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Vol 11  Issue 544     Circulation 5,000      June 28, 2007

Ardmore, Oklahoma

"Rain, rain Go Away, come again another day".  That is sure true in Oklahoma and Texas the past week. Weather reporters say Ardmore has had 7.5 inches of rain the past 30 days. Jill and I have tried to accomplish several outside jobs this week, and it was almost impossible with the rain ever few hours.  Some parts of Jill's garden is doing fine, and a couple of parts are not doing so well, I blame it on too much rain. The cantaloupe sure looks like its going to be a good crop!

Sue McGuire sent in a couple of pictures she received from a friend of Turner Falls..... before the rains, and one after all the rain.

Another T&T Reader sent in this photo, it really show the gushing Turner Falls up close and personal.

Jill and I drove to Lake Murray last Wednesday evening to check out the water level.  The lake is really up with all the rains. In the picture below you can barely see the rocks sticking up out of the water at the Main Beach area.

We drove on around to the dam at Lake Murray and water was flowing over it pretty swift.... I didn't feel real comfortable driving through across it with the rushing water and sound.  But we made it across and back.  I personally didn't think it was to smart for these young people to be wading in the dam's water flow. They were trying to catch fish. I remember back over the years when several cars and also people drowning when they were swept over the dam when the water was high like it is now.

I saw on the news this week where our area has not had this much rain since 1937.  That date confirms what Ardmoreite Ernest Martin told me several years ago.  Ernest was state senator from 1964 to 1982.  It seems like around 1935 when Lake Murray was constructed, they thought it would take several years to fill up with water.  But in fact, it filled up very quickly and more then anyone expected. Little did the people know in 1935 that 2 years later Oklahoma would receive a record rainfall.  Ernest said when you stand at the back entrance to Lake Murray Lodge, the water line was intended to be a lot further back.  But because of the heavy rains right after completion, the shore line came much closer to the Lodge than anyone predicted.

A reader wrote in this week wondering what's the story about Price's Falls and the old water wheel.  Maybe someone knows??

A couple weeks ago there was mention of the old Randolph Saddle Shop at South Commerce and Myall Road being torn down.  Here is a picture of it a couple years ago when it was B&C Saddle Shop.  Its an empty lot now.

Madill, Oklahoma:  County seat of Marshall county. Post office established April 29, 1901. Named for George A. Madill of St. Louis, Missouri, attorney for the Frisco Railroad. -from 'Oklahoma Place Names' by George Shirk.

Several weeks ago I mention my hunt for health insurance for Jill since she does not have that coverage.  I haven't found anything much, but I did run across a company called Equal Health and Life.  They have 2 plans to choose from.... and the $88 individual plan (in Oklahoma) looks interesting and worth checking out more.  Has anyone had dealings with this company?


2nd Annual Overbrook School and Community reunion June 30, 2007
In 1969, Hobo Joe's in Madill was called Lydia's and it was always packed. I believe Lydia, at one time had her cafe going out east off the square on south side of street but she did sell out to the folks who call it Hobo Joe's. The food was exceptional then too. Sunday's were family days, after church. Have you traveled up to Dougherty, Murray County? My Great-grandfather worked in the asphalt mine there, my grandfather worked there also, and across the street from one of the concrete offices the families lived across the road in tents, my mother and her sisters were born in their tent.  My great-grandfather, James Franklin (Jim) Swindle was killed in a mine cave-in in 1911.  The mine is now privately owned but I understand it has been renovated somewhat. Thanks for all of the news, i enjoy reading your pages of history.  The Turner Falls pictures were very well taken.  Brought back memories of the late 50's when several of us skipped school and ended up going swimming? In February on top of the falls.  I remember only that it was cold, with only our bathing suits. Once was enough."
"This photo  is one I picked up at an auction several years ago and have never shown to folks before.  It is another "yard long" panoramic view that was so popular in the early days of photography.  This one is of the "Truck Company #6 - 110 Motor Supply Train - 35th Division - Camp Doniphan (Fort Sill), Oklahoma - taken October 27, 1917" and is very remarkable because someone went to the trouble of adding (identifying) the last name (in ink) of everyone in the picture. Since your ezine is so widely circulated amongst Oklahomans (and other folks of the southwest states), surely someone can recognize a relative or friend who was in the military during the "war to end all wars" and tell us a brief history of that person. This is such an exciting quest that I'm going to "dig out" another photo that I have (somewhere in my "storage" files) that is in pieces and see if I can put it together enough to scan it in and see if you can work your magic again.  Fortunately, I'm one of those folks who never throws away something that I think can be salvaged if I just wait long enough to figure out "how to do it".  Apparently the time has come and I've lived long enough to see other miracles take place!" -Roy Kendrick in Perry, Oklahoma
"This appeared in last week's Perry Daily Journal as a little reminder of one of the things our little city is noted for - Wresting capital of the world in 1922.  My friend Danny Hodge still lives here, and I think that Gordon Rossler still lives on a farm just outside of town.  I wonder how long it's been since one of the big sports magazines has had an article about us?  I think that Danny Hodge is the ONLY wrestler to have ever appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated!  A few years ago he was featured on the cover of our local telephone directory." - Roy Kendrick in Perry, Oklahoma

"I got this old camera.  Does anybody know anything about it. On the camera it says to use film #116.  The writing on the strap is "#2a Folding Cartridge Primo."  Thanks for any info."
"My cousin said his dad always told him that he (his dad) was born in Holleman, Oklahoma.  I told him if anyone knew about it, it would be your or your readers. Has anyone ever heard of Holleman, Oklahoma?"
"In reply to a letter in your last newsletter about the cemetery in Mannsville, Oklahoma.  Try this website."
"Butch: To the person who wrote in about the Mannsville Cemetery.  It is kept up through donations to the Mannsville Cemetery Association % Betty Copeland, Treasurer, P O Box 364 Mannsville, OK 73447. Phone #580-371-2708. All donations are much appreciated." -Butch Haney
"Hello Butch, I read the following in this week's T&T regarding the Johnson county cemeteries, and I have pasted a link to the website where that information can be found."  -Roy Barnes

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"My Great aunt Minnie Bode was married to one of the players of the baseball teams back in the early 1900s.... A.B. (Sis) Hopkins. I'm searching for info, but I did find this (see attachment). It seems Sis ran off with aunt Minnie when she was 16! I can't find them in the 1910 census at all. They should have been in your neck of the woods in the mid 'teens. If anyone knows anything about this, please send me an email."
"Butch, here's a couple of interesting photos of a swamp resulting from all the rain lately. I saw it while driving around some of the back roads of Love County. At first I thought it was algae or otherwise some of the slick slim that grows on a lot of the ponds during this warm rainy weather. But upon closer examination as shown by the close up photo it actually is either something that fell from the trees in the swamp area or some kind of water plant. Interesting anyway. Maybe some of your Readers can tell me what it really is?" -Dwane Stevens
"Butch, At some point during the 1950's, my dad, Ossian Cameron operated the service station, CAM-X Oil, next to the Randolph Saddle Shop.  It was during that time that I became familiar with Mr. Randolph.  I always loved the smell of the saddles and tack in the shop. Every now and then there would be a story from their past.  Both he and his wife were rodeo performers, known all over the world.  There were always a lot of photos in the shop showing Mr. Randolph and his wife. It always amazed me that here was a gentleman who shared a wonderful celebrity life with his family outside of Ardmore and maintained a normal life in the saddle shop.  It seems like they also had a son who performed but I can't remember any longer. Many years later, during one of my high school reunion trips to Ardmore, I stopped in the shop.  The photos were gone as was Mr. Randolph, but some of the display cases were still there.  The smell of tanned leather was still in the air and when I closed my eyes I could hear a familiar voice and see the face I had known many years before. You're right.  A little bit of Ardmore died with the destruction of that old building."  -Monroe Cameron
"Butch: I was down in Jefferson County (doing research) and when I came home, I drove thru Healdton. If you haven't seen it, you need to make a trip over to the Healdton Oil Museum and see the old 1920ish touring car that belonged to Wirt Franklin.  It is HUGE!  I'm sure it didn't get any better gas mileage than the gas guzzlers of today!" -Liz Freeman
Hi Butch, Here are a some pics of men who worked on the construction of the Woodford Dam in 1922 and 1923. Construction began in July or August 1922." -mindy taylor

Watch what you say and do, little eyes are watching you.

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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