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Don Drake shared a 1924 booklet printed about Healdton, Oklahoma this week.  It's a wealth of information about the movers and shakers of Healdton during its oil boom years. Those early day businessmen of Healdton helped develop the city, making it into a model for all of Oklahoma to be proud of. That period was immediately after oil was discovered in Healdton, and it grew by leaps and bounds almost overnight. As I looked through the booklet my memory was jogged by businesses and merchants I recognized from other mentions of them in past issues of T&T. Thanks Don for sharing this invaluable piece of Healdton history that was not lost thanks to you (and your dad - Drake's Jewelers of Healdton).  Below is a link to a Folder with the pages saved as JPG files.  Also there is a PDF file of the booklet.  To see it better, you may have to make the page size larger when reading it in Adobe Reader.

Does anyone remember the tornado that struck Mannsville back around 1937?  At least we think that is the year.  Maybe someone will remember and let us know. Below is an email I received this week:

"Butch, my name is Charlie Cail and was born and raised in the Mannsville area, I have been trying to find an exact date and any information I can about a tornado in 1935 that destroyed the Mannsville school. My mother was in school when it was destroyed but I have no idea exactly when it happened, evidently it was enough damage that the school had to be rebuilt. Any help from your Readers is appreciated."  -Charlie Cail

I am getting my technique down pat for sandblasting letters into bricks.  Below are a couple I made this week; one for Steve Maxwell who retired from the Carter County Sheriffs office and one for Ruth Holley who retired from the County Clerks Office.

Q.  Where is the lowest elevation point in Oklahoma?
A.  A place on Little River at the Arkansas border in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, is the lowest elevation of the state, rising to only 298 feet above sea level.

Q.  Where is the highest elevation point in Oklahoma?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of April 8, 2000:

About 20 miles north of here is Dougherty, Oklahoma located in the Arbuckle Mts. It's a small town..... but at one time long ago, they did have a jail. Here is a pic sent to me by a Reader of that little jail.
This week I received email from a reader who asked about an infamous Ardmoreite from long ago by the name of Otto Powell. Otto Powell was famous in this county for his many runs for the office of sheriff. He never won an election, but in 1958 he only lost to Theo Cobb and Robert Pierce by 24 votes. Many citizens at that time believes he lost that election by unscrupulous tactics. On Otto Powell's campaign posters was a photo of him plowing a field behind a horse. On the posters it read: "A country boy plowed his way to town". Otto lived in western Carter county at Wilson. Otto could not read or write. But he could sing like a song bird. A friend told me Otto would call them collect at 3 in the morning to sing to them over the phone. His favorite song to sing was, "riding old Paint, leading old Ball (see more below)."  Here's the photo from his campaign card:

Another question passed along to me was about a man who traveled all around the county behind a team of mules. One source said this is probably Oscar Camp who was always behind a team of mules as he traveled the roads around here. Oscar Camp was seen on the roads in the 50s.
"Butch, I asked my dad about L. D. Rickey and the horse, Little Joe. He said Rickey was a game warden and good friend of old man Goddard. Mr Goddard gave permission for him to be buried there. Dad said Little Joe was one of Mr. Goddard's favorite horses."
"Butch: I have an uncle who was born in Augusta, Okla. I can't find it any where on the map. He was born in 1903. I would be so thankful to know where it is located."

A:  Augusta, Oklahoma is located in Alfalfa county 1 mile west of Carmen. A post office from July 13, 1895 to December 15, 1912. -OKLAHOMA PLACE NAMES
This week I had a visitor to my office. Mr. Alfred Miller came by, he is the driving force behind keeping the tower clock in the dome of the Washita county Courthouse at Cordell, Oklahoma working everyday. Alfred is a retired county commissioner from Washita county after serving the people there over 30 years.

Note:  This is the Washita County courthouse dome as it is today.

The original clock from the dome is now on display in the lobby of the courthouse.

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

A.H.S. Class of 1953 Plans 60th Reunion

The Ardmore High School graduating class of 1953 will celebrate their 60th Reunion on May 4th at Chickasaw Lake Club. Class members may begin gathering for a time of visiting and catching up from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the club, followed by dinner at 7:00 p.m.  Though the list is not complete and there is still time to make reservations, some class members that have made plans to attend from the Ardmore area include Ruth Brown Bellamy, Harold Burton, Bill Chapman, Steve Douglas, Fred Gordon, Max Montgomery, Jim Ragland, Will Schuerhoff, and Wayne Vaughn. Coming from out of town are Dale Branum, Peggy Burton Haslam, Orvella Fraley Wohl, Joe Gilliam, Bill Harris, Kenneth Jones, Bill Loughridge, Marc Lowrance, Don Mackey, Morgan McCullar, Jo Evelyn Michael Housler, Jerry Wall, Doris Pickett Nichols and Jean Wallace Crump.  ?We encourage any classmates that don?t have their name in the pot yet to give Max, Steve or myself a call, and be included? stated Bill Chapman, class vice-president."

Madison, Wis. 1974

I had been transferred from Lake Charles, La. to Madison, Wis. I drove an old 1968 Ford Pickup. When we arrived in Wisconsin, I found that the starter had gone out on the pickup. I found a local auto parts store and went in and was greeted by a very nice lady. I told her that I needed a rebuilt starter for my truck.

She just stared at me and smiled. And then said "your not from around here are you?"  I said no Maam, how could you tell. She said "you have a very distinctive Southern drawl when you speak. She said, "it is so prominent, I can tell what part of the South you lived In before coming here."

I said, "okay tell me."

She said "Ohio".

And a good laugh was had by all.

-Ken @ Wilson

Three men hanged in Paris, Texas 1894
"Butch, All these men appear young, may be the first draft for WWI." -Roy Roundtree

"Butch, I would like you to do a story on the Bryan County Genealogy Library and Archive located in Calera, OK just south of Durant. If anyone is searching their native American heritage, this is the place. There is a treasure trove of information here and the people are so nice and helpful."  -Richard Henry
"Butch, I'm "slowly" uploading the photos I had on Webshots (now Smile) to Google+.  Smile has restructured everything including their prices and I don't care for it so I decided to try Google+.  Here's the 100 year "comparison" shots I had on Webshots that some of your T&T readers might remember. One is of "The Cut" located about 3 miles south of Davis, Okla. and the other is of the old Trestle and Bridge system that used to be in Ardmore."  -Dwane Stevens

The Cut - 100 Years            Trestle and Bridge in Ardmore - 100 years

"Butch-Help Needed! On April 2, 1943, a Vultee BT-13A (41-22162) single engine aircraft from Perrin Field, with two occupants, 2nd Lt. Thomas H. Gill and his student, A/C George R. Hanlon, were on a cross country instrument training flight. Their flight path brought them in the vicinity of Lake Murray, the only large body of water in the area at that time, 5,728-surface acres. Student Pilot Hanlon was flying the aircraft wearing an instrument hood. As they approached Lake Murray, Lt. Gill took control of the aircraft and asked Hanlon to remove his instrument hood. Lt. Gill probably asked Cadet Hanlon to ?Forget that we did this!? Gill cut the throttle and glided down toward the water from a southwesterly direction. As they cleared the trees on the western shore of the lake, he added sufficient throttle and flew approximately 5 to 10-feet above the surface across the lake in a northeasterly direction. As he approached the east shore, he added throttle and banked right. The right wing tip struck the water, sending the aircraft into a cart-wheeling configuration. The engine was instantly torn from the aircraft and sank immediately. The fuselage remained on the surface long enough for the uninjured and frightened men to climb out, remove their shoes and clothes prior to swimming to shore. The accident happened at approximately 1200-hours Central War Time.

The Accident Investigation Board assigned full responsibility for the accident to Lt. Gill. It was recommended that he be properly disciplined and that all pilots be advised of the danger of flying over large bodies of water due to the lack of orientation and impaired judgment of altitude. Both men were probably issued new underwear.

The BT-13A was recovered from Lake Murray, Thursday, April 18, 1943, from a depth of 32-feet. The location of the crash site was not disclosed in the Daily Ardmoreite newspaper article. It is assumed to have been in the vicinity of the Elephant Rock, Tipps Point, or Tucker Tower area. If someone, 70 years younger at the time, remembers the approximate site where the aircraft was recovered, please let Butch know. I have tried to identify the site of each military accident during WWII within the Ardmore Army Air Field training area. Ardmore Army Air Field/Ardmore Air Force Base." -Gary Simmons
REWARD: two LOST Schnauzers around the area of HWY 199 and Joe Brown Co (east Ardmore). Missing since Sunday, April 7th. They most likely aren't together now. One grey female named Greta six years old. Our other baby is a black female named Chloe 12 years old. She has a growth on the middle of her nose. She's sick and needs medication immediately. Please call 405-245-8023 or 580-223-4694. Please help!
"I am still looking for the wheelchair you see in this photo. It was lost out of the back of a truck Monday, April 8th about 7:30am. It had to fall out somewhere between Kenwood Rd and McDonald's on 12th street in Ardmore. It is Quickie brand, black and orange and should be missing one foot rest.
This chair belongs to my 13 year old son who really needs it back." -Shelly Stahlbusch, Ardmore

written by Curley Fletcher a champion Bull, Saddle and Bare Back Rider about 1915

I'm getting mighty tired of single life
I'm going to settle down and get me a wife
Away out west where the sun shines every day
Going to get me a job and save my pay
I'll get me a herd and start me a brand
Away out west where a man is a man
And a man must stand straight and tall
I'll be riding old paint and leading old ball

Riding old paint and leading old ball
Going to quit work this coming fall
Going to the mountains and live until I'm old
Going to Oregon and look for some gold
Going to get married I swear I will
Going to settle down on the Santa Fe trail
And I'll answer my wife's every beck and call
But I'll still be riding old paint and leading old ball

Second verse
Every night when my work is through
We will go strolling just we two
Down the trail where the sun sets in the west
We will meet all challenges without protest
And every night beneath the stars
I'll play my cowboy songs on my old guitar
And I'll always be standing straight and tall
And I'll still be riding old paint and leading old ball

I'm getting mighty tired of single life
I'm going to settle down and get me a wife
A way out west where the sun shines every day
I'll get me a herd and start me a brand
A way out west from Manning to man
Ridin' ol paint and leadin ol ball

Ridin ol pain and leadin ol ball
Gonna quit work this comin fall
Going to the mountain and live till I'm old
Going to Oregon and look for gold
Gonna get married I swear I will
Gonna settle down on the Santa Fe trail
Ridin ol paint and leadin ol ball

Every night when my work is through
We'll go strollin just we two
Down the trail where the sun sinks in the west
And every night beneath the stars
I'll play my tune on my ol guitar
Ridin ol paint and leadin ol ball

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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