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Vol 11  Issue 534     Circulation 5,000      April 19, 2007

Ardmore, Oklahoma

It was so beautiful last Sunday afternoon, Jill and I decided to take a short trip to the Woodford area NW of Springer.  I have said several times in past issues that Mountain Lake at Woodford, tucked away in those Arbuckle Mountains, is one of the best kept secrets in the county.

Here is a pic of Mountain Lake when construction started in 1923.

I got a little carried way with taking pictures at Mountain Lake, but here they are. Hope everyone enjoys them.

Of course, we couldn't leave Mountain Lake until I snapped a pic of that old bell used to warn people on the lake of impending storm and to get out of the water.

I'm just thankful Mountain Lake was not dry like it was in 1984.

Doug Williams sent in a pic of the old abandon Woodford grocery store and rain over the Arbuckle's he took last Tuesday.

Of course we couldn't leave the Woodford area without taking Jill to Magnetic Hill.  She was amazed.  We turned north off Highway 53 on to Pioneer Road and went 'down hill' about a half mile.  I asked Jill if she thought we were at the bottom of the hill, and she replied yes. So I put it in neutral and turned the motor off, and we starting rolling "up hill", just like something was pulling south back up the hill.  I guess we rolled 'up hill' for 1/4  mile before finally coming to a stop. I told Jill this is another best kept secret in Carter county.  lol

I snapped this pic of Rock Tower on the east side of Lake Murray last weekend.

Below is a pic of the Royal Roller Rink of Ardmore back in 1907. If you've read Sally Gray's book 'Territory Town' you might remember ( Book Index ) in 1906 the Ardmore Pastors Association condemned the roller rinks because they were dangerous, hurtful to women, moral influence was questionable, they were expensive and useless, and walking was safer and better.  lol

Below is a pic from my days with Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Service here in Ardmore. This particular pic, and I have more to show in future issues, is one of myself and Joe Pack giving CPR instructions while Mrs. Wayne Merritt looks on. This was in 1977.

The CPR class was held at the old Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) office at #16 B Street NW just north of Main Street. I remember going there with my mom in the 50s and watching cooking classes (using gas of course) in the evenings. Many times there was standing room only in the Meeting Room. Today that building houses offices for Samedan Oil.

Here's another piece of the SOAS past. Ray Jennings was the first full paramedic hired at the ambulance service as the EMS Director back in 1987. Ray was a National Registered EMT-P from Texas.

Ray Jennings' stay was about 6 months, when EMT-Paramedic Rhonda (Beck) Thomas was hired in 1988 as EMS Director of the service. Like I said above, I have plenty more clippings and photos to share with everyone in future T&Ts, so who knows what I'll pull out of the box.

I remember as a kid back in the 60s at Washington School in the NE part of town, we'd have fire drills on a regular basis. Right across the hall south from the Principal's Office was the fire alarm bell.  Sometimes when no one was looking someone would pull the rope during breaks. If he got caught, it was to the principal's office for a whooping.  Here is a pic I snapped of a bell just like we had at Washington school, in fact, it may be that bell.

Doug Williams was up at Sulphur recently visiting his cousin Roy Roundtree. Doug has some pictures of the Roundtree's grape vineyard on a webpage. Roy has about 7 acres planted in grapes about 8 miles north of Sulphur. Its called the Washita Valley Winery. If you have questions for Roy, email him at

More on grapes at the end of this T&T.

Dwane Stevens sends in some great photos sometimes and this week is no different.  Here it is in his own words:

"I have two oil field items I'm adding to my Stevens Museum located at 4393 Kings Road, Ardmore. One is an "Oklahoma Style" rod line pump jack and the other is an "Under Pull Style" rod line pump jack. I just recently finished restoring the Okla Style and have attached some photos of it before and after the restoration. It was made by National Manufacturing and has a Patent date of 1923. This type of pump jack was once very common in the oilfields of southern Oklahoma from about the 1920's up until the 1960's when nearly all were replaced with modern gas engine or electric motor driven pump jacks. This one is very unique as it was still in regular service until a few years back when a wild fire swept through the area SE of Ratliff City down through the Pooleville area. That fire took out several residences and the old central power house that operated this pump jack and several others including the underpull type that I have yet to restore. So this old pump jack could possibly have been in service for up to 80 years. Not bad for old technology."  -C. Dwane Stevens


The Wilson News  2-25-1915 submitted by Mindy Taylor
Seedless Watermelon
Would you like to grow a seedless watermelon?  The trick is very simple.  When the petals fall from a healthy blossom on a watermelon vine there is left the nucleus of a watermelon.  Press this part of the vine carefully down into the soil.  Then place a shovel full of dirt back on the vine between this tiny watermelon and the main stem which nourishes it.  The buried part of the vine will send out tendrils to form new rootlets which in turn throw shoots upwards.  These new vines take on a speedy growth and produce watermelons which are seedless, and this is the secret of all the clatter we have been hearing of late years about this form of fruit. -Field and Farm

Summer is coming!  What will you do with the kids? How about a scavenger hunt at the Wilson Historical Museum!  Hours  Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Picture of the Palace Hotel in downtown Ardmore
"Hi Butch, I always enjoy reading your T&T. I wonder if you or any of the readers can tell me about the Sam P. Hale motor company? I think that it was in Ardmore. Was it a Ford dealership? When were they in business? I believe that Sam P. Hale used to live in the 300 block of F St. SW. across the street near my parents house. Thank you." -William P. Landrum

This Sunday's (April 22) episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will be the episode of the above link about the family from Lawton, Oklahoma.  The dad was a severely wounded Iraqi veteran and his 9 year old son, both are in wheelchairs.  If you get a chance to watch (or tape) this one it will surely tug at your heartstrings and of course, it's an Oklahoma family and y'all know I feel about Oklahoma. ;-) I know I'll be watching & taping it, too.  The week they finished filming this one they headed over into Arkansas, too, but not sure when that episode is on. -Kathi
"On April 20 at 7:00 p.m. there will be a presentation by Bill Pennington about the famous governor Alfalfa Bill Murray at the Greater Southwest Historical Museum, 35 Sunset Drive in Ardmore. I believe admission is free, but I don't know if reservations are needed - seating may be limited. You can inquire at 580.226.3857."  -Elizabeth Dyer

"There has recently been a little hullabaloo amongst a few of us Wilsonians as to how it got its name. It has been touted for years that the town was named after Charles Wilson, secretary of Ringling Bro. Circus. Then I found in an archives article in the Lone Grove Ledger that it was named after Pres. Wilson. I have contacted the Woodrow Wilson Library but they were of no help. I was wondering exactly what kind of documentation there would be on this and if it would be in the county court house. What avenue should I follow to solve this little mystery?? Does anyone know?"
"Sisters Lawana, Jean and Jan Stewart worked at Hamburger Inn for years."

"Dickson Alumni get-to-gather is slated for Saturday, April 28th in the new Cafeteria-Saferoom.  When you get to Dickson School, you turn North on Comet Drive, on the left is the Multipurpose building where we met last year and on the right is the Cafeteria-Saferoom.  There is a parking lot and easy access to the building.  They are honoring the class of 1957 on their fiftieth year since graduation.  The cost is $12.00 per person, if you want to eat.  The time is from 11:00 a.m-3:00 p.m.  You can let Eugene Conway know if you are eating by sending in your reservation to him at 711 Osage, Ardmore, OK 73401, or calling him at 1-580-223-4006."
"Hey butch, just wanted to write you about another great mural painting on the side of a building. it is another Chisholm trail style picture as the one in Waurika that you took a picture of, it is located in Apache, ok.  I did not have a camera when I was there but if your ever in that area it is one great picture. Keep up the great work and you and Jill have safe travels on your Oklahoma adventures." -Alex
Mr Bridges, My name is Jackie Kreitner and I have just found your website.  It is very interesting.  My great-grandmother, Susan Jordan, owned a hotel in Ardmore in the 1930's. At least this is what I was told.  Unfortunatly, I do not know the name of the hotel and all the relations who would have passed on.  I was told she was still a resident when she died in the 1940's.  I know she had a least 4 children.  My grandfather Floyd Jordan, a son Charles and two daughters, Gladys and Jennie.  My mother never mentioned a grandfather so possibly her grandmother was a widow.  Do you know if there are still records around from that time period?  I was under the impression that a tornado destroyed many of the records.  Somewhere we have a picture of Susan Jordan from around that time.  If I can find it or get my hands on it I'll e-mail it to you.  Any help you or your Readers can give me would be greatly appreciated. -Jackie S Kreitner

Stomp Them Grapes by Mel Tillis 1974

Stomp stomp them grapes and make that wine
But it in a bottle boy and ship it on down the line

I got up this morning and made it downtown
Started mighty early just makin' my rounds
Well I had me a woman she left me alone
I got to lose these blues before I take myself back home

So stomp stomp them grapes and make that wine
Put it in a bottle boy and ship it on down the line
I said stomp stomp them grapes and make that wine
There's a trouble man in trouble with a woman on his mind

Yesterday she loved me today it's history
Why she should want to leave me is a deep dark mystery
I may not find the answer but I find me a jug
Cause I'm gonna do some drinkin' boys it's really got me fog

So stomp stomp them grapes and make that wine...

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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