State Treasurers office in OKC but we keep moving forward.

How long has it been since you checked your name or a family member's name? Its easy to do a search at the Oklahoma State Treasurer link below. I think every state in the union has a unclaimed property website through the respective state treasures website.

If you have Facebook, I created a new Page called Southern Oklahoma Unclaimed Insurance Money. The only Post that will go on that page is names and towns of people we are looking for with unclaimed money;

Q.  Every year, millions of Mexican free-tailed bats return to an area in Oklahoma as part of their migratory path. The bats travel over 1,400 miles to give birth to their young and care for them in this protected area. Where in Oklahoma does this yearly event happen?
Selman Bat Cave Wildlife Management Area near Freedom, Oklahoma

Q.  True West Magazine recently named this museum the top museum in the country in their "Cowboys, Indians, Lawmen, and Outlaws" category. Where is this ranch/museum located in Oklahoma?
A.  Answer in next week's newsletter

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Thanks. I really enjoyed the post about the flying saucers around the Healdton Wilson Y - and the Derrick drive in. I haven't seen one but think it would be outrageous to think "we" are the only living, thinking, beings in the universe. I appreciate you and your newsletter. -Larry Johnson - Wilson, Oklahoma
Butch, I went over my list and this is a Complete List of Confederate Veterans and or Wives that passed away from (1911 - 1918) I also looked at 1919 & 1920 which I haven't moved over to the master list yet! I can not locate the name! That doesn't mean this person didn't live at the Confederate Home, they could have checked out and moved to live on their own which was not uncommon! -Rick Wallace



Appleby, A. M. 75 6/2/1916 Lawton
Atchley, G. W. 76 6/23/1918 Konawa
Barnes, Wm. G. 81 10/21/1914 Sulphur
Baugh, James T. 74 7/9/1916 Wetumpka
Bean Wm. H. 72 9/2/1916 Oklahoma City
Bourland, J. R. 77 12/8/1917
Bullard, S. E. 78 10/18/1913 Mead
Carlisle, J. B. 69 9/28/1915 Oklahoma City
Clemmens, J. H. 76 6/7/1917
Cook, J. R. 84 2/8/1918 Lindsay
Couch, A. Z. 75 5/30/1918
Crayton, S. S. 76 1/16/1916 Pawhuska
Daniel, M. D. 72 10/16/1916 Vinita
Drivers, J. B. 88 2/15/1918 Lawrence
Duncan, Mrs.M.W.72 5/18/1918
Duncan, W. H. 76 11/9/1917
Earl. W. H. 82 5/29/1917 Oklahoma City
Evans, W. A. 72 6/26/1913 Newport
Florence, W. L. 69 2/10/1916 Ardmore
Florence. Margaret67 1/7/1915 Ardmore
Gentry, W. C. 81 5/11/1917 Sulphur
Goins, Mrs. Elizabeth 86 6/8/1917 Centrahoma
Goodson, Wm. G. 78 6/11/1916 Ardmore
Gray, M. 71 11/29/1912 Shawnee
Grayum, J. 78 6/17/1914 Lawton
Hardy, Andy 74 9/1/1918 Ardmore
Hargrove, Mrs. Suda 64 9/29/1917 Frederick
Hargrove, Wm. J.75 12/21/1914
Harris, W. J. 79 7/8/1914 Madge
Haskins, Mrs. S. A.77 10/1/1912 Durant
Hays W. B. 77 9/15/1918 Kiowa
Hockersmith, E.G.68 2/11/1912 Brock
Huff, Richard J.78 11/4/1918 Konawa
Jennings, Daniel C.78 1/4/1918 Hennessey
Johnson, F. R. 76 12/4/1918 Eldorado
Johnson, Mrs. Jane 74 7/6/1918 Wapanucka
Johnson, William S.83 4/28/1918 Overbrook
Jones, R. P. 78 7/9/1916 McAlester
Latham, William 80 1/15/1918
Lester, E. W. 74 12/21/1915 Mill Creek
Loggins, Mary 69 7/10/1916 Canadian
McElroy, Mrs. Agnes 70 3/26/1917 Oklahoma City
McElroy, W. W. 80 1/16/1918 Oklahoma City
Moreland, Mary 70 1/7/1916 Locust Grove
Morgan, Wm. H. 67 9/23/1911 Reagan
MORROW MRS. S.L.62 9/13/1911 Ardmore
Neil, S. B. 65 9/22/1913 Ardmore
Nelms, J. J. 75 12/30/1915 Ardmore
Parker, James 72 2/28/1915 Chickasha
Paul, Mrs. John 72 3/27/1912 Fitzhugh
Poff D. A. 68 12/7/1917 Oklahoma City
Ridge, Wm. G. 80 12/14/1914
Roberts, C. R. 73 1/10/1916 Reagan
Rush , H. R. 77 5/2/1917 Hennessey
Rush, Elizabeth 74 12/24/1916
Sams W. D. 83 8/7/1913 Stigler
Sawyer, F. M. 73 2/19/1914 Oklahoma City
Shockley, Jesse E.70 1/16/1918 Kiowa
Simmons, Jno. P.82 9/25/1914 Chickasha
Smith , D.P. 78 5/17/1913
SMITH GUY P. 83 8/11/1911 Edmond
Smith Wm. H. 69 11/23/1913 Hennessey
Smith, E. R. 68 1/15/1914 Chickasha
Soloman, Frank 66 12/17/1913 Ardmore
Staley, Chas 81 7/7/1916 Oklahoma City
Tevebaugh, J. F.74 2/23/1918
Warlick, N. C. 82 2/12/1918 Elk City
Webb, M. M. 72 12/23/1916 Wilson
Wheeler, Wm. 78 1/25/1916 McAlester
Whitmore, R. M. 103 7/3/1916 Overbrook
Whittle, M.C. 96 5/22/1918 Utica
Whittle, Mrs Susan (GRANDMA)105 3/3/1918 Utica
Wigginton, W. H.72 3/10/1915 McAlester
Wilburn, Mrs. P. P.66 8/19/1914
Wilkes, J. T. 73 3/23/1917 Foss
Wilks, Sarah 67 1/12/1916 Tess
Williams, W. L. 75 4/8/1918 Shawnee
Williamson, John 76 3/23/1917 Ardmore
Wimberley, Ed G.75 5/12/1917 Ardmore
Wylie, Robert A. 64 9/11/1911 Purcell

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of December 3, 2009

Steve Hamm now has the 1969 Ardmore High School criterion online.  That makes 1969, 1970 and 1971 online for viewing.  Steve has done a great job digitizing the pages!
A Reader remembered going to a lumber yard with her dad on Main Street of Ardmore back around 1949, but couldn't remember the name of the business.  I found through some searching on my computer it was the Chickasaw Lumber Company (was also located before the Main street across the street west of the Sheriffs Office.)  When it moved from South Washington to Main street it relocated to the SE corner of West Main and D Street.
"Butch, Edgar Wallace of Abilene, Texas is related to the owner of the Nicki's hamburger place in Waurika, I sent you a photo of their burger last week.  I stopped there today and this framed article of your column and my hamburger picture is by the register."  -Doug Williams
"I am attaching a photograph of a group of Ardmore citizens whom I hope someone can help identify. My grandfather, Lucian B. Jones is in the front row, second from left, the first one in uniform, which I have always understood is that of a fireman. He was also a sheriff's deputy at one time, during the 1920s, after the tenure of Buck Garrett. Thanks for any help you can offer." -Carolyn Frei
"I am always seeing the "reservation" mentioned in these old 1918 and earlier Ardmoreite newspapers. Finally today I saw an explanation for that word. The "reservation" was the area outside the Ardmore city limits. I saw a note about this in the Ardmoreite. Learn something new everyday."
"Butch, During a Thanksgiving get together with my children, they remembered their Grandfather Jimmie Lewis (an Ardmore grocer 1925-1960) using the term "calaboose" as meaning jail. My son's online investigation took him to this interesting site. Maybe others might find it of interest." -Jim Lewis
The Daily Ardmoreite - July 19, 1918
Clinton School Destroyed By Fire
The Clinton school house, east of Ardmore, was destroyed by fire last night. Two men who reside at Wilson were driving along the road and saw the flames flash up suddenly. A number of people were attracted by the fire, but there was no way to save the building. The people in that vicinity were of the opinion that the fire was of incendiary origin. The building was valued at $1,200 to $1,500 and George W. Coffman, county superintendent, said he believed there was a policy of insurance to the amount of $500. He said there was an organ in the school house valued at $75 or $100. Sufficient money had recently been allowed the directors to weatherboard the building, ceil it and make other repairs before the opening of the fall term of school. Bud Ballew and Horace Kendall worked all night on the case, but there is no clue leading to the identity of the person who may have started the fire. It was near this school house where Ida Landers, now in the county jail, killed her husband and his father several weeks ago.
The Daily Ardmoreite - July 26, 1918
Dr. H. S. Cox has some beautiful specimens of ruby jack gem stone, taken from the mine of the Healdton Lead & Zinc Company at Miami Oklahoma, which have been cut and polished by a lapidary and will make unique and handsome jewelry settings. Doctor Cox says the Healdton mine carries a vast quantity of this ruby jack.

What do rubies do?
In crystal healing, the ruby is used to alleviate body pain and help with blood and circulatory problems, low energy, heart problems, and detoxification. In history, rubies were rubbed on the skin to promote vitality and youth. Ruby is said to promote overall wellness in these areas and inspire better health.

Now the question: Where is that ruby mine in Healdton talked about by Dr. Cox?

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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