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I guess we have all heard the old saying bigger is better.  This week I found out that sure does NOT hold true for telephone companies.  I went to the local Chickasaw Telephone Company office here in Lone Grove to order phone service.  Within 2 hours they had sent a man out to check out our property and see what all was needed to get a phone line in.  The next day they had a couple guys out with their trenching machine to lay the phone line in from the road up to our home.  I have never had such fast service, and Karla at the home office in Sulphur was the best when it came to taking my info and getting my account set up with Chickasaw Telephone, helping pick a new phone number, etc.  She said I needed a Letter of Credit from ATT (Southwestern Bell) and that's when I found out bigger is not better.  That same day I called ATT and talked to probably 6 different people (one even cut me off and I had to call back) and finally over an hour later a ATT lady said she would transfer me to someone who could take care of the Letter of Credit for me. I told her I did not want to be transferred again, that I just wanted a letter.  She said she could take care of it, and I should have it in about 10 days, so we will see.

As most of you who have lived in this area for any length of time knows the Gauntt family of Lone Grove started the Chickasaw Telephone Company back in 1909.  Sometime in the 1930s Omega Gauntt of Lone Grove married my uncle, Harry Jacob Carmon (1908-1951).  The marriage did not last long, but there was one child born to Harry and Omega, June Carmon Robbins Taylor.  I remember June so well as a teen when she would come to Ardmore to visit.  She was the most beautiful lady, a librarian in Llano, Texas (not Plano) for many years. One morning she walked out of her house to go to the library, and a truck loaded with bees came down June's street (Ford Street).  He lost control of the truck for some reason, and slammed into June just as she was backing out into the street.  Her mother Omega Gauntt Tiner was heart broken as June was her only child. Omega died about 3 or 4 years ago in Houston, Texas.

Our wireless internet was acting up last Friday and after some testing the problem was found in my router.  I had to buy another one, but everything has been working great ever since I installed it.

During the past 12 years of publishing my T&T I have seen the number of subscribers grow from about a dozen to over 1,600 today.  I feel like we are one big family all over the U.S. and the world, all connected by a single thread, Oklahoma memories.  Through the years when I lose a subscriber, I feel like I've lost a friend.  It always saddens me when I learn of a death, and they will no longer be able to share their memories.  One of my first subscribers was Bob Farrington of Northfield, Ohio.

Bob and his wife lived in Ardmore over 50 years ago, but would come back to visit from time to time. I remember in 1998 Bob and Virginia were in town, and they came by the courthouse to visit with me.  We had a wonderful time talking about old times, and even went inside the courthouse to reminisce.  When we walked in the south door, Bob looked at me and said that's where we got our marriage license. I asked, "in there?" pointing to the County Clerks office just as you enter the south door.  Bob said yes.  He went on to say the year was 1947 (or there abouts as best I remember). Bob asked me where do people get their marriage licenses today?  I told him on the 2nd floor at the Court Clerks Office.  So you see, it took a visit from Bob Farrington all the way from Ohio to share a piece of history I didn't know. This is just one example of the many tidbits of history and photographs Bob has shared with the T&T Readers over the past 12 years.

Last week I learned by email from his daughter, Marilyn Roder, that Bob passed away the other day after spending several days in the hospital in Ohio. As the saying goes, gone but not forgotten, Thanks for all the good times you've share, I will never forget you Bob.  You can send condolences for Virginia, Marilyn and family at the link below. Marilyn's email is

Click here for Obit and guest book of Robert "Bob" Farrington.

Click on the link below to Bob Farrington's "This I Remember....," (Gary Simmons' website on the Ardmore Air Base), it tells Bob's story while here in the Army and something about his contribution to the establishment of Northeast Baptist Church, now Trinity, as its first song leader. He was also an Ardmore businessman prior to moving back to Ohio. Bob and Virginia came from Ohio for the Remembrance Memorial dedication in 2000. She worked at the Army Air Field and also wrote a "This I Remember..." that follows his on the link.

"This I Remember..." link

Visit the Oklahoma History Boards, start a topic if you want too!

Q.  What is Oklahoma's state game bird?
A.  The wild turkey 

Q.  Colonel Miller started what ranch?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch--I believe you will find that Lake Murray Inn was in the old Cisco Schoolhouse located on the south side of Cisco Road about half way between Elephant Rock and the main Lake Murray road (S-77). This was a popular area because some of the early boathouses were locates south of Elephant Rock and Cisco Road.  George C Jones of Jones Oil Company and the uncle of Kenneth Lamb  kept his GarWood Cabin Cruiser in a boathouse in the area.  At that time GarWood was the Cadillac of larger boats."
"I see a 38 chevy in the photo of Lake Murray Inn. The lake opened in 36 so things were new and exciting at that point."
"We saw this 65 Chevrolet at Stroud, Oklahoma last week and I just had to take pictures of it." -Doug

"Hello Butch, A grand old lady of Gene Autry is having her 97th birthday, on Sunday, June 22, 2008. Her name is Annie Conway and she just happens to be my Aunt (my mother's sister). She lives in the same place that she and Uncle Bernie Conway built in 1938, on 80 acres about a mile east of Gene Autry, next to the southeast corner of the Ardmore Air Field. The house is on a bluff overlooking the Washita River. Happy Birthday Aunt Annie." -Joe Dale Black
"Hi Butch and Jill,  Re: Mike Jones question about the Rawleigh sign on C Street NW.  The sign belonged to my parents Bill and Reedy Bow. Dad started in the business in 1950. He covered the western half of Carter County. A friend of his got him started in the business after he had injured his back while working for Dr. Pepper located on Broadway.  His friend's name was Tom Caldwell and he lived in Milburn.  Dad became disabled due to heart and lung problems in the latter part of the '50's and Mother continued to run the business for quite a while. Eventually she stopped the route delivery part and they continued to sell to people who came by the house to buy products. Mother continued doing that even after Dad's death in 1984. Rawleigh either was bought out or merged with another company sometime in the '80's, I believe, but they continued to use the Rawleigh trademark on a lot of their products, which, as far as I know are still being manufactured and marketed.  Mr. Rawleigh started out at age 18 in 1889 with $15 selling four medicines from a mortgaged buggy pulled by a borrowed horse.  The W. T. Rawleigh Co. was founded in 1895. It developed into a large manufacturing conglomerate over the years. As for the sign which Mike mentioned, it is attached to my house as a keepsake."  -Leon Bow
"The Brick Town area of Oklahoma City is the area where I spent most of my teen and young adult years. My grandfather and I bought tools at Miller-Jackson, and I later bought concessions supplies from a friend and sometimes business partner, Kenneth Doolitle who owned and operated Western Extract Supply just east of the downtown location of John A. Brown Co, (where my 'daytime job' was for awhile). And of course the Mummer's Theater (where I did most of my acting 'on stage', and took care of their audio requirements for two years) was located in the area. It was a happy time. And I must not forget "Harvey and the Wall Bangers" (the neighborhood band) that practiced all hours across the street from my parents' house. I wonder if they're still performing? Great memories!" -Roy Kendrick, Perry, Oklahoma.

"Butch, I've had lots of requests for the 1945 digital map for Carter County in jpg file format. I've tried to get them all out but may have accidentally missed someone. If any requests look to have been missed please resend your requests as I certainly don't want to miss anyone. Thanks." -Dwane Stevens

"Butch, attached is the 2nd group of bridge photos that I promised. Just thought that your readers might enjoy seeing some more of these old railroad bridges. Included are some more bridges on the old Ringling Road. One of these is a 180 degree pano shot of the bridge across the old Bayou creek now called Walnut Creek. This bridge is now being used by one of the local oil companies to get to their oil leases. The German Sheppard Dog standing on one of the bridges was my old faithful companion "Cutter." He has since passed away but used to go with me on many of my treks. -Dwane Stevens

"Saw in one of your most recent newsletters a letter from Ken Bacon about a restaurant in Weleetka, Oklahoma. I am originally from Marietta and of course Ken Bacon was the DA there and went on to write the book "Red River Prosecutor". Knew just about all of the people in that book - even some of my family was mentioned. Anyway, Ken wrote about a fantastic restaurant in Weleetka. I was in that area this past weekend and went to the Roundup Cafe he spoke about. It was UNBELIEVABLE. The biggest and best chicken fried steak I have ever had - and just the nicest people in it. Of course that town has been hit with a huge tragedy with the killing of two young girls, but the restaurant folks are still "keeping on". The waitress was like an angel. Went at 4:00 and it was almost full then - and people kept coming in. One couple were from Ada and said they drive there frequently and bring a church group with them."
Benefit for Ron & Bobbi Childers
BBQ Dinner
BBQ, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Dessert, Drink
Where: Ardmore's Central Park
When: Saturday, June 28, 2008
Time: Starts at 11:00
Cost: $6.00 per plate
Raffle for Custom Smoker. $10.00 per ticket. Drawing to be held

June 28th at 3pm during the dinner. Tickets may be bought at Living Word in Ardmore, Sweet Mama's Cafe in Mannsville, and D & S Pit Stop in Dickson. Also will have them for sale at the dinner. There will also be music and singing. Bring your lawn chairs and stay awhile! (We have music, but can always have more!! If anyone would like to sing or play music, contact Shanna Kerley at 580-465-6008) Also a Moon Bounce and Dunk Tank for the kiddo's (2 to 99) to enjoy! And being at Central Park, there is also the splash pad & playground!! Come help the Childers and have a great time while doing it.

"Butch, you can get air at the Grove Mart in Lone Grove from 7am till 11pm at the north end of the building."
"I've heard that the best thing for keeping the flies from dog's ears is Bag Balm.  It really does help!" -Joan
"This is for the person who wrote in a couple of issues back wondering what to do about the flies that kept biting her dogs ears. Mine dog had the same problem. The tips were turning black and so I went to Wal-Mart as a last ditch effort of not dishing out a lot of money on a vet bill and bought some Gold Bond Medicated Anti-Itch cream. I put it on my dogs ears twice a day and saw a great improvement within 24 hours. The flies don't like it and his ears are healed! I keep it on there even though his ears are better just as a precaution but for less than 5 bucks it works like a charm." -Kiddo (Tonya Rangel)
"Hi Butch and Jill. Someone gave you castor seed. Is that Castor bean seed? Tell Jill That I heard for years that those things keep gophers away and also they are poison, If you ever have kids or grands around be watchful of those. Also for Kathi G. The salve her grandfather used was probably CORONA ointment. I have a jar of it sitting here . It is yellow, smells pretty much like medicine, and it is used for horses, cattle, small animals, and pets. It is a lanolin rich antiseptic ointment. It has a healing factor for all kinds of scratches and sore places and it keeps the dog flies from biting the dogs ears. I get it at the feed store in Ardmore on P Ave. About 75 years ago I remember the Raleigh man and we also had the Jewel Tea person. Oh my, That sounds like a long time ago. I don't think old and it surprises me when I think I will be 79 this August." -Hazel in Madill

"Dear Butch, I have learned so much about Ardmore since I have been reading T&T. I knew Filmore Vaughan played at the old base golf course because I was a friend with his brother, Haywood Vaughn, and I knew his son who graduated a year ahead of me at AHS. I had completely forgotten about Sunset Golf Course. I remember little bits and pieces of Ardmore's history, but it is always interesting and fun to find out the rest of the story. Thanks for providing the forum so that we can all learn more about our town and what has happen through the years." -Monroe Cameron
"I recall going to play the course right after the City of Ardmore leased it to the brother of a former school mate. He refused to charge me a green fee as there weren't any greens. It seems that the Air Force, using some kind of sod cutter, removed them. They loaded them on their "Flying Boxcars" and took them to Memphis." -Marion Patten
"Just now reading this weeks edition. I spent all day yesterday going to Houston and back to pick up a boat. I deliver boats for several dealers and I quite often need air for the boat trailer tires. Loves and Flying J have free air. Flying J is best since they have 2 lanes just for RV's, anyone pulling trailers of any sort , such as me. The air is on both sides of the vehicle so, it's very easy to use. I will be there to get diesel fuel at about 7:30 AM this morning. I am taking the boat on up to Oklahoma City. I had an interesting experience yesterday with this boat. I picked it up in Houston and within 20 miles of getting on I-45 I had a blowout. Luckily the trailer had a spare. I put it on and it only had 20 pounds so, I had to find a place with air. Found one but, they charged $ .75. Most of the air I find is off to the side and nearly impossible to get a trailer in close enough and I have to pay. Any way, just after I got back on the highway another tire blew out. I slowed down and pulled to the shoulder and the other one on that side blew. I waited for 3 hours for road service to come out and replace the tires. Ended up with 4 new tires for $456.00 and $200.00 for road service. Not a good day. Maybe today will be better. I am going to Lake of the Ozarks today for another boat and hope things go better." -Carl @ Boats 4 U
"The Berwyn School Reunion will be the weekend of July 5, 2008 at the Old Gene Autry School House, better known as the Gene Autry Museum."
"Hi Butch. I saw the newsletter that Mike Jones sent in to you this week. I have seen some Watkins products in our WalMart here in Houston. Back in the 50's the company was owned by Watkins and Rawleigh together. Later I guess they parted ways. This is about the Rawleigh Salesmen. My Father Lewis Wilson owned a Radio and TV repair in Ardmore in the 50's near the Bus Station. He would also load up his Snow Cone stand on his trailer and we would take two months off to go to different towns and sell the Snow Cones. He also sold fireworks in July. Built some rent houses, and was also a Rawleigh salesman for a while. Besides working at his Radio repair store. This one man I remember would buy lots of his Vanilla Flavorings, as they contained a good amount of Alcohol and he must have drank the Vanilla. My Dad had a Panel Truck and went to homes to sell the Rawleigh products. Just brought back memories when living in Ardmore. I sent a Happy Birthday wish to Jill. Hope she had a nice one. Love reading your Oklahoma History each week. If anyone may have known my Father I would like them to E-mail me. Nice to hear some old news about Ardmore and the past days." -Bobbie(Wilson) Diiorio
"Butch, this may be common knowledge but the castor bean is poisonous. At one time they were used to kill gophers. When I had my feed store, people would buy seeds to plant for shade for chickens. Oh, the days of the free range chicken. Be careful with them." -Jack
"As a kid in the late 40's in Stephens county, we had the castor plants around the barn for shade, and I remember playing with the beans.  We were warned that they were poisonous and never put them in our mouth. They do get very large, like a small tree, with lots of shade, and many of our neighbors also had the plants around their barns or homes for shade. On another subject, every spring my parents thought our systems needed to be "flushed" and we were given processed castor oil with orange juice.  The results were that we spent the day out behind the barn with a roll of toilet paper.  We did not have indoor plumbing.  Fortunately, this barbaric practice ended when I was about eight.  Until a few years ago, every time I drank orange juice, I could taste the oil, kind of like a traumatic stress reaction." -Larry Watkins, mesquite, Texas
"Butch, about 30 years ago, I opened an elementary school in Lewisville, Tx. and the PTA planted redtip photenia(sp) along the building front and beautiful castor beans at the entrance.  The third year the building was open we had a new school nurse.  The first day she arrived she questioned what my degrees were in and one she suggested was a high degree in insanity having those castor beans growing at an elementary school.  She had maintenance out immediately to remove the plants.  It seems castor bean has a ricin toxin which is dangerous to humans.  Good luck."
"Butch, if any of your readers would like to have an emailed copy of a January 1945 Carter County Oklahoma Map just let me know and I will email them a copy. I scanned the original map in segments and stitched them together with software to make one large file. The file size is 6.21 Megabyte and is a simple Jpeg file. It is at high enough resolution to clearly identify small details. It can be viewed with any simple photo handling program that will allow zooming in and out. This is strictly a jpg file so you will have to use your own photo program for cropping out segments to print. I have attached a small cropped portion of the map to show what the native resolution will look like. All the old country schools are clearly identified. Anyone that would like a copy just send me an email." -Dwane Stevens
"Butch, One of you writers mentioned a Highway Patrolman killed about 10 years ago.  Here's an interesting side of that you might not be aware of.  His name was Rocky Eales and he was a Vietnam war hero as well. His dad, Hook Eales, was a longtime football coach at McAlester High School and the stadium is now named after him.  He led the McAlester Buffalos to the state championship in 1968.  Hook died about 3 weeks ago while I was attending my 45th class reunion in McAlester (class of 1963.)  Another interesting fact is that Warner Hook Eales was born in Ardmore and served heroically in WWII.  Both he and his son were decorated Marines.  If anyone is interested in looking at Rocky's grave sight, go to click on 23,000,000 names, type in David Eales, choose Oklahoma, and you will be there."  -Rusty Hudelson in Levelland, TX
"Next time near SE Oklahoma you have to try the "Borderline" Burger. Located on 271 South of Hugo OK but north of Powderly TX. Great burger (located on the East side of the highway) and if you are lucky you might get to eat with the coach Gene Stalling who lives nearby and is in for lunch nearly once a week." -Will
The Wilson News submitted by Mindy Taylor
As Wilson grew, so grew the state.
"State News Notes"
*Norman and Chickasha citizens are endeavoring to secure natural gas for the two towns and have placed the subject before their chambers of commerce.
*Congressman Jim McClintic has wired G. E. Martin of Elk City that a bill had been introduced for the purchase of a building site for a federal building.
*Indian heirs in Washington county will reach their majority and take over property valued at $1,000,000 within the year. They are members of Cherokee and Delaware tribes.
*About fifty farmers around Bristow have expressed a willingness to join in growing 500 acres of watermelons during the coming season.
*Water bonds in the sum of $50,000 were voted nearly unanimously at Ringling. Natural gas and electrical franchises were granted to the Southwestern Public Service Company.
*A big shipment of 1,000 horses destined to see war service in the French army sooner or later was moved from Oklahoma City last week. It took two entire trains of forty-five stock cars to convey the animals which were valued at $120,000.
* A Men's Dinner Club has been organized at Chickasha with a charter membership of fifty persons, principally business and professional men.
*The Ferro-Mastic Paint Company, a newly organized institution, will manufacture paint in Ardmore. Asphalt taken from local mines will be used in making the paint.

The Wilson Historical Museum has a new scavenger hunt for the kids!! Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

"Hi Butch and Jill, I really enjoy reading your This And That. I am from that part of the country, but I have lived in Monahans, Tx. for four years. My sister-in-law Shirley West would send me copies, and now that I have a computer I am on your list and thoroughly enjoy it. I see so many names and places I know. One name I remember is Terry Dickson, the Officer who was shot and left for dead. There was a dinner given for him while he was recuperating. Law enforcement from all across Oklahoma was there and Rep. Don Duke made a speech and presented him gifts from the Legislature. I have a beautiful poem that was in the Ardmoreite just after the shooting by Larry Milson, from Lone Grove, and read at the dinner. I would like to share it with everyone below." -Lona Warner

OKLAHOMA'S BEST by Larry Milson

They are some of Oklahoma's very best
Gold shields are worn upon their chest
In black and white cars they patrol their routes
Sure by now, you know who I speak about.

Last week a trooper was shot in the head
His assailant ran, and left him for dead
In seconds passersby stopped to help
Descriptions they gave and the directions he left.

Troopers and law officers didn't let him get far
Within the hour they had him behind bars
This is a profession that has to be done
Never knowing when they'll stare into a gun.

Troopers are a special breed this day and time
For us, they lay their lives on the line
It's a shame things like this have to happen
Just stop and think, what we owe Trooper Terry Dickson.

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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