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Nine miles north of Ardmore, Oklahoma is the small town of Springer. It had been a town long before statehood in 1907. In 1910 this little bustling city almost became a town in name only. On a Friday evening in September, a fire broke out in the Post Office. Before the fire could be stopped, many Main street businesses would be destroyed, including the Post Office, D.M Sellers General Store, Eskew Drug Store, Kuntz Bros Blacksmith Shop, the building used by the Masons, Woodmen of the World, and the Oddfellows. Also several buildings owned by Robert Scivally would be destroyed. (Mr. Scivally was one of the first county Commissioners of Carter county.) When townspeople and firefighters saw their town was about to be totally destroyed by the raging fire, they resorted to dynamite to stop the flames.

Springer, Oklahoma. In northern Carter County. Post office established September 1, 1890. Named for W. A. Springer, pioneer rancher and cattleman.  -Oklahoma Place Names

W. A. Springer (1851-1892) is buried in the Springer cemetery.

From The Ardmore Statesman
Ardmore, Oklahoma
Thursday, September 9, 1920

Chief of Police Chancellor has finally procured a motorcycle cop whose chief duty will be to catch and bring before the city court the "speeders" on the city streets. The new man is Mr. Jack Miller. As soon as the motorcycle for his use arrives, he will use his best effort to put a stop to the all too common practice of stepping on the gas on either downtown or the suburban streets. Such an officer has been badly needed in Ardmore for a long time.

Jill and I was over at Madill, Oklahoma last weekend, early, and had to stop at Hobo Joe's for breakfast.  Hobo Joe's has to be one the the best down home eating places in southern Oklahoma.  All cooked just like you would at home, and at very reasonable prices.  Their 55 cent cup of coffee is great!

Every since we moved out here south of Lone Grove in 2008, we've had a never ending battle against those green briers.  I've tried a number of products, and non seem to work very well.  Even tried diesel.  Does anyone know what will kill those "wait a minute" briers?  Jill hates those things with a passion.

It's 370 feet from our front door to the mailbox at the road.  Seems like every time I walk to the mailbox, it gets longer.  I been thinking I need some kind of motorized vehicle to get me there and back.  Someone said a golf cart sure works great for that purpose.  I may have to get hold of Nathan Christian here in Lone Grove to check out his carts.  They said he has some really good deals on pre-owned golf carts. Shoot, I wouldn't even need a trailer (which I have not found one yet) to get it home.  I'd just drive the golf cart home.

This morning almost before day break I went outside and about the time I got to my pickup, I heard this terrible sound.  I thought what in the world was that?  I walked around to the chicken coop and it was Milo the rooster trying to crow.  He tried two more times before I got back to the pickup.  It won't be long we'll be having eggs.  I predict before the end of the month our four hens will start to lay.  It least I hope so.  They need to start earning their room and board, or we may be having chicken soup.  lol

Speaking of Milo, someone said I need to take him to the Carter County Free fair next week so T&T Readers can stop by and meet him, maybe even get his autograph.  But he's so good looking I'm afraid the hens attending the fair will try to woo him away from me.

Since announcing our Facebook account on July 23rd, there have been nearly 300 friends join us online.  Wow!  Thanks to all who have joined us on Facebook in their "Friends List".

Ten cheapest places to buy gas in the Ardmore area......

Q.   Where was Oklahoma's first post office established?
A.    Ft Sill

Q.   When was the first oil well drilled in Indian Territory?
A.    (answer in next week's T&T)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"We were at Sulphur at the park Sunday morning and I got these pictures of these two buffalo babies right by the fence.  Also this big bull was not worried about me being there."  -Doug Williams

"What have you heard about mountain lions becoming more populated in Oklahoma? The reason I am asking is that my son was driving east on Highway 70 a few weeks back and a mountain lion crossed the highway right in front of him just before he reached the Oakland area. We have lived in the Carter Co, OK, area for 60 years and have never seen one. We have been told by several other people that they have sighted mountain lions in the area surrounding Ardmore, as close as an area between Plainview and Lone Grove and in the Dickson area. I am anxious to hear from you as well as your readers as to what they know about this. I did a little online research and learned that white-tail deer are a favorite prey of the mountain lion and that they will stake out an area which could range up to 25 miles and watch ponds, creeks and streams waiting for the deer to stop and drink. White-tail deer are common to our area so that makes sense, that they would favor hunting around here. I'm sure that with the drought we have had, many of the area wildlife species have moved their habitats closer to areas inhabited by people in order for them to find food."
Antique Tractor Show - Murray County Antique Tractor and Implement Association - Sulphur, Oklahoma - September 18 - 19 - 20

"Butch, Your T&T last week was really good. I enjoyed the link from a Reader about a bag of water keeping flies away. My wife does this all the time at our house. I don't buy it and tease her a bit about it. I tell her not only does it keep flies away but I haven't seen a door-to-door salesman, Sasquatch, zombies, or grizzly bears. I enjoyed your anagram MORSE CODE - HERE COMES DOTS because I bought a Toyota Camry and noticed the anagram of CAMRY - MY CAR"   -William in Corinth, TX
Passport required to cross Red River during the Civil War! Why did the residents of Indian Territory who were rich and politically well connected had no problems crossing Red River between 1861-1865 while the poor were starving and freezing in mud huts on the North bank of Red River? Both the State of Texas and Confederate governments gave the provost marshals the authority to issue passports. I have addressed this question on my web page.

Col. James Bourland was appointed Provost Marshal of the Texas 21st Militia Brigade 1862 by Brig-General W.R. Hudson. As provost marshal, Bourland?s issued passports for travel and could arrest anyone considered "injurious to the interests of the country?. Col. Bourland?s headquarters was in Gainesville, Cooke County for the 21st District that encompassed 11 Texas counties west and southwest of Cooke County.

I am searching evidence of passports during the Civil War (1) identification pass, furlough papers, passes (2) stories of families camping on the North bank of Red River during the Civil War. Patricia Adkins-Rochette, Duncan OK

"Enjoyed seeing a couple of our cousins on the Ardmore, High school 1943, 1944 Rosters. The Farmer Stockman sign on the fence reminded me of their newspaper which came out periodically. Someone mentioned the Martin's Drug on the corner of Main and Caddo. Next door to it in the 50's was a fabric outlet. We enjoyed digging thru all the bolts on Saturday evenings after the 25 cent burger basket at Priddy's. I remember an oriental paisley with a gold thread made into pants and a long stole to go with them and a beautiful gray wool transformed into a dress designed by Pauline Trigere in Mrs. Bush's home economics class. She raised her eye brows when I brought the pattern in. Mother bought me a beautiful short black velvet cape with rhinestones dotted on it to wear with the dress. There were occasions to wear it for many years."
"I was wondering if any of your readers might know a lady named Tillie Rhinehart. My father grew up in Healdton so he must have known her from that area. I found several pictures of her in my fathers things. On the back was written Tillie Rhinehart, My Girlfriend. These had to be taken in the early to mid 1940's. Thank You." -Debbie
"Back in the 50's and 60's, the raccoon hunters used to 'tree' the coon with the dogs and then someone would climb the tree and make the raccoon jump out amongst the dogs, giving him a sporting chance to get away. He had the option of whipping all the dogs and getting away - but in some cases the dogs did kill the raccoon. However, many times the raccoon would make it to water where he had the advantage. If the dogs followed him into the water, the raccoon would get on top of a dog's head and drown the dog. It was considered poor sport to shoot the raccoon out of the tree. If the raccoon chose a tree that was too big for the hunter to climb, the raccoon won the contest that night.

These days, the coon hunt is strictly for the sport of following the dogs and listening to them bark, howl, and eventually "bay treed" Today's coon hunters, (sportsmen and proponents of the ethical treatment of animals), will call off the dogs as a reward for being chased by and ultimately outrunning the dogs to the tree. In addition, these PETA supporters will leave the raccoon a small bowl of milk and possibly an open can of sardines or some other tasty treat." -George Peveto, Irving, TX

"Hey, Butch, Quanah Parker was my great-great-great grandfather on my mother's side."  -Kathi G.
"Well now we have 20 hummingbirds, they are eating 2 quarts a day of my cherry Kool-Aid mix. It is a lot of work but what fun. I know I send out a lot of pictures and videos. If you get tired of them please let me know and I will cut back. Nothing worse that a pushy emailer, ha ha, but I mean what I said." -Doug Williams

"Butch, the Gordon Cemetery in Love County is an abandoned cemetery and hasn't been used for a long time.  The cemetery is located near the town of Marsden. The sign on the gate had it spelled Gordan. My great uncle James Andrew Fleming ran the first store and post office there in Marsden until they burned down. Some of his children are buried in the cemetery and I believe his father is buried there as well." -Betty Daniels
"There was a request in this week's T&T for the location of Sweet Home Cemetery. One such cemetery is located at Steel Junction NW of Broken Bow in McCurtain County."
"Butch, You may not be aware that the Turner Falls/Cedarvale Trout Restaurant is now The Cliff at Cliffside. Grand opening September 3. I was looking at some history of the Honey Creek area and haven't been able to verify if Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys played there. (I'm sure of it.) Also does anyone know if any other celebrities have entertained tourists at Turner Falls?"  -James Clark

The Cliff on Facebook

"The Healdton Odd Fellows Lodge has a fund raising breakfast the first Sat. of each month at the Lodge. It is located at 441 W. Main Street, the only two story building on the north side of the street, just east of Subway (Lodge and breakfast is at street level). Breakfast is served from 6:30am - 10:30am $5.00 all you want to eat. Serving Belgian Waffles, Biscuits, Sausage, Bacon, Coffee, Orange Drink. Proceeds go to our Shoes for Kids program, and to put a new roof on the building. Last Christmas we gave out 99 pair of shoes and socks to kids in need of new shoes. Tuesday night members of the Lodge delivered checks of $277 each to the Sneed, Dillard, and to Fox/Graham fire departments. This was the proceeds from the Tools of the Trade event held at Healdton Lake Aug. 22. We would like to express our thanks to the folks that came out the lake to support the cause. We especially want to thank the folks that come to breakfast regularly to support us. We hope to see new faces and get to meet you. You will get a good meal, and have a good time. Remember, Saturday Morning September 5th."
" Sweet Home Cemetery:  Take 1-35 going north. Exit off in Davis at the Casino exit. Head west on Hwy 7. Go west until you reach Hennipen, Oklahoma. When you see the Hennipen Community Building on the right side of the road, exit there to your right, still traveling west. Go until you reach the stop sign. There will be a church to your left. Turn right. You will be traveling north at this point. Continue about 5 miles. This is Katie, Oklahoma. There is a four-way stop sign. Katie fire station on left. But you turn right. Go about a mile or so and you should pass a bridge called Sandy Creek. At the first turn in , make a left and on the right there is a house and sign about horses. You're going north again for about 1.5 miles. When you see houses on the right, keep looking to your left because there will be an old gate that you have to open. There is a small pond and cattle guard that you will have to cross. The church is sitting in the middle of the field and behind the church is the cemetery. The gate is closed, but not locked." -Contributed by Vanessia Dodd, Davis, Oklahoma
"I planted upside down tomatoes, and am not sure just how much to water them. I live in Sunny Florida and it has been quite hot here lately. So far I've been watering them everyday around 4:00pm....but some leaves are getting brown spot and some get yellow, so I'm not sure if I am over watering or under watering. I just started getting all flowers on the plants. I have a total of 4 upside down and two in planters. Any info would help.......they are about 4 weeks old."


See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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