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Ardmore, Oklahoma

From time to time over the past 11 years I have requested info on some Oklahoma town, even a non-existent Oklahoma town of bygone days. Sometimes a T&T Reader would write in and give some info on the town from the book of 3,500 'Oklahoma Place Names' by George H. Shirk. I have been looking for my own copy of the book and I found a 2nd printing on for $3 plus $2 shipping. I jumped on it, and made the purchase, and it was shipped to me from a book store in Oklahoma City!

One of the first towns I looked up in my 'new' book was Enos, Oklahoma. Here is what George Shirk's book stated about Enos:   "In Marshall County, 9 miles south of Kingston. A post office from June 14, 1915 to December 15, 1930. Assigned arbitrarily by the Post Office Department, the name is a variant for Amos, the name of a post office discontinued at approximately the same time on September 14, 1907."

It was last Saturday Jill and I headed east out of Ardmore toward Madill and Enos, Oklahoma. It was still early and we decided to stop at Madill to eat breakfast. I had not been in Hobo Joe's in years, so that's where we pull in, its located just north of Main Street when your coming from the north. Here's a picture I snapped of this well known eating place that been there since the 1970s.

This is a pic of the inside and it was really busy when we were in there.

I noticed on the walls several memorabilia from bygone days. One thing that caught my eye was right behind where I sat, a 1944 metal calendar with a picture of the Missouri Pacific Lines railway train on it.

Of course the place would not be Hobo Joe's without Hobo Joe sitting there near the front, greeting everyone that comes in.

I guess Jill and I were tuned in on the same wave length that morning, we both ordered French Toast (made from Texas toast), and boy was it delicious. But the most interesting item on the menu was their 55 cent coffee. Hobo Joe's has got to be about of the last restaurant in Oklahoma where a person can get a great cup of coffee for only .55 cents, plus refills! If anyone knows of another place even close to that price for a cup of joe, let me know.

If there are any doubting Thomas's out there when it comes to still able to buy a cup of coffee for 55 cents, here's the proof.   lol

In the southwest corner of Madill's courthouse square is a place called Gorrell's Karate. On the north side of their business is an interesting mural and work of art.

After Jill and I left Madill and traveled south about 2 miles on Highway 70 we took the 70F (Black Land Farm Rd) turn off to Enos, Oklahoma. Enos is about 10 miles south of Madill just before reaching the shoreline of Lake Texoma.  I had never been to Enos but had heard about it all my life, and even hear it mentioned on the local news sometimes when something eventful happens there.  Enos is a place with lots of lake houses and cabins,  boats, 2 or 3 churches, and a couple convenience stores. Of course the Enos Mall is the most renown of the convenient stores. Here's a pic I took of the outside.

It being the Memorial Day weekend Enos Mall was like Grand Central Station with people coming and going. Inside was standing room only.

The area where the food is served was packed with lake goers. It was too early for us to try one of the hamburgers, but hopefully we can eat on one the next trip there.

After checking out the Enos Mall we drove on south a couple miles to the shoreline of Lake Texoma at what is called "sandy beach". A T&T Reader told me it was one of the best kept secrets about Lake Texoma. The sand extends way out into the water, and makes it really nice for swimming and all, especially for kids since there's no rocks. The lake was really up as you can tell in the picture. Being a drizzle day and choppy waters, the beauty of Sandy Beach doesn't really show through in the photo.

One of our last stops before heading home was at Durant where we arrived about lunch time. I saw an El Tapatio Mexican restaurant on West Main. I knew we had one in Ardmore, but have never tried their food. Jill being originally from California knows good authentic Mexican food when she finds it, and she said El Tapatio's at Durant was the best she has eaten since she's been in Oklahoma. The same owner has El Tapatio's in Ardmore, Ada, Madill and Gainesville, Texas. Also two in Duncan, but by the name of Lafiesta (two locations).  The El Tapatio's in Durant just opened May 2nd. Now since eating at El Tapatio's of Durant, Jill and I will have to try the one on North Commerce here in Ardmore.

Last Monday Lake Murray was really up too. Here's a pic I snapped of Tee Pee Beach, the main beach area of Lake Murray.

Talk about a drastic difference in the water level at Lake Murray since last January, here's a pic I took then at TeePee Beach (just 4 months ago).

While at the beach we noticed a flock of about a geese ducks at the main boat dock area. One goose had little chicks following her around. The sad part is the mother goose had a fish hook caught in her lower bill along with about 6 inches of fishing line hanging from the hook. I sure hope someone can catch her and remove the hook. I have marked the hook with a white arrow pointing to it, but its hard to see in the close-up picture.

Kerry Tully and her mom traveled up to Mountain Lake north of Ardmore Memorial Day to look at the water coming out of the spill way. The city has had to open the spillway up after all the heavy rains. But the water was coming across the creek below the dam so fast, Kerry decided not to try and cross it in the car. The water was very swift.  But she did take some pictures of the creek flow.

Dwane Stevens emailed in some pics of Turner Falls taken last Saturday when the water was gushing over it.

I can not tell you the times since 1986 when I bought my first real computer I wish I could look at someone's computer screen when they had me on the phone, asking about a problem they were having with their computer.  Several programs, all 'buy me' programs, have came out the last few years that let's you do just that. There is even Microsoft's Remote Access within Windows XP that can allow you to share your computer with someone on the other end. But this week I found a webpage that makes it so easy, even a child can do it. You don't have to download and install anything,  no settings, and no technical stuff.  Just double click on the link on ShowMyPC and its done. All you have to do is give the other person the program's generated password to enter on their end, and your connected. Of course both computers must have internet access. The only thing the program lacks is being able to transfer a file between computers, but there are other ways to do that too.


"Butch, It was a rain-delayed Memorial Day service Monday at the Confederate section of Rose Hill Cemetery, but members of Sons of Confederate Veterans did their usual great job of honoring our Southern compatriots. These gentlemen travel a great distance and put much effort into this event. They dedicated this year's program to an expression of thanks for the work that you and Doug Williams have done to replace damaged markers in this area. Though others were present, the speakers (l to r) were Kevin Easterling, Robert DePew, Terry Pierce and Dr. Leslie Tucker.  I would like to add my personal thanks for all that they do here."  -Jim Dyer

"We had about a 6 inch rain here in Duncan, and more since. It  just poured, my carport couldn't handle the runoff. My car is pinned so we can't tell exactly how much damage has been caused by the carport on the driver's side. It was raining so hard we couldn't even go around to see about the car for about 30 min. This little Chinese food place is just down the street so you can see how hard it had rained." -glenda

"I heard an interesting story about the ?wild man? of Loco.  At first, I thought it was going to be another sasquatch story, but this involves a man that people believed to once be in the special forces and now enjoys terrifying the folks of Stephens Co.  Not sure of timeframe this took place but I?m guessing about ten years ago.  I was told he was harmless and basically would make a bunch of racket outside people?s homes and would then flee into the woods.  My google search came up empty but maybe someone can help by adding any additional info to this odd story?"
Re: Carpenters Bluff Red River bridge
"Back in the early '80s when I was living in the big town of Princeton, Tx (just E of McKinney), both lanes of the Carpenter's Bluff bridge were used.  I've ridden across that wooden side on my old Hardley Ableson more than once back then. Jill should be at ease as that bridge probably can't even tell the weight of a car or six when they're on it. Back then McKinney was smaller than Ardmore.  Est pop 15-18k folks.  There were still grain fields between McKinney & Richardson and 380 & 121 were still 2-lane hiways." -Garth
McKinney, TX ice cream freezer museum is world's largest
"Butch, I am searching for information about the Pennington name.  I learned that my great great grandfather Alonzo Charles Pennington 1859 was a Baptist Minister in the Madill (Marshall County) and Johnston County area.  He and at least one brother came into the Woodville Indian Territory in 1903-1905 from Van Sandt (Canton) Texas.  His father and brothers fought in the Civil War and were born in Mississippi (father in Alabama). After the war they moved into Van Sandt Texas.  I believe that the brothers names were Benjamin Franklin 1850 and Thomas Sidney Pennington 1856 and possibly their parents were Thomas Sidney born in Alabama in 1813 and mother Nancy 1820 but have been unable to confirm this.  I am hoping some of your Readers may have additional information.  Once again Butch thank you for what you do.  People do appreciate your efforts and your information and dedication." -Mike Pennington

"Hello Butch & Jill, I live south of the Enos Mall. The owners of Enos Mall are Terry and BJ Finklea. They will host quite a Zoo this weekend. This place Rocks on weekends. They serve on a first come first serve basis and it's not a fast food grill. They cook to order and boy is it good. If you have to wait it is worth it. Whether its good Catfish, Shrimp, Mexican Food, or just a great Hamburger they make it taste wonderful. Try their Famous Fisherman's breakfast. If your going fishing they can fill your minnow bucket while you eat a bowl of Chili.  I eat there quite often. Open 7 days a week."
"BUTCH: The 1950's Ardmore car club. The Slow pokes are going to hold a 53 year reunion September 1st at Ardmore Raceway." -Rob Ragland
"I believe the first Dairy Queen in Ardmore was owned by the Millers and it was located east, across the street from Ed Luke's home on Broadway. They dropped the Dairy Queen name because of new franchising fees that DQ wanted and the Millers didn't want to pay. The next one was a block north of AHS on the west side of Washington. The original building was moved by Ted Gill to it's present location across from the Bookseller on Main Street. The location you mentioned sounds like where a barbecue restaurant used to be in Ardmore. I think it was called the Chuck Wagon, but I'm not sure anymore. I do remember it as one of my favorite BBQ joints in Oklahoma. It and the Blue Moon in Ponca City were wonderful. Both were destroyed by fire.

The reason Roosevelt was on his way to San Antonio was because he formed the Rough Riders at the Menger Hotel there. The hotel is nearly 150 years old. About 1958 my family traveled from Ardmore to Houston for a coin convention at the Rice Hotel and stopped in San Antonio to meet Ed Galt at the Menger. He had recently had cancer surgery and the doctors had removed his larynx.

Just a word about Texas history. Sherman has streets around the courthouse named for two well known Texans. Lamar distinguished himself in the Battle of San Jacinto where Texas won its independence and he was the second president of the Republic of Texas. Travis became commander at the Alamo after Jim Bowie succumbed to typhoid fever.

Interestingly, Main is not the most popular street name in the U.S. Second is most popular. Main is the seventh most popular street name.

Thanks Butch for all your hard work. I always look forward to your weekly installment." -Monroe Cameron

"A good time to check military ancestors records. puts 90M war records online." -Roy Kendrick
I am searching for the family of a soldier who was killed in the Korea War. When he entered service he gave Jefferson County, Oklahoma as his home of record.

Born: October 27, 1930. Caucasian
Date of loss: August 31, 1950, Missing in Action

When the Korean War ended the enemy never returned or accounted for over 8,000 of our servicemen. They died in their hands. That was over 50 years ago. Since that time DNA has been perfected and also they are recovering remains in North Korea. Our government is obligated to return those remains to the proper family. DNA samples have been obtained from most of the families of these missing soldiers. For various reasons some families have not been located. There are 46 families in Oklahoma that have not been located. There is one family from Jefferson County that has not been located.

When the remains are recovered and identified they will be returned to the family for proper burial. I am just an old (76 years) Combat Veteran out of the Korean War and thankful that I did return. I consider this a very noble cause and I hope that you can help in some way to find this family. For more information on the project you may go to the link below. My part in the program is to match up the lost  families with the proper agency.

I will be grateful for any assistance in locating this family.

Harold Davis
40th Infantry Division
Korea 1952-1953
Wilmington, NC

List of Oklahoma MIAs.....

Clippings from The Wilson News 1915 -submitted by Mindy Taylor

1-21-1915: "Dynamite Exploded With Evil Intent"
Last Friday night, about eight o'clock, some miscreant fired a stick of dynamite among the gasoline cans on the storage platform of the Pierce Oil Corporation here in Wilson. It is a mystery what the deed was done for. Evidently the intention was to set the gasoline on fire; but, although the explosion tore a big hole in one of the iron barrels, it did not fire the gasoline. The deed was apparently done for pure unadulterated cussedness, as there seems to have been no particular object to be gained by it.
1-21-1915: "After the War"
The manufacture of wooden legs is a useful industry, but extraordinary activity in their production is not a sign that the world is industrially prosperous (Kansas City Journal)
1-25-1915: "School News"
The free-for-all stilt race will be held Friday at noon. All are eligible to enter and no kind of stilts are barred just so they are over six inches high.
2-11-1915: Wilson Hotel
Judge Dillard has remodeled and refitted the Wilson Hotel, until now it is the equal of any hostelry in this part of the state. Judge Dillard says he will make the Wilson a hotel that will be a credit to the town, and we believe it, for the judge has a habit of doing what he says he will and doing it right.

** Wilson Historical Museum Hours - Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.

See everyone next week!

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