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Vol 11  Issue 543     Circulation 5,000      June 21, 2007

Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Rueben Price worked as a farmer and blacksmith in Grayson and Cooke counties, Texas before moving to Indian Territory.  He settled in the Yellow Hills area by Durwood, Oklahoma east of Ardmore. He became  the first postmaster of Yellow Hills and operated a wagon manufacturing company there. This was about the year 1889. He later moved to Ravia where he farmed, raised cattle and made wagons. In 1909 Reuben moved to Marlow, and spent his remaining years there until his death in 1930.  -from Indian Territory and Carter Count Pioneers Book

H.L. Gilbert was eating breakfast at Grasshopper Junction cafe in Healdton this week and took a video of the occasion and uploaded it to YouTube. (Rose Wilson is the owner of the cafe and I know she puts out a great hamburger by the way.)  My Readers never cease to amaze me.  H.L. (everyone calls him "Hoot") put on a show for the camera, and about halfway through the video he said:  "Best breakfast in Oklahoma.  Butch Bridges will be glad of that." lol   Now I'm ready to make a trip to Healdton and try those bacon, eggs and toast myself!  Boy I can almost taste those eggs!

David Cathey was out and about last Sunday roaming around the Arbuckle Mountains in the Price's Falls area with his digital camera.  Price's Falls is 6 miles south of Davis, Oklahoma and was named after William N. Price, a rancher and prominent early day settler in that area.

Several of you wrote back on what the mystery snake seen by Kathi in Arkansas. The consensus is, its Midland Water Snake.  And here is another look at the snake.   I hate snakes.   lol

I received a handwritten letter last week from Orange, Texas inquiring about any genealogy information on the following: 

Charles Jordan Cheatwood b. March 15, 1851 and buried in Tussy, Oklahoma.  Charley Melvin Cheatwood b. in Sept 1895 or 1897.  Thomas Clinton Cheatwood who lived in the Pauls Valley area.  If anyone has information on the above families, let me know.

Nancy Hedlund (who lived in Ardmore many moons ago but now in Hawaii) and her sister, Kristen Rusnak who lives in Norman, were in Ardmore this week visiting old friends and looking at the changes the past 10 years since they were here.  They originally lived in Ardmore and try to make it back here every now and then.  They invited Jill and I out to an evening meal and we had a great time listening to all the stories from them and their two friends, John and Fran Marvel from Santa Fe, New Mexico who were in town too.  Left to right in the photo is Kristen, Nancy, my wife Jill, Fran and John. Anyone remembering these two former Ardmoreites can email Nancy at....

Maybe Michelangelo has not been in the Carter county courthouse this week painting the ceilings like he did at the Sistine Chapel in Rome.  But the maintenance department has been doing precisely that on the first floor, painting the ceilings, and the transition is remarkable when you look at the before and after pictures. This is a picture I took before the crew starting painting the courthouse ceiling at the north end of the first floor hallway.


And this is the after picture. What a difference!


Energy efficient florescent compact light bulbs have already been used elsewhere in the building, but the bulbs now being used on the new ceilings are making quite a difference in the lighting effect. These new bulbs are 23 watt but have the same brightness as a 100 watt incandescent bulb but last 13 times longer.

Woodford, Oklahoma:  In northern Carter county 9 miles west of Springer. Post office established February 4, 1884. Named for Noah L. Woodford, prominent Chickasaw  -from 'Oklahoma Place Names' by George Shirk.


"Butch, attached are some of my photos from my "Carter County Geologic Erosion Collection."  I find it interesting how different erosion patterns develop with the varying colors and all. The photos with the red rocks are from what I call "The miniature painted desert of Carter County."'  -Dwane Stevens

"Thank You for printing out that ledger on the county home, the last scan is of my Grandpa McDougal. Another part of history that I did not know, and now I do, thanks again."  -Vera Jones
"On the way home the other afternoon I noted the torn down building of the old Randolph saddle shop at South Commerce and Myall. Oh well there goes another bit of history.  Comments anyone? This has quite a historical background with its inhabitants and relations."

"The Fox School is having their annual alumni reunion (for all classes) on June 23rd, 2007. The get-together will be held at the school beginning at 9:00 AM."

2nd Annual Overbrook School and Community reunion June 30, 2007

"My husband's father and brother are buried in the cemetery in Mannsville.  Don't know if it has a name but when you are going east on Highway 199, you turn left at the east edge of Mannsville and the cemetery is on the hill.  His father passed away in November of 1942 and was buried next to his infant brother Calvin who passed away in 1918.  Does anyone know if there is a listing for this cemetery or know who is in charge of the records?"
"My grandfather, Ancel Earp, grew up in Ardmore. His parents were S.N. and Nina Jones Earp. S.N. was a doctor and is buried near Gene Autry. Nina is buried at Rose Hill. The family came to Carter County in December of 1897. They were invited by Uncle John Thomas. I hope I get to visit soon.  S.N.?s brother, Josiah "Joe" was a friend to Killin? Jim Miller who was hanged in Ada in 1909. I am afraid that they "ran" together. Uncle Joe turned states evidence against Miller."  -Frances Earp Meyer
"I am sad to say that my mother, Jo Long, lost her battle with cancer yesterday, June 20, 2007.  She died quietly and comfortably in a hospice unit on the Mayo Clinic campus in Scottsdale, Arizona; about 2 miles from my home.  I was with her at the moment she passed away.  She was 72 years old.  There will be a memorial service in Lindsay, Oklahoma; which is the town she and my father lived for 20 years, had a thriving optometric practice and raised myself & my sister until our father's death.  She will be buried next to my father in the local cemetery in Lindsay, Oklahoma."

The cement of this union is the heart-blood of every American.  -Thomas Jefferson

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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