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Jill and I traveled to Sulphur last Saturday to eat at the Chickasaw Cultural Center cafe. As I expected, we had the most wonderful experience and enjoyed the food so very much! The Native American music playing softly the background while we ate was so calming, I could almost feel my blood pressure drop 10 points as we sat in that tranquil place. This is the view to the outside as we sat at our table.

Jill ordered the turkey sandwich (menu was mostly in the Chickasaw language) and I ordered the Chickasaw Special which may have been the best meal I have eaten this year. Delicious! Here is a pic I snapped of my Chickasaw Special, all for $6 (including our ice tea) and when I was through eating, I was full. The perfect healthy meal.

This is where we placed our orders, the employees were to nice, and helped us understand the Chickasaw language, as some of the food titles were listed in Chicksaw. under.

This is looking west from the main dining area to a second seating area. I think next time we'll sit there to enjoy the views. In this picture you can see on the left the entrance to the theater with a 2,700 square foot screen. It was in the theater we watched Pearl the Aviator last summer. If you get a chance to see this movie, do. Theater showings are listed on the Chickasaw Nation website (on left click on Theater and Cultural Schedule (movies are listed in italics).

Just before leaving the complex, I took this photo of the Chickasaw Warrior standing out front.

Cafe Hours




Jill and I will be stopping by the Chickasaw Cultural Center Cafe to eat lunch every time we visit Sulphur, Oklahoma!

Speaking of Sulphur, here are the addresses of the two swimming pools.

Vendome Plunge: 577 W Broadway Avenue, Sulphur, Oklahoma

Map location where the Vendome Plunge was located.

Belleview Plunge: 1586 W. Oklahoma Avenue, Sulphur, Oklahoma

Map of where Belleview Plunge was located.

Just copy and paste either of the two GPS readings above into it will take you right to it.

Ardmore Golf Land, 415 South Washington - 1960
Ardmore Roller Rink, 31 Sunset - 1960

Ardmore's public buildings in 1960

Ardmore beauty shops in 1960

Ardmore babysitters in 1960

Ardmore's automobile dealers in 1960

Oklahoma History Revisited by Larry Guthrie, Sulphur

Question: Council Bill No. 7 was an act to move the capital from Guthrie to Oklahoma City, and finally passes both houses. Ten days were allowed the governor to veto or sign the bill. Governor Steele vetoed it and a similar one to locate the capital at ??????

Answer: Kingfisher, Oklahoma

From This and That newsletter archives of August 19, 1998:

On Tuesday night December 21, 1915, Ardmore City Commissioners voted to allow H.E. Foster of the Ardmore Ice, Light and Power Company to install electric street lights along the south side of Main Street between Washington and Mill Street. Mr Foster agreed to install the street lights as an experiment to see if Main Street needed such lighting. Mr. Foster said he would pay for the lights and electricity for 60 days. Mayor Mullen had been proposing changing to electric lights for some time.

Q. Who was the first Merchant in Oklahoma?
A. Pierre Chouteau, was a trader with the Osage Indians who lived around the Osage River in Missouri. Manuel Lisa, of St. Louis grabbed this market through a grant by the Spanish government. So Chouteau had Pawhuska named chief of about 3000 Osages and persuaded them to move to Oklahoma country around the junction of the Arkansas, Verdigris and Grand Rivers where in 1802 he established another trading post.

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Q:  "Butch, do you know how we can obtain a copy of Mr. Williams' book, My Father's Branch?? I would dearly love to be able to get one since we grew up in that area of Ardmore. Thanks." -Kathi in Fayetteville

A:  Click here for..... digital download
"Butch I just finished another great newsletter. Just wanted to add a barber shop to your list. It was where Exchange Bank is now. The reason for bringing this up is because the most popular barber in Ardmore for the last 40+ years started there. The barber was Marshall Mitchell probably the most well known and well liked since Clint Ross days." -Jim Hefley
"I enjoyed reading about Doyle Williams information from his book. I must have a copy of that when possible. My family knew the Paynes really well. I remember the "goat farm" quite well. We bought fresh eggs from them, and it was always my chore to go buy the eggs. I remember having to walk back to their place which was half way to Washington School where I had walked home shortly before going back to buy the eggs. I think the dozen eggs cost 50 cents.

I do remember they had a small house dog which was older than I was around 9 or 10 at that time. I do remember inside their house was spotless, but there was an odor that I never smelled anywhere but there. Maybe it was from the goat milk and cheese.

They moved to 3rd NE where Mary Etta raised and took care of the goats. I never knew her name was spelled Mary Etta instead of Marietta until she signed a birthday card for someone who had a birthday party at the neighborhood Advent Christian Church on 3rd NE. where we held a singing and small party each Thurs evening in the early 70's. Several others were surprised to learn that she wrote Mary Etta on that card. Her mother always called her Mary Etta, and apparently all concerned thought it was Marietta. Mrs. Boryk (a name I never could spell correctly) spoke up and said she always thought her name was spelled like the town south of Ardmore.

Mrs. Payne was of the Church of the Nazarene faith, and my folks would stop and pick up Mrs. Payne and take her to church. My Dad was a non church man, but he would drive my Mom, and boys to church. Mary Etta went to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and a ride would come for her each Saturday for Sabbath School. It might be the reason they ended up living on that property since I remember hearing there was a SDA School located on the NE corner of that city block. I remember numerous concrete posts in the area, but now only aware of the one mentioned herein.

I remember when a Baptist Church built a NE mission church on that corner, and it was opened for a number of years. Then for many years as well as currently it has been a holiness church.

I never remember Mr. Payne nor his sons going to any kind of church, but later on in years one of the boys became a holiness preacher in The Church of God faith.

Mary Etta did later marry Mr. Ernest Jones who was the neighbor on the corner from the then vacant lot where she raised the goats. Mrs. Cleo Jones had passed on a few years before, and he and Mary Etta became acquainted. I remember she told several that her family members didn't like it for her getting married in her older age, but she said she was lonely and fearful of living alone. They lived in Mary Etta's house for a number of years. She was prone to call the police over most any noise or anyone on her property.

I am fully aware of life in NE Ardmore. It was an interesting place to grow up in for sure. I do remember Mrs. Williams going to Pittman's grocery daily. I also remember the cute little grand daughter who often would be with her.

These memories are so fresh and vivid yet that has been many years ago, and I often wonder how did they go by so fast." -LJ Higdon

"Butch, Attached is a photo of my dad's (Ossian Cameron) service station right after he opened. The station was located across US 199 East from the Skyview Drive In. The picture was taken by Fonville Studios and it is dated July 5, 1949. When he opened, he was re-refining oil with a still installed in the back room. He is the person standing at the front of the car. Your blog last week listed all of the service stations in Ardmore but his wasn't listed. The original phone number was 2903. After they installed dial telephones in Ardmore the number became CA 3-9203 designating it was a pay phone. He added a third pump and was pumping 40,000 gallons of gasoline a month by the late 1950's. Some of your readers may remember the 12 foot vertical amber light bar that he installed in the 1950's. He designed and built the light bar to flash in sequence. It took some time for the State to approve it because it had flashing lights and flashing lights generally designated emergency vehicles." -Monroe Cameron
Bruce Shultz Civil War Website.
35th Anniversary of death Elvis Presley - World's Greatest EntertainerIn Aug 1957 my folks and I went on trip to Chicago, Kentucky and back to Memphis Tenn where my dads sister lived for visit - after arriving at my aunts she was telling me story about Elvis around Memphis - she was going take myself and cousins to see movie Loving You playing at theater that played only Elvis movie, that day after movie we went to Lansky Bros clothing store where Elvis purchase his clothes and my aunt knew Jim Lansky the owner and friend of Elvis. My aunt ask Jim was there anyway I could possible see Elvis or meet him, Jim pick up phone call Graceland but Elvis was asleep (this was mid day). She was told go out to Graceland after 9:30 pm - at this time in 1957 Graceland was out in country by itself and more private then today.

Once we arrived that evening my aunt knew uncle of Elvis by some committee she was on with city of Memphis earlier. She sent written note up with uncle to Elvis asking if there was anyway I could meet him, note this was approx 10pm at night in Aug 1957 - 55 years ago, Elvis had just purchase Graceland approx 10 months earlier. I would estimate in approx 15 minutes the big rock walls around Graceland different sections of light started going off until the front walls and gate all went dark - then something I will never forget the sound of golf cart winding down from front of Graceland door and there driving cart was Elvis, we all became very silent, Elvis pulled up and said where is Creigh Chadwell the boy from Oklahoma - I was shocked and so was my mom and dad, he came to gate shook all of our hands and talked always giving answer back to my mom and dad as yes sir and yes mamn - he spotted magazine I had in my hand on me - he said could I see this, I ask him for autograph he pick picture and ask I like this one is this one ok sign, of course I said yes, at that time with all lights out in front some teenagers went by in car hollering out not knowing that Elvis Presley was there with us in dark -"Elvis the pelvis", at that moment Elvis looked down at ground and said in front me "1 x1 is 1 and 2x2 is 2 and said at ease", went on talking to us. I will always remember this meeting and always know what great person Elvis was and respect he had for people.

Once we left Memphis and arrived back in Ardmore not more then few days word was out I had met Elvis Presley, I had many phone calls and the local newspaper came out to house for interview and see Elvis's autograph picture. What impact this humane being had on me not knowing for rest of my life till this day. I thought I would write this story of my personal meeting and conversation with Elvis - his anniversary of his death 35 years Aug 16, 1977 - This autograph picture now hangs on wall of my grandson and grand daughters house 55 years later - Thank you Elvis ." -Creigh  Aug 2012
"My father Rube White had several businesses in Ardmore over the years, from Camp La Grand on the corner of Myall and South Commerce, to several car lots 1 on South Commerce and 2 on North Commerce and one next to what was Millers Dairy Freeze. He also owned the building where Ryan Freight Lines was housed.  In later years, we had a small convenience store called Highway Grocery on South Commerce.   I am not sure if anyone has photos of these but I thought I would add to the records"  -Randy

Randall B. White PMP / PE / ME
FAA Aviation Safety, Flight Standards AFS-450
AFS400/SAIC Contract Support

1945 Seminole, Oklahoma

We were living in an oil company camp about 1 mile east of Seminole. There was a row of company houses, if I remember right about 14 or 15 houses. We lived in the third one.  Next door to us was the Security Guard for Phillips Petroleum. His name was C. W. Ramsey. At that time I would guess his age to be about 60. He was also a Deputy Sheriff for Seminole County. I liked him as he would let me come over and read his subscriptions of Detective and Police magazines. One Summer afternoon, he asked me if I, and all my friends in the camp, would like to go visit McAlester Penitentiary? There were about 5 of us boys all about the same age (11 to 13) who played together. So I asked them and they all agreed they would like to go. In a couple of days "Ceef", this was his nickname, loaded us up in his company car and we went to the Pen. Apparently he had made prior arrangements, as they let us right in and we parked inside the penitentiary. We first got to meet the warden who expressed that he would take us on a tour of the place.

I cant remember the details of leaving his office and getting to the confined areas. I do remember going into a large room that had a round cage in the center with a man in the cage. He was the person in charge of opening and closing all the cells. Their were several wings leading from this room. And there were men inside and outside of the cells. We followed the Warden down one particular wing and as we passed men in the hall, they would come to a somewhat attention and remove their caps, if they had one on. (I guess in respect to the Warden) We went to the cafeteria and seen where they were fed. It looked just like what I had seen in movies. We also seen where they made car tags.

We then went to the execution chamber. I remember the warden telling us that there were 13 steps down to the electric chair, that it was known as "Old Sparky". We did not get to see the prisoners on death row. But I can close my eyes today and still see that gruesome chair sitting there. Made cold chills run up my back. The whole tour lasted about 30 minutes. When we returned to the Warden's office, I will never forget what he said to us boys. "Hope I never see any of you in here with me."

What an experience. I am sure this tour of "Big Mac" kept all 5 of us from becoming criminals.

Ken @ Wilson

P.S. I have looked up on the internet and the Warden's name was R. B. "Dick" Conner. He served as warden from 1943 to 1947

"I've been thinking and reading and telling my young friends about the Mexican students that were killed in Ardmore in 1931. I have several books which deal with the subject, but I cannot find a picture I thought I had seen. This picture was of the train carrying their bodies to Mexico. It was taken from a high perspective and showed the top of the train covered with flowers. Does anyone else remember this photograph and where I can find it? Thanks." -Greg Trent
Dallas Sidewalk Sale -  3rd Saturday Sale
Saturday August 18, 2012
6:00 am - 6:00 pm
1100 Woodall-Rodgers Freeway, Dallas, TX
Directions to Woodall Rodgers Plaza
The Daily Ardmoreite - October 13, 1946
One of the houses built in Lake Murray park was built as an experiment. The walls were of tamped dirt mixed with a chemical for hardening the material. The floor was of cement, inside was plastered and outside was stucco. The building is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The walls are eight inches thick. The structure is in good condition now.  Orville Fraley, who built the experiment house of dirt at Lake Murray also built the Business and Professional Women's house in the Arbuckles of stone and he says the building cost less than the dirt house built in the park. Fraley thinks the cheapest good house here is built of native stone with concrete floor and composition roof.

Museum Memories
Compiled by Melinda Taylor
The Daily Ardmoreite
February 4, 1918
A number of Healdton young people attended the dance given by Mrs. George Jennings at the Wilson Theater at Wilson.
February 7, 1918
J. H. Dillard has returned from Bromide Springs, where he and the state chemist have been examining manganese ore found on a place owned by Mr. Dillard. The chemist was favorably impressed with the ore and believes that it will be found in paying quantities.
February 8, 1918
Captain Raines is in Wilson to organize the home guards.
February 11, 1918
G. W. Jennings of New Healdton will join Mrs. Jennings here and they will reopen the New Wilson Theater.

The new Wilson Library continues to grow. A number of new books have been donated and the purchasing committee placed several new volumes in the library Saturday.
Wilson Museum Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley, January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977

There must be lights burning brighter somewhere
Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue
If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers walk hand in hand
Tell me why, oh why, oh why can't my dream come true.

See everyone next week!
Butch and Jill Bridges

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