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I received the email below today about an item for sale on eBay. It's a beautifully preserved 1902 $20 banknote printed for Ardmore's Exchange National Bank. On the face of the 1902 banknotes is Ardmoreite Hugh McCullogh (1876-1962). Mr. McCullogh is buried in the Lone Grove cemetery. The bank was located at West Main and A Street.

"Hi Butch, Hope that you and Jill are doing well.  I saw this on $20 bill on eBay and was not sure if you had seen one before.  Thanks for all of your hard work on your newsletter."  -Robert

What is interesting is in my March 6, 1999 T&T I shared pictures I received of 4 Ardmore banknotes including a $50 banknote like above on the Exchange Bank from ex-Ardmoreite Hal Pittman.  On the face of the $50 banknote is John Sherman. Hal retired in Camarillo, California as Tax Assessor of Orange County and has been collecting banknotes for many years, especially the Ardmore banknotes. He has even printed a book on banknotes, and has photos of many Ardmore banknotes.

As a footnote here, I was watching the national news this evening and see where Camarillo, California is one of 3 places where wildfires started up this afternoon.  Hope Hal Pittman's home is safe from the fire danger. So many have been evacuated and some homes lost just the past few hours to the wildfires.

Off and on since I was a teenager I have been working on my family tree. I first started with genealogy forms given to me when I was 16 years old by the next door neighbor of my aunt Marie Carmon Pruitt in Oklahoma City. I went home and used an old Smith Corona typewriter to fill out the forms, and that was the start of my genealogy research. As far as I know I am the only family member that has worked on our family tree, that was until this week. But by accident while Googling I found a cousin Cindy Camp in Waxahachie, Texas has a webpage on our family. I told Cindy I was going to disown her as a cousin for holding out on me, and not sharing her genealogy research on our family. We both had a good laugh.

What brought me to Cindy Hobbs Camp's webpage was my Googling for the 2nd sheriff of Kiowa County, Doss Kutch of Hobart, Oklahoma as his daughter, LaVerne Kutch Carmon, married into my Carmon family back in 1930. Cindy even had a photo of LaVerne on her webpage which I "stole" from her.  lol

Here is a link to my cousin Cindy's genealogy website.

Been sandblasting a few standard size bricks the past month, and a couple large pavers.  Turned out really nice.

But the pavers that turned out the best where not really pavers, but clay tile.  They are only 1/2 thick compared to the 3 inch thick bricks. Below is an example of this 1/2 inch tile.

I changed cell phone carriers on April 1st. This week I received a big refund check from AT&T.  Now to figure out what to buy with all that money??

Marie Martin in the Election board has been having to hand feed a baby goat after the mother abandoned it.  The twin baby goat died. It was born Monday evening and did ok for 24 hours. I had given it the name, Billy. Little Billy died Tuesday night late only lasting a little over 24 hours after birth.

Q.  Two Oklahoma towns tie for the smallest towns in Oklahoma. What are they?
A.   Lotsee and Shady Grove. Both towns are about 10 miles west of Tulsa by Keystone Lake.

Q.  Which Oklahoma born icon fought Bruce Lee in the 1975 flick Way of the Dragon?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of May 6, 2000:

"In your newsletter today, you mentioned a revolving door that you had seen in Ardmore but couldn't remember where. I think I can help you on that. I believe the revolving door was in front of the Ardmore Hotel. As children, I remember walking down the street and going around the door a couple of times before going on down the street. Sound familiar?"

A. The old Ardmore Hotel on Main Street had a revolving door at the front entrance. It was removed when the building was remodeled into the present day Lincoln Center Building.
"There are several revolving doors at the entrance to the International Building at the state fairgrounds (now Cox Pavilion) in Oklahoma City. However, they are needed because they also serve as airlocks; this is the building that is kept erect by positive air pressure. There is a newer one (installed in the last few months, perhaps last few weeks) on the south side of the Market Square shopping center (outlet mall) on Northwest Highway between Countyline and Council Roads in Oklahoma City. So presumably they are still made. The mall has been undergoing such extensive renovations or remodeling that very little of the original structure is being reused."
"My name is Ron McFarlane, and I'm a model railroader living in Berwick, Victoria, Australia. These days Berwick is an outer suburb of Melbourne, but its history is that of a small country town that the suburbs recently caught up with. My interest in Carter County is that I am building a model railroad loosely based on the AT&SF (or rather, GC&SF) railroad between Pauls Valley and Ardmore, as it might have been in 1960. I stumbled across your site whilst searching the 'net for useful information. To that end, I am in need of whatever information (and photos) I can get my hands on about this area, particularly the railroad served towns and industries, around 1960. My most immediate need is for info about Ardmore and Gene Autry, as that is where I am starting construction. I will therefore be very grateful if you would pass this message on to anyone who might be willing to assist me with my search. I expect to be working on this model railroad for many years to come, so I don't require or expect a heavy commitment from anyone who might care to help."
"I have information on the Camp School for the reader who asked about it, last week. Camp School is located in the Northwestern part of Carter County. (Beginning at the West Cen. line of Sec. 15, 2 south and 3 west, thence west to the Stephens county line, thence north to west cen. line of sec. 31, thence east to the west cen. line of sec. 34, then south to west cen. line of sec. 15, point of beginning. The first building was a one room log structure, built by some of those hardy pioneers in territorial days. Some few years after, a small box building was erected. This was not going to meet the need of the growing community, so the good settlers with an ideal leader, Mrs. Kate Galt Zaneis, realized what Camp needed was ample room and equipment and capable teachers as the children in other districts enjoyed. Thus another room was annexed, offering one year of high school work. The Camp community has organized a Sunday School and Literary Society. Ball teams have been organized to develop the boys and girls physically as well as mentally and morally. I believe I can say upon authority that there is not another school in Carter County in our class that can defeat us in athletics, debating and spelling. /s/ Robert Cecil Cavins, Principal."

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Last night, we were at a Mexican restaurant in Seminole with our youngest son, Zack and family. Doug, the grandfather, took Zan, the 6 year old grandson, up to an elderly man who had on a Korean Veteran cap. Zan stuck out his hand and said, "Thank you for your service." The old gentleman took Zan's hand, patted it and with a tear in his eye said, "I did it for you, son!""  -Scheryl Williams
"Butch, your newsletters brighten my Thursdays. Thank you so much!  I read of Dr. Higgins in last week's newsletter, recalling very distant memories. I was in his lovely old house on E Street NW a number of times, I believe while he still had an office there. He had a real full body skeleton hanging in the hall next to the office.  He also had a beautiful, well-maintained rose garden, always lighted at night in memory of his wife. He also had a daughter, I believe her name was Mary Alice, perhaps a year or two older than I. I cannot remember the occasion of knowing her; I do not believe she attended school in Ardmore. I remember feeling so sad that she lived in that big house and had no mother. We were both very young, probably still elementary school age. I would really love to know of her if anyone does. I will leave my email address below.  Sweet memories of growing up in the best place in the world to do that - Ardmore, my hometown!" -Fredrica (Horn) Van Sant,
"Enjoyed reading the write up about Dr. Higgins in this last weeks Newsletter. He is the Dr. that delivered me 75 years ago. I was delivered at my grandparents home on Bailey St SE."  -Betty Dighton
Springer Annual Firemen?s Bar-B-Q ? Saturday ? May 11, 2013 ? 6 PM. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music after the meal. Please support our local volunteer firemen.
"Butch, I discovered this statement from the CNRA about campgrounds that will not be open this year due to the sequestration. Below is an excerpt which points out things visitors will notice. "  -Mary Lou

Statement on the effects of sequestration at Chickasaw National Recreation Area

While taking the actions necessary to comply with sequestration, the park remains open, welcoming visitors and continuing to protect the resources entrusted to National Park Service care.

Reduced staffing will reduce Visitor Services:

o Guy Sandy Campground will remain closed this summer

o The upper loop of Rock Creek Campground will remain closed this summer

o Starting May 7, 2013, the Travertine Nature Center will close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

o Routine maintenance will occur less frequently in the park this summer including less mowing, fewer trash pickups, less trail work, less frequent facility cleaning, and less recycling.

Park Superintendent Bruce Noble commented, "The employees of Chickasaw National Recreation Area pride themselves on the exemplary level of service we provide to park visitors. While we would prefer to avoid these necessary reductions, we will strive to continue to provide the type of quality park experience that the public has come to expect of us."
"Butch, Thanks for the newsletter. I was born on Florida, raised in Alabama and Virginia and now live in Texas so you can see I have absolutely no connection with Oklahoma except for being president of Texoma Hamarama Association and helping run the Texoma Hamarama Hamfest. I do have a cousin by marriage that lives in Ardmore and many friends in Oklahoma. I still enjoy your newsletter. It's a real treat to read it each week. Thanks for you efforts."

Henry, W5TYD (ex K5BUG)
Caddo Mills, TX

"We Sing Life" - Community Choral Society, under the direction of Dr. David Hobbs, will be having a spring concert at NW Baptist Church, 1609 Robison Street, Ardmore, on Saturday May 4th, 7:30 p.m. and Sunday May 4th, 2:30 p.m. There will be guest singers, instruments, a choir of 50 voices, and a wide variety of music from gospel to patriotic. Tickets are $10.00 at the door. Please join us."
"A co-worker showed me a picture today of an old baseball field the was owned by her great-uncle. It was located where Ardmore's Will Rogers School on Monroe NW is today."  -Steve

Hello Everybody:

Wednesday started out absolutely frigid, and Old Sol had just balanced his warm-natured self on the easterly horizon when Jo and I turned into Winstar's roomy parking garage. This huge edifice, to the uninitiated, spills it's free-parking guests directly into Winstar's busy midsection. From there, it is about a ten minute walk through countless gaming devices, glitz, glitter, dynamo-hummed ambiance, and finally into the giant dining hall (Bingo Hall) reception area. I write this description for THIS AND THAT'S 1500+ worldwide, mailing list, which list is now privy to the Winterest weekly report on the adventures encountered at this popular entertainment complex.

Butch Bridges, THIS AND THAT'S editor-publisher, has gained a rather large and loyal readership through his unique news treatment, historical research, and staging area for new ideas and electronic technique suggestions. THIS AND THAT offers a free subscription to all who might enjoy weekly historical chronicles about frontier lawmen and their dangerous quarry, about current Southern Oklahoma news, and now: the fortunes and misfortunes surrounding a midweek excursion into what is fast becoming the World's Biggest Casino. We not only confess to the favor or disfavor of Lady Luck, but evaluate the latest musical entertainment provided by a Dallas-based group, The Highrollers: a group unequaled in their diverse repertoire. It's all free, and Global Catering serves an expansive free buffet, provided by Winstar Promotions, The Highrollers entertain for two full hours, beginning at 8:00 a.m.; the dance floor is open, and a huge breakfast choice beacons guests until breakfast-teers are either fed-up or filled-out.

Wednesday, the band performed many hits made famous by bygone superstars. Dressed in the usual black attire, the male band-members sported bright turquoise ties: and The Highrollers' celebrated songstress coordinated with knee-boots, black pants, and topped with a turquoise blouse. 'She's the best little chick-singer in the world -- in her price range': according to Dan Bradford, band leader, vocalist, and bass guitarist. Want to hear Cline, Ronstadt, Womack, Carpenter, and Wyanette, all in one package? Come on down and let Stephanie demonstrate her versatility. Want to hear Ray Charles better than Ray Charles,; then, come on down and hear the guitarist, Randy, do his rendition of 'I Can't Stop Loving You.' Like clarinet, flute, and trombone interludes: come on down and let an expert demonstrate how wind-instruments fit into the scheme of diverse songs and instrumentals. Paul, a percussionist extraordinaire, keeps the tempo clean and efficient; while, Mike plays the keyboard with gusto, enhances the sound blend, and renders a host of golden oldies.

If you are ever in the area, come by and meet fellow travelers, Seniors, caterers, and band members. It is always good to count a few new friends.

Beyond all the perks and amenities, lies an intriguing world of investment, loss, and return -- suffer and reward; it's not for the fainthearted. About midway through Winstar's New York section, stands a resolute and unforgiving device called The Green Machine. Displaying five wheels, it costs $1 per wheel to attempt a jackpot of $1000 or the lesser awards depending on your perseverance, patience, and bankroll susceptibility. Both days, I steered clear of the flashing lights and promised possibilities, in favor of less demanding circumambiance. Green Machine action requires $5 per pop, you know; that is if you play all five wheels. Being sort of a cheapskate, I gave The Green Machine a wide berth; I'm not scared of it, just cautious! lol But way on down, about a half mile away, beyond the Madrid section, I found some machines more suited to my limited resources. Suffice to say, I finished $80 ahead again this Wednesday, even after I had given Jo about $50 to assuage her feelings and recoup some of her losses. After all, it's only money, right?

Thursday's weather was a little more moderate, and the Sun came up copper-bright, saucily perched on the horizon as before -- brazenly exposed as on Wednesday. Its scant heat was welcome as we climbed into the Parking Garage's second deck for another exciting day at Winstar, ready to deal with the fickle temperament of Lady Luck and the disaster always at risk in Murphy's Law. The Breakfast Hall routine continued, unabated, a carbon copy of Wednesday; bounteous breakfast choices, via Global Catering, greeted the senses, and great music filled the Hall from The Highrollers entertainment. To provide a visual perspective, Ford Roberson generously recorded a good image of Highrollers action at this weeks performance. (See Below) Also, on Thursday, Gary Elrod, popular Elvis impersonator, made a guest appearance on-stage with The The Highrollers. Gary, in the mode, can move and sound like his famous mentor. For those unacquainted with Winstar promotions: a popular gaming system awards $10 to all Seniors who earn two points on their Passport Card at the midweek extravaganza. With a $20 investment (more or less), Seniors earn an extra chance to come away winner; Winstar offers this gratuity to all Seniors aged 55 and older. Jo and I enjoy our weekly diversion to what was once rolling sand dunes, blackjacks, and cockle burrs -- very near to the banks of Red River and Gainesville beyond.

Of course, every one wants to know whether we finished our adventure as winner or loser, right? Well, to make a long story a little shorter: we both left the Casino as winners. If we need get vulgar about it, I was $160 winner and Jo was $150 winner. Now, you know how sweet it can be -- having almost the largest Casino in the world, deluxe entertainment, right at our front door. We are already chomping at the bit and ready to head south -- maybe we will confront The Green Machine next week. Then again, caution is a great virtue. Then again, I might miss that $1000 bonus. Shoot, why not?"  Until Then,  -Ben Winter

"Butch, I saw clouds passing before the sunrise this morning. Old Indian says it's gonna rain in 24 hrs. it's the truth."
"Looking for my niece Sherri Smith. She has two sons and a daughter, Garrett, Jarrett and Rene." -Alpha Carter 405-899-4445
"I had some ?good? news this week. The people who moved next door have a pit bull. That is just what we need in the neighborhood. It is in our lease contract that all pets are to be on a leash but this one isn?t. My neighbor on the north side has two young grandchildren who ride their scooters on the sidewalk. Now she is afraid to let them out of the house. But then, adults are not safe either if they are mean.

"Followup:  "Hallelujah!!! The women next door with the pit bull told a neighbor that someone turned them in and they have two weeks to move. The dog had been running loose in the backyard but I seldom look that way. But thank God, they will all be gone."
"I'm Donna Fuller and live in Gulf Breeze, Fl. This week I decided to look up the story on Fred Hagler, Jr. , as he lived in our neighborhood at least a few years back in the mid-to-late 50's. I remember distinctly because I graduated from Birdville H.S. in 1957 and had moved there the summer of '55. We lived in Richland Hills (suburb of FW on Pecan Park Drive and I did babysit for some of our neighbors' kids before I graduated. I remember one night I was babysitting and Fred Hagler knocked on the front door and when I opened it was a little surprised and uneasy. He wanted to borrow a 'cup of sugar'. I don't remember giving it to him; just remember being glad when he left. Nothing inappropriate or threatening happened. I knew at that time he lived in the neighborhood and knew of his recent history. A couple of specifics I do remember about that time period is that Fred Hagler lived on our block across the street with his wife(?) or maybe live-in girlfriend, and the initial, big story involving him had already occurred. The woman he lived with was of German descent and was attractive, with dark hair that was styled in a pageboy with straight bangs. I believe there also was another woman who lived with them who was of German descent too - somewhat older, with very blonde hair. These two women (during that general time period) opened a dress shop in Richland Hills but at that time I didn't know if Hagler was there in the area. The dress shop was open, I know, after l957, as I shopped there some after getting a job. It was surprising and interesting to learn so many people are still interested in this story. I vaguely remembered that the dead individual in the burned car had never been identified. That's reason enough to want to learn more and keep delving.  I don't recall hearing anything more about the Hagler case, except I believe his son was in jail at some point and either killed himself or was killed by someone else. (I don't think I dreamed that up, but that's all I remember). Your site is very interesting, and thanks. I will continue to follow you."  -Donna Fuller
Historic Big Canyon Photos with Santa Fe Line - Davis, Oklahoma

"I finally finished moving all the photos and descriptions sent to me from Roy Miller from my Webshots account to my Google+ account.  Everything posted is with permission from Roy. Be sure to read the first entry which explains these photos. Click on each photo to expand it and read the description for each one in the upper right hand corner. There are several shots which include the Santa Fe Red Rock Main through Big Canyon, especially notable is photo # 12 with the Washita River at flood stage over the tracks around the curve where we have our present day B.C. photo sessions. Be sure to read Roy's description of events during that incident."  -Dwane Stevens
Webshot Photo Album

"Does anyone know about or have info on the Mannsville Mansion?"

?The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.? -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

See everyone next week!

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