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Ardmore, Oklahoma

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As I mentioned a month ago or so, the Seth Thomas Tower Clock at the courthouse has been ailing a little.  I called my friend Stephen Nelson in Edmond, Oklahoma about it.  He originally helped me get the clock going in 1996 after it not running for about 10 years.  Stephen is owner of SNClocks in Edmond and specializes in Austrian clocks, but he is also the owner of a tower clock and has spent many hours bringing his tower clock back to its full glory.

Stephen came down last weekend and gave ours the once over, discovering its main ailment was a part called the escapement that needed a touch of oil on each sprocket. The oil (clock people use Mobile Synthetic oil) again lets the pendulum reach a full swing, instead of just short, fast swings. Below is a picture I took of Stephen standing beside the 1928 Seth Thomas Tower Clock.

Stephen drove to Ardmore in a piece of history too.  He owns a 1969 XKE  Jaguar. That's Jill is standing beside Stephen at the courthouse.

Jill and I have found on the ground in several places of our 3 acres an usual kind of seed.  It's round and about the size of a golf ball.  Does anyone know what plant/tree this seed comes from?

Back around 1997 Leroy McDaniel sent me some photos he took when he was around 16 years old (about 1943). The photos are of the cotton gin fire in Ardmore located on the east side of South Washington in the 300 block. The reason I'm bringing this up is because several of you wrote in and asked was the the dark area in the SE corner of the 1940 Ardmore aerial submitted by Garth Hoard.  It was pointed out this area was on the east side of South Washington in about the 300 block.  Here is the link to that particular aerial and you can see the black area on the map.

Below are links to the 1943 cotton gin fire photos Leroy McDaniel took as a teen age apprentice working for a local photographer.

Photo one, photo two, photo three, photo four, photo five, and photo six.

Speaking of Leroy (now deceased) and Jimmie McDaniel, some of you will remember for years they maintained a wonderful website devoted to mostly Mannsville, Oklahoma history.  I tried to access the website and its now offline.  Does anyone know what happened to the McDaniel webpages?  I have tried to call Jimmie several times at Mannsville and only get a recording.

I don't know if I will be sending out the T&T next Thursday or not (February 1st). That is about the time we will be busy moving our furniture to Lone Grove and all. But I will get out the next T&T as soon as possible. Not sure how much longer I'll be receiving email through my address either.  I will be changing providers when we move to Lone Grove. So please send all email to then you know I'll get it. Does anyone have a bucket truck?  I sure need to raise a Ham Radio tower up about 35 feet. I need to do this in the next couple days, so hollar at me if you can help.  Also still looking to buy a good pickup truck.  Jill can't drive my old Chevy, too many tricks involved.  lol

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"The Smith County Texas Historical museum has some artifacts that were at the Goodman home in Tyler, Texas at the same time as a Caddo skeleton was. The skeleton was returned to the Caddo Nation and now we are trying to find out the significance of the artifacts. Especially if the deformed cranium skeleton was a noble or ruler, as the artifacts would imply. They were donated by a Mrs. Joe Kramer sometime in the 20s or 30s. Can you give us any information."  -MarySue Standifer
"The aerial photos you posted were great to look at.  I would like to point out that the tank farm you show in photo 11-18 was located at the corner of Maxwell Street and Refinery Road.  There is the number 20 written on that intersection.  That tank farm belonged to the Imperial Refining Company that operated between 1917 and 1934.  I am guessing that the refinery actually stood directly to the east of the old tank farm.  You can see what looks like remnants of an old facility there.  Most of the buildings and all of the tanks were dismantled between 1934 and 1948.
Further north on the railroad line you can see the current refinery that my grandfather, John M. Cameron, built.  It is currently owned and operated by Valero Refining.  As originally built, I think the refinery had a capacity of 1,600 barrels per day (not very large by today's standards).  The road running east from Refinery Road into the current refinery is Cameron Street.
Lying to the southeast from the Imperial tank farm next to the railroad tracks was a small lake that I remember being call Santa Fe Lake (photo 11-19).  In the late 50's it was a great place for young boys to explore and to go hunting and fishing.
I believe you mislabeled the lake on photo 10-87 and photo 10-89.  Those two photos show City Lake, not Lake Ardmore.  Lake Ardmore is just to the northwest of City Lake (west of what now is I-35).  In photo 10-89 you can see the south end of Lake Ardmore (the number 2 in written in on it).

I hope your move is going well.  Happy New Year to Jill and you." -Monroe Cameron

"Col. Charles W. Mooney wrote the book "Doctor in Belle Starr Country" and was published in 1975.  The book is a partial biography of his father, Dr. Jesse Mooney Jr. and tells of his experiences as Bell Starr's personal doctor.  I was lucky and found a copy on E. Bay a few years ago."  -Marion Patten
"The dark area on Washington Street about where Ernie's Meat Market is now was the old cotton compress.  It was all under one roof.  It burned and they tore it down in the early 60s I think."   -Luther L. Wooley  Ardmore, OK
"Does anyone know if Elmer Leroy Baker, the man who wrote Gunman's Territory, has any relation left around Ardmore?."
"I'm pleased to announce my e-Book, Volume One of "American Synagogues: A Photographic Journey" is now complete and available for purchase! After the year-end crunch to finish, and many more hours of work to tie up all the loose ends, the first volume is done and ready to be enjoyed by all those interested in synagogue architecture and American Jewish history.  Volume One contains approximately 3200 original color photos of over 1400 individual U.S. synagogue buildings from all 50 states plus Washington, DC. Many of these synagogues are no longer used as Jewish houses of worship and many are located in small isolated communities. More information is available at my website.......

I believe that this e-Book is the largest collection of color photos of American synagogue buildings available anywhere. It is my hope that my new e-Book will not only prove to be interesting in its own right, but will do much to further the basic photo documentation of synagogue buildings in the U.S. Volume One is on a full CD-ROM disc with a beautiful disc and cover design. It is priced very reasonably at $18 including postage and can be ordered directly from me. Pricing for multiple purchases is available upon request. I hope that you will be interested in owning a copy of this unique e-Book. If you know of anyone else who might be interested, please let me know I would be happy to send them ordering information. Personal checks and Pay Pal are accepted. I thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!"   jhp1963@yahoo.comMr. Julian H. Preisler

132 Harvard Court - Spring Mills
Falling Waters, WV 25419

The Wilson News  -submitted by Mindy Taylor
School Notes
Our school was recommended for a three year accredited high school by state high school inspector, Mr. A. C. Parson who in company with Supt. Thurston paid us an official visit. Pupils under six years of age must pay $1.00 tuition per month in advance.  This is the order of the school board.  This money goes to the district. Debating clubs have been organized in four of the higher rooms and a very satisfactory showing was made last Friday. Athletics are also fully alive.  The school has two teams each of boys and girls basket ball, three teams of volley ball and a tennis club. Chapel exercises every morning in charge of the teachers. Three preachers have held chapel for us.

We believe Wilson has the best set of pupils in the county.  There is less fighting and swearing and less cases of truancy than in any school its size we know of. A big electric bell has been installed in the hall downstairs and when Mr. Rogers tried it Tuesday evening many of the pupils thought it was the fire alarm and hustled out in a hurry. Parents please do not allow your children to go to the school house before 8:30 in the morning.  Many of the children are on the campus before 8:00.  We have asked them not to come so early and if they persist, we shall be forced to send them back home as 9:00 is the hour for books.

The Wilson Museum has several shelves of Wilson School Annuals.  Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
"Butch I e-mailed you before but wanted to ask anyone on your news letter if they may have known of a John Pardue of Atoka back in the late50's or so. He was my grandfather and he worked in the Stringtown Rock Quarry and lived in Atoka. He was married to my Step-Grandmother then( my own Grandmother died in a car wreck when she was 48.) and she worked as a waitress in a Cafe in Atoka. Her name was Stella Pardue. I have lost contact with my relatives and it would be nice to find out if anyone knew of them back then. I lived in Ardmore in 1955. moving from Atoka to Tishomingo to Ardmore in 1955. I was born in Milburn Okla. in 1940. We moved to Atoka when I was two. My Grandfather lived in Atoka till he died in the early 70's. I know my Uncle John Jr. who lived in Denison TX. died when young and he had a wife named Sue and a son Named John Austin Pardue. I don't know where my cousin is now. Haven't see or heard from him since he was a young kid in the late 50's. Anyone who lived in Atoka in the 50's or early 60's may have known my Grandfather John Pardue. Any help would be great."  -Bobbie Wilson Diiorio


by Joh Gainey, Sulphur, OK

I am having trouble driving
with winter at the helm.
Every oak and maple,
every sycamore and elm
Paints such lovely lacy patterns
on the canvas of the sky.

Each a delicate creation
to attract my roving eye.
Spring may offer brilliant foliage
summer?s verdure soothes the eye
But the lacy trees of winter
inking patterns in the sky
Are a bit of fascination
on a gray and wintry day
That fill my heart with gladness
and cause my eye to stray.

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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