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The Daily Ardmoreite, April 25, 1918


City's Distinguished Guest Spent Time Quietly, Resting - Program at Convention Hall Begins at 8:30 O'clock

Miss Margaret Woodrow Wilson
(1886-1944), daughter of President Woodrow Wilson, came to Ardmore at noon today and will be heard in concert tomorrow night at Convention Hall, under the auspices of the Lions Club. Miss Wilson is accompanied by her personal friend and chaperone, Mrs. Ross David of New York City.

Everything is being placed in readiness for the concert. Convention Hall will be attractively decorated and judging from reservations made at the City Drug Store, a capacity audience will greet Ardmore's distinguished guest.

The program will be followed by an informal reception and everyone in attendance will have the opportunity of meeting Miss Wilson.

Miss Wilson, on her arrival today was feeling somewhat indisposed and during her stay in Ardmore will spend the time very quietly in her apartment.

The visit of the president's daughter to Ardmore is fraught with unusual interest, and it is a matter for congratulation, that this town was included in her itinerary. She has been engaged in singing for soldiers in training camps and cantonments throughout the country since leaving Washington, February 26, and her tour will continue until June 1.

Star Spangled Banner sung by Margaret Woodrow Wilson 1912

My Old Kentucky Home sung by Margaret Woodrow Wilson 1917

Last week we mentioned kerosene still available at Allison's Sinclair station on Moore SW in Ardmore. I noticed on their gas sign another item not seen much in these parts.  Farm Diesel (used for off-road vehicles).  It was $2.26 a gallon whereas regular diesel sold for $2.56 a gallon.  Allison's Sinclair is a full service station.

I'm still in the market for a utility trailer to pull behind my pickup.  If you have one for sale, let me know.

Saturday Jill and I are planning to visit an Alpaca ranch NE of Ardmore just off  Gene Autry Road.  George and Judy Davenport are having open house and inviting visitors to learn more about the beautiful Alpacas. The open house is both Saturday and Sunday (26th and 27th).  More in the Mailbag below and link to their website. 

Ten cheapest places to buy gas in the Ardmore area......

Q.   How many counties does Oklahoma have?
A.    77

Q.   What outlaw girls rode with the Doolin gang?
A.   (answer in next week's T&T)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch, how great that you were able to get the Peter, Paul and Mary music in as a tribute to Mary Travers last week. They were truly icons of their era. I loved them then and still do. They played in Austin almost 20 years ago and Richard (son) took me up to hear them. It was so much fun and I think that the majority of the University of Texas students were there to enjoy their music. When I hear Puff the Magic Dragon it always takes me back to the l960s-63. I think was when it came out but it was somewhere around then, anyway, it was a time of change for the country and I was 35 and packing up the family to go to Paris to live for three years. The Air Force moved us around every three years but I believe that time in France was the most memorable, perhaps because that was when De Gaulle threw Eucom and Nato out. We had never been thrown out of a country before---it was a unique experience! Anyway, thanks for the memories and the memorial for Mary." -sammie

"We are over run with fire ants.  Here is a video that shows a mound that was built today.  I have to get rid of them before they carry us off."  -Doug Williams

Note:  We have the same problem with fire ants south of Lone Grove.  With all the rain a few days ago, the ants built the mounds to be on higher ground, also taking their eggs into the 'high' mound.  What a perfect time to get rid of the rascals.  I bought 4 cans of Bengal 2X for Fire Ants from the Bengal website.  Within an hour or so of sprinkling a little on the mound, after I've stirred them up for minute with a stick, the ants are dead.  I've spent a lot of dough over the years trying to kill bugs and ants, and have found nothing works better then this stuff for the money.  On the Bengal website a 12 ounce cantainer is $7.49 which includes shipping.  -Butch Bridges

"Dear Friends, My Silver Lake Band and I will be performing at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri during the period of September 30 to October 11, (except for Monday and Tuesday when the park is closed.) Our appearance there is called "Missouri's Largest Barn Dance". The venue for our shows will be the Red/Gold Heritage Barn. We will do four shows each day, totaling 40 shows and every show will be different. We take requests and have lots of fun with the entire family. I would sure like to see you and the kids on the dance floor doing the Chicken Dance. (We show you how - it is easy.) Show times will be 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. So, come and stay for as many shows as you can. You will make friends with some of the finest people to be found anywhere. And Silver Dollar City offers so much for your family to enjoy." -Les Gilliam, "The Oklahoma Balladeer
"Butch, Did you know there is an Alpaca ranch on the east side of Ardmore? Just thought I'd tell you and your readers there is going to be an open house on Saturday and Sunday (September 26th and 27th). George and Judy Davenport are owners of the Smokey Ridge Alpacas ranch and they are participating in a national open house of alpaca breeders.

Alpacas are such delightful animals and just as friendly as they come. This is a chance for folks to get a close up look at them, and also feel what luxurious fleece they have. Also on hand will be a lady from Davis who will demonstrate spinning alpaca fleece.

Alpacas are cousins to the llamas, and are beautiful, intelligent animals. They weigh between 150 and 200 pounds and stand 36 inches at the withers. Alpacas produce a luxurious fiber that is stronger, warmer, and lighter than wool and is frequently compared to cashmere. The United States first commercially imported alpacas in 1984. Currently, there are over 100,000 registered alpacas in North America.

Everyone is invited to the free open house which runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th. This would be a great family outing or learning journey for groups like Campfire Girls or Boy Scouts. For more information about the open house, including a map to the ranch, you can visit their Web site." or contact George at

"In Honor of our Cherokee & Creek ancestry."  -Sam Cottrell (aka Tulsa Fixico) Amazing Grace (in Cherokee)

"Hi - Our upside down tomato plant produced lots of tomatoes, but they have absolutely no taste! They required lots of feeding and watering, and we think the tomato food just washed right out of the planter. So we put a right side up planter with another tomato plant underneath the upside down one, to catch the runoff. Both plants grew hardily, and both made nice tomatoes, although the right side up ones had better color, texture and a bit more flavor. Still can't beat the in-the-ground, bruised, sometimes wormy, old fashioned way for flavor!" -S. Bell

A Community Lecture Series will take place at 7 p.m. on five consecutive Tuesdays (Sept. 29, Oct. 6, Oct. 13, Oct. 20 and Oct. 27) at the Ardmore Convention Center, 2401 N. Rockford Road in Ardmore. These special presentations are open to the public and provided at no cost, courtesy of several private and public sponsors. No reservations are required, and individuals may attend any or all of the five lectures.

The first lecture (Sept. 29), entitled ?The Declaration of Independence and the Moral Foundation of America,? details the battles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, and explains why the United States is the only nation in history founded upon moral principles.

The second installment of the series (Oct. 6) ? ?George Washington: General, Patriot, and Statesman? ? highlights the United States? first president and examines his life as a statesman. As a general, Washington led the country to victory in the Revolutionary War. Without his leadership and sacrifice, the United States may not exist today. ?Washington chose freedom and duty over wealth and luxury,? Fears said. ?He came out of retirement to lead our republic through its first years of freedom. He did all of this with an unswerving moral compass.?

Building on the statesman theme, the Oct. 13 lecture, ?How Real Statesmen Meet an Economic Crisis,? will reveal how the United States, as a fledgling coun?try, overcame the debt and mortgage crisis of 1786. Fears will show how the Founding Fathers did not meet that challenge with stopgap measures and self-serving partisan politics, opting instead to establish this country?s constitution.

Entitled ?Thomas Jefferson and Our Empire of Liberty,? the fourth lecture (Oct. 20) focuses on Jefferson?s innate leadership ability and vision. At a time when Napoleon declared himself emperor and ransacked Europe, Jefferson peacefully brokered the Louisi?ana Purchase, ensuring that freedom and the free market economy would spread across a continent.

The final presentation (Oct. 27) will shift from the national level to the state level. Fears will present ?Lloyd Noble: Patriot, Entrepreneur and Leader.?
?Lloyd Noble is one of Oklahoma?s greatest leaders,? Fears said. ?He epitomizes the leadership and entrepreneurial qualities of the oil industry that provided the fuel and resources to make the United States a bastion of freedom during World War II. It is precisely these qualities of political and industrial leadership that Americans must use if we are to maintain our freedom and prosperity.?

Q.   "I found a reference to a book entitled "The Man from Yesterday" in the This and That newsletter from 2003. There was no author mentioned. Can you help me find more information about the book and is the book still in print?" -Sue

A. The author of the book 'The Man of Yesterday' was Mary Holland McNeish Kinkaid (1861 - 1948). Written in 1908 and printed by F. A. Stokes Company (318 pages).  The book is centered around Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  I found several for sale on and

"The top million dollar winner, Kevin Skinner, on "America Has Talent" last week is identified as a "Chicken Farmer" from KY. Don't give up just yet."  -Ted Edwards
In Portland, Ore., urban chickens rule the roost

"Hi Butch, You can visit the page below to view the latest newsletter on Keeping Chickens" -Gina in UK

"Butch you gave last week the price of kerosene today $4.25 a gallon at Allison's Sinclair Station on Moore SW. In the 1930s my grandmother would send me to Holmes' store on 11th & A NW, with her can and a nickel for a gallon of 'coal oil' as old folks called kerosene in those days. It was almost the universal fluid, good for lantern fuel, cleaning, antiseptic, sprains, etc. Gas then was 12 cents for white gas and 15 cents for ethyl at little stations at edge of town; downtown 15 & 19."  -Bob McCrory

Added Note:  I was given Coal Oil and sugar for a sore throat back in the 1960s.  I would slowly eat a tablespoon of sugar with a small amount of coal oil poured over it on numerous occasions during my younger years. -Butch Bridges

"hi everyone. this subject took me back. i had to print out the pictures of the charcoal oven in OKC, a place we frequented whenever we had the money. we were sitting there drinking cokes with our baby son who was about 4-5 months old. i wondered what he would do if he tasted coke. he took the straw into his mouth ,& before i could pull it out had downed that large coke. in a few months, the coke was accompanied by small pieces of those wonderfully textured burgers. what a memory." -susan whitten
"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bridges, I read in the T&T of September 17th, that Mr. Bob McCrory mention Mr. Puny Sparger. He was our announcer in the baseball games of Ardmore in 1950 and 1951, I have two photos of him with the team, he was a beautiful person and everybody like him. When somebody mention a person that I met in Ardmore its transport me to 60 years ago, those years were one of the best of my life, I have many nice memories of Ardmore and its people, Say hello to your wife and I hope everything is OK with you and your new home." -Ernie Wallerstein in New Jersey

"Butch, here is a place to buy sodium benzoate cheap. Ann wanted to know where to buy it." -Sam Cottrell

"The Tower Club, in the Skirvin Tower Hotel in OKC (long since having been converted to an office building) was another elite club, maybe even more so than the Beacon Club. Joe Cannon raided it once when when economic development officials had some out-of-state bigwigs in tow and took away all their booze, too, along with everyone else in the club." -Wes Leatherock
Fort Washita Civil War Weekend Sept. 25-26, 2009


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