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Q.  What is Oklahoma's state tree?
A.  Red Bud Tree

Q.  What famous Apache leader was imprisoned at Ft Sill?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Hi Butch, In the latest issue of "This and That" you indicate that someone has made an inquiry about the Ingram School in western Carter County.  I can provide some information that might be helpful.

According to Ellen Ingram Hammonds, her great-grandfather, John Duncan Ingram, established the Ingram Lane School that was located somewhere south of Dundee.  I do not have the exact date that it was established but, based on other information that Ellen Hammonds has provided me, it would appear that the school was established somewhere between 1903 and 1908.  It probably was a "subscription" school as was so common before school districts were formally established after statehood.

John Duncan Ingram and his wife, Mary; along with their sons, James Henry (Toss) and W. P.; their three daughters, Adelia (Burden), Verona, and Leila (Smalley); Leila's husband, Clem Smalley, and his brother Joseph Smalley; all settled in what later became the O'Savior community in western Love County in 1894.  They moved there from Arkansas, perhaps by way of Texas.  John Duncan and Mary settled on land that was later allotted to Frank O'Savior, and it was on this land that the O'Savior School was located in 1908.

Mary died in 1903 while the family was still living where they initially settled.  Also W. P. died from measles while the family was at O'Savior. Sometime after Mary's death, Leila and Clem Smalley, along with John Duncan, moved to Carter County, somewhere south of Dundee.  By 1908 John Duncan was living in New Mexico.

Attached is a picture of some of the Ingram and Smalley families taken on their farm that later became the Frank O'Savior property.  Also attached is a picture of the Ingram Lane School."  -Charles Walker, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Hey Butch.. I see where Lee Thompson went on vacation and bought her a Rhythm Clock.  They are neat.  There is another one that is called Melodies in Motion made by Seiko.  I saw them on vacation in Eureka Springs however, you can purchase both of them locally.  Musgrove Jewelry on Broadway carries them."

"Dear Butch and Jill, I was so pleased to see the postcard photos in the last T&T. The Belleview pics brought back lots of great memories of growing up on Vinita Street in Sulphur and swimming at Belleview. The picture that really fascinated me was the hairpin curve in the Arbuckle Mountains. I've never before seen a picture of that scene. My mother, Helen Landrum Rose, and I drove over that treacherous road many times on our way to Ardmore to visit her sister, Joyce Landrum Wallis. On one occasion, in summer (probably 1939), we stopped along that road because there were thousands of black-eyed susans growing everywhere. We picked a huge bouquet to take to Aunt Joyce for her club meeting at her house. When we presented them, we found out that her club had planted all those wonderful yellow flowers as a beautification project. We were pretty red-faced about it all. Aunt Joyce had no children but she treated nieces to little vacations at her house in the summer. The pictures I've enclosed are from one of those visits. Aunt Joyce provided dress-up clothes for my cousins and me and took us to town for a treat at the drugstore and to look in the windows of the stores and generally parade up and down the main street (Broadway?). In this picture we are posed in front of the delivery truck of Uncle Milze's cleaning plant. Ah, the good old days!" -Rose Marie Rose Pfeiffer

"I as born in Ardmore in 1949. My grandfather, Royce Coe, was Firechief and later mueseum keeper at Tucker. I had the best greasy hamburger at the Hamburger Inn."   -Jan








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