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Good Times Edition - The Daily Ardmoreite 1899

Master in Chancery - Judge John Hinkle

In the appointment by Judge Townsend of Judge John Hinkle in Master in Chancery and Referee in Bankruptcy, the United State District Judge is to be commended and the people of this section to be complimented.  Judge Hinkle is widely and favorably known to the people of the Indian Territory that is hardly necessary to say anything concerning his brilliant record as an attorney during his nine years' residence in Ardmore.  He was born in Kentucky about 60 years ago, moved to Arkansas at an early age, first working on a farm and later engaging in the mercantile business, and finally being admitted to the bar, in which profession he found his life work, rapidly rising to a position of honor, and to an exceptionally extensive practice.

Hinkle Street SW along the north side of the courthouse is named after the Hinkle family.

Good Times Edition - The Daily Ardmoreite 1899

Mr. Ed Sacra, Jr., was born in Grayson county, Texas and moved with his father to Oakland over 20 years ago. In 1884 he opened the first business house in Oakland, and has ever since been associated with the town's best interest.  His farm and stock interests are extensive.  Mr. Sacra has a most charming family.

Submitter: Quentin Dishmon

Subject: Re: Ancestry in Marshall County

Message: I am not certain about how much Chickasaw Indian blood is in the Sacra family, Norma Lemmons in her books on the Chickasaw Indians list the Sacra Family as pioneers in Love county Oklahoma.

Ed Sacra Moved to Oakland IT in 1884, establishing the first General Store. He operated a cattle ranch south and east of Oakland. ( this was all Indian land given to the Indians by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek). The land was covered with rich tall prairie grass, it covered the area where the town of Madill stands.

His home was built on the corner northeast of the public Well. The well is still there. The Sacra home was the talk of the area and anyone visiting the town of Oakland always mentioned it because of its uniqueness at the time. The home had a pressurized water system which was powered by a windmill, The water reservoir was an elevated tank which was taller than the house. This was piped into the home.

Ed Sacra built a two story rock professional building, which housed several offices.

ED Sacra was buried in the old Oakland Cemetery, July 30, 1902 in lot 4 Block 2 . Price of the lot was recorded as $8.00.

September 18th, 19th and 20th is the big tractor show at Sulphur.  We've made it to the yearly event several years in a row now, and loved every time.  So much to see and do.  Hope to see some of you there!

My worm bin is doing fine.  Over the Labor Day weekend I built a worm harvester so I can separate the the worms from the casting (that's the rich 'black gold').  Hopefully you will be able to figure out from the 2 pictures below how it works. You put a handful of castings/worms from the bin into the end furthest from the crank, start cranking the handle at the other end, and since it on an incline, the worms and castings start moving down toward the handle.  As they travel down the 1/4 inch hardware cloth, the castings drop out below to a tarp, and the worms continue on down the tube until they reach the other end, falling to a waiting container. (I had just put a fresh coat of Linseed Oil on the 2x4s to help waterproof the boards)

I'm still believing we will have fresh eggs by the end of the month from our 4 hens.  So last week I went by Lone Grove Feed and Seed and picked up a bag of Suncoast Bedding.  These pine shavings are the large flakes and perfect to go in the nesting boxes. A bag is $6.50 and being so ultra compressed, high quality pure pine shavings before bagging, it goes a long, long way. Next I need to stop and get a sack of (deer) corn, it's $6.40 for 50 lbs.

Ok, now I have to share with everyone something really comical.  Our rooster, Milo, made his first attempts to crow last week.  The other day I got the chance to record it. It was a little short of a good crow.   lol

A T&T Reader sent in a photo she took of the 1915 cornerstone for the old Mary Niblack School (District 15). The cornerstone is located here in Ardmore.  I see the names:  C. W. Thomas, Director; J. C. Fletcher, member; J. W. Pace, Clerk; A. L. Harris, Builder; and J. B. White, Architect.

By the way, the bell from the Mary Niblack school is at the Mary Niblack Baptist Church and still in use in the church belfry!

Seems like I read or heard a while back how a person could configure Outlook or Outlook Express to automatically reject emails with large attachments.  Quite often I get unsolicited emails from people with huge attachments.  On a slow internet like we have, it sometimes takes a long time to download. Anyone know how to configure Outlook to reject emails with big attachments?

Q.  "Do you have any idea where Priddy?s Grill was located in OKC? It was a prefabricated building made by Valentine Diners. Thanks."  -Tom Vaughn

A.  Brothers Charles, Fred, Woody and Louis Priddy ran a restaurant here in Ardmore on Main Street just a couple of doors west of the Tivoli Theater (would later become Eden's Restaurant). Sometime between 1946 and 1950 Louis Priddy moved to OKC and opened up his eatery in the SE corner of NW 12th and Hudson. The building was a Valentine Diner. He ran it there for about 2 years and then built a brick eatery across the street in the SW corner. In about 5 or 6 years Louis moved to a supper club in northeast OKC. Charles opened up an eatery in the NE corner of D and West Main in Ardmore.  Fred and Woody opened Priddy's Grill a couple doors east of C Street and West Main (later Dug's Grill and D&M Grill). -source Bill Priddy, Ardmore, son of Charles Priddy

Jill and I were through Mannsville about a week ago and stopped to take a pic of the wall mural located on the west side of the General Store.

This is a closeup of the signature of the artist.  Anyone know him or her?

Ten cheapest places to buy gas in the Ardmore area......

Q.   When was the first oil well drilled in Indian Territory?
A.    1888

Q.   Who was the first governor of Oklahoma?
A.    (answer in next week's T&T)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Here are some images of the Farmer's Market in South Oklahoma City and the Charcoal Oven on the NW Expressway - Oklahoma City. I also have the old Split T restaurant that had the Elvis Presley mural on it that dated back to the late 50's. I spent a lot of time there during high school." -Cecil Elliott

OKC Farmers Public Market History

For years there had been a need for a central public market for local farmers to sell their produce. Farmers would bring their wares into Oklahoma City and sell them on the streets, creating congestion and traffic problems. The Market came about as a result of this long standing conflict between local farmers and the downtown business community. The Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market first opened its doors on June 16, 1928 on the site of the Delmar Gardens Amusement Park. John J. Harden built the two-story, 40,000 square foot structure at a cost of $500,000. The downstairs was mainly used by farmers who sold fresh produce. Upstairs there were concerts, dances, boxing matches and roller-skating.

Antique Tractor Show - Murray County Antique Tractor and Implement Association - Sulphur, Oklahoma - September 18 - 19 - 20

"I get the impression that Jill loves animals so I thought she would enjoy this.

Saturday our next door neighbors had a dead tree removed from their yard and we were over 'supervising'. LOL  We enjoy the burning wood smell of our chiminea and Herb asked if he could have some of the wood from the tree as the men were just going to haul it off. He started cutting the main part of the tree into sections that would fit into our chiminea with his chain saw. After cutting several sections and rolling them over to our fence one of the guys who was working saw the tail of a squirrel sticking out of a hollow place in the tree and they all thought it was dead. Herb went over and pulled on the tail and it wouldn't budge, he pulled harder and out this squirrel came and ran as fast as it could across the yard, across our yard and we didn't know where it went. Herb took a small stick and poked up into the hole and found a baby squirrel, didn't even have it's eyes open. He pulled it out and the neighbor wrapped it up in a paper towel and put it in his pocket. A little later they got a doll bottle and tried to feed it some milk. Everyone left and things got quiet but the baby started to cry. We heard squirrels all around barking and making all sorts of noises coming into our yards listening to that baby cry. The neighbor took the baby and put him on the trunk of the tree next to the one that had been cut and several squirrels appeared in and around the trees next to it. One was in that tree and came down the trunk of the tree towards the baby and it did that twice but would run back up the tree. All of a sudden, so quick we could hardly fathom what was going on, she ran down that tree and grabbed that baby and ran back up the tree as fast as lightening. We were all cheering and clapping when we realized what had happened. First of all, we couldn't figure out how Herb sawed into that tree and didn't kill them both, then we didn't think there would be baby squirrels at this time of year and we sure didn't think the mother would take it back after we had handled it but we were sure elated that the story had such a happy ending. I thought it was too good not to share. If Jill likes animals like I do, I know this made her heart glad too."  -Pat

"I was wondering if there is a place you can get a list of the people that participated in the Arapaho/Chickasaw land run? My Great Grandfather, Great Uncle and Grandfather ran and secured land in this event. Really enjoy your paper, even if it is my ancestors that are from Oklahoma! That is where my roots are from." -Rae Jean
"This morning our bear was back and he was hungry. We had a bowl of Old Roy out for the Stellar jays because they prefer it to bird seed this time of the year. The bear ambled up onto the deck and sat down for his bowl of breakfast. I chased him off with my water gun after getting this picture." -Monroe Cameron in MT

"I don't know if you know Don Pinkston or not. Great artist. He retrieved a petrified buffalo skull from the crossing in the Washita. He has displayed it several times at banks, and I saw it once. I bet it weighs 200 pounds. Quite a sight."
"Butch I don't know about Mountain Lions, but Wednesday I was told that there was a Panther just south of Antioch on Hwy 70 west of Oakland. Also just south of Enos about 1 mile." -Ken
"Good evening Butch. My grandfather owned Oak Hill farms, a horse ranch East of Ardmore. I not only saw mountain lions on more than one occasion, including one that was black, but heard one on at least twice back in the 50's. Make the hair on your neck stand up." -Dale
"Butch, I saw your article on green briars. The absolute best way is to dig them up while they are small. Be sure to get the little bulb on the roots. I have used Ortho BrushBGone with some success. You have to add something to break down the slick leaves. I have used dish soap mixed with the BrushBGone. Also I have used bleach and salt being sure the salt is well dissolved, but all methods require several treatments. You can also cut the plants down near the ground and hand paint the Ortho on the fresh cut. Go back in a couple of weeks cut the plant down a little further and repeat. Good Luck." -Ron Staples, Chickasha, Ok
"Try spraying your briars with "Roundup," available at most places that sell weed killers.  The directions are on the bottle as to how to mix it with water, and it's systemic.  So, it kills the roots too!  I have found it will kill almost any thing green.   If mixing it with water doesn't work, paint it on the leaves of the offending plant just like you would paint anything else, without diluting it.  Good luck."  -Don Rogers
"Hello you two, About the briars. When we first moved to rural Graham, we also had an over abundance of them. The only way we found to get rid of them was to dig them up and then burn them. I don't know how much land you have, but we did this on 2 1/2 acres. I have to admit it took a while. LOL.  Good luck." -Grammie
"I have even more hummingbirds, there are over 25 now.  This one is a minute long." -Doug Williams
"Butch, I have one suggestion that might solve your walking to the mailbox. I saw this about 60 years ago but it has long since been taken down. This mail service was about 6 or 8 miles west of Marietta on Highway 32 on the north side of the highway just before you get to the curve around the hill where there is a cemetery on the north side. (Perhaps some readers will recall it) DELIVERY PLANS: Place a strong post near your porch and another post by the side of the road where the mail man drives. Attach a good pulley on each post. Now, run a small, strong cable through your pulley down to the road pulley and back to your house. Attach the mailbox to the pulley and run it down to the road before the mail man comes and bring it back later with your mail. (I was passing that house once when the mailbox was coming down the cable and it scared the fire out of me before I noticed what was going on). Possible Problem: Your distance from the road may be an issue but maybe you can figure around that." -Edgar Wallace
"Here's a tidbit more about that area as well. My and Butch's (Ma and Pa Bridges) used to own the curio store just to the south of Cedarville and lived in the Hamm Cabins across U.S. 77 just up the hill from there as did my Dad (Paul) and my Mom (Exie). Ma caught Dad and some of the Prater boys (Frank and Doug - Mom's brothers) drinking beer and whiskey one day and all hell broke loss to coin a phrase.

As kids we used to dance at the Turner Falls Tavern (East Room). Man those were the days.

Just had to pipe in some more information to you about the area.

The Hamms (they were kin also as their daughter Qubina married my Uncle Doug - Mom's brother)." -Poss

"I don't know if you like western books or not, but Elmer Kelton passed away last week in San Angelo, TX."

"I was educated this past year about hummingbirds diet. I was unaware that red food coloring was bad for them until I was told. Here are some interesting facts and a recipe for making food for the beautiful little creatures.

Hummingbirds must feed every 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day consuming up to two thirds of their body weight in food. An important part of the hummingbird diet is sugar from flower nectar tree sap and of course backyard feeders. Hummingbirds cannot smell and depend on their eyesight to seek out flowers and food sources. Inexpensive hummingbird feeders are readily available and will attract the busy little birds without the need for coloring the food - the bright red container and easy food source will keep them coming throughout the day. If you are using a feeder, make sure you wash it every few days to prevent mold. If you buy nectar, it can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator and used when you need it later.

Nectar / Hummingbird Food:

It is really not necessary to use red colored dyes and nectars. When making your own hummingbird food it is best to stick to 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. This will come close to the glucose concentration found in flowers."

Recipe for making your own Hummingbird Food:

4 parts water / 1 part sugar

Bring water to a boil and stir in sugar. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Let cool. Excess nectar / hummingbird food can be stored in a tightly covered jar in refrigerator for one week.

Do NOT substitute honey for sugar!! Do not add food coloring, honey (which ferments) or artificial sweetener which has no nutritional value.

To help keep your feeder clean rinse it out with hot water every time you change the nectar. Once a week you should also rinse it out with a vinegar and water solution. One part white vinegar to four parts water.

Feeder Maintenance

If you forget to change your nectar and mold does start to grow in it you will have to clean your hummingbird feeder with a bleach water solution. Make a 1/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water solution and soak your feeder in it for about an hour to kill the mold and sterilize the feeder.

You may need to use a small bottle brush to remove any mold that clings to your feeder. Rinse your hummingbird feeder several times with running water to be sure all traces of the bleach water is removed before refilling with your homemade hummingbird nectar." -Joy Willingham in Medicine Park, OK

"Hey Cuz, Wanted to chime in on the reader asking the question about Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.  They would often stop in Davis on their road tour and play at the old "Barn Dance" the rock building on the west side of Davis where Highway 7 West intersects with old Highway 77 South.  Their was a Ballard's Dairy Queen there when we were kids.  I can remember lying awake at night in our home just south of Main Street listening to their music.  After a few years, the road-show bands stopped coming through Davis and the old rock building has now been converted into a some-what Antique store ran by the Busby's.

Thanks to your Reader for a trip down memory lane.  Can remember us kids use to sneak in and listen to the band and watch the OLD FOLKS cut a rug." -Poss in Korea

"Butch- A friend shared a part of Ardmore?s past. Some of the viewers may remember having a cold soft-drink in one of these on a hot August day at Ponders Super Dog."

The Wilson News
May 18, 1916
The grocery store on Main street, known as Moore's Grocery, changed hands the early part of this week. Mr. Earnest Horton being the purchaser of the Stock. Mr. Horton announced that Ira Ward would bring his large stock of groceries from Wirt and the new firm would be known as Ward and Horton, with one of the most complete stocks of groceries to be had in this part of the country. He also stated that he would be glad to have part of the patronage of his old customers and would welcome all new ones. Mr. Horton stated that they would buy all produce that was brought to them at the highest market price.
August 3, 1916
Chap Mobley has purchased the building on the corner of Main and 5th St. from Charley Weeks and has been busy for the past week repapering and painting it over, this will make a good location for a nice confectionery, and Mr. Mobley assures us that it will be one of the nicest and most sanitary fountains in the city. Chap Mobley has associated with him his brother Roy Mobley. They will probably be open to the public by Sunday, with a nice line of candies and cold drinks.

-Wilson Historical Museum hours: Tues. Thurs. Fri., Sat., 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


See everyone next week!

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