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The saying goes, you can never eat just one.

In this week's Mailbag below there is mention of a potato chip factory on C Street SE in the 1940s operated by a Mr. Skipworth. When Frances Dunlap sent in the email about the Skipworths, it jogged my memory about a potato chip factory in Ardmore long before 1940.  It took me only a few minutes to find the info. It was located on 5th SW just west of the present day Baldwin's Restaurant.

August 16, 1925: NEW POTATO CHIP FACTORY IS READY- After an enforced idleness on account of fire that destroyed the plant, the Ardmore Potato Chip factory will resume business at its former scale Monday morning according to an announcement of Harry Sharkey, manager of the factory, Saturday. Mr. Sharkey states that the new plant has been carefully equipped and better prepared to take care of the constantly growing business than ever before. The new factory was erected on the site of the one recently burned at 22 5th Avenue, Southwest.

Q.  This town is a county seat in northeast Oklahoma. In February 2011, the town gained fame as the site of the coldest temperature in Oklahoma recorded history, as the thermometer bottomed out at a frigid -31 degrees Fahrenheit. Name this town.
A.  The Oklahoma Mesonet weather station at Nowata reached minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit actual temperature at 7:40 a.m. February 10, 2011.

Q.  Where was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Oklahoma?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of February 5, 2001:

Ardmoreite Robert Hensley came through this week with a great pic of the invisible "little helper" and Dr. Washington, Choctaw Indian doctor, that was featured in the Daily Ardmoreite on January 21, 1979.

Ardmoreite Obie Johnson acquitted of the murder of Henry Guess at the Blue Front Cafe. Here is the article about the February 2, 1947 shooting from the Daily Ardmoreite:

"Obie Johnson was acquitted of murder charges in connection with the death of Henry Guess in the district court Friday, as Judge Monroe presided.
Johnson was charge with shooting Henry Guess to death in front of the Blue Front cafe on Caddo Street, February 2, 1947. The defense headed by Joe Ben Champion and Wilson Wallace of Champion, Champion and Wallace produced witnesses who testified that Johnson acted in self defense of his life and business.
Guess had caused trouble in the establishment several times, and had been told to stay out of the Blue Front, which is owned by Johnson's uncle Earl Mann, according to testimony. On the night of February 2, Johnson had asked Guess to leave and in the argument that followed it was testified that Guess pulled a knife on Johnson, and the later was forced to shoot to protect his life.
Alvin Bruce and Joe Culp represented the State in the case."

Here is a newspaper clipping announcing Obie Johnson's bid for Constable of District 1 during this same time with his picture.

"Butch- The picture with the men described as Tom-Fleet Cooper's garage may not be correct. The reason for me saying this is that my dad, Brook Simmons, is in the picture. My mother had this picture and as I remember, Dad worked for a freight company which I thought was in or to the south of Echol's Storage building north of Bluebonnet. Cooper's dealership and garage, as I remember in the late 40's, was located where the county health office is now. Maybe someone with a better memory than me will respond. Dad is 6th from the left. The 5th man may be Alton Greenway, but not certain. There was a Bob Dulaney Freight company in Ardmore in the early years. Notice the freight crates and no greasy mechanics. Surprised to see the picture."
Ardmoreite Robert Hensley sent me a photo of the old Jordan bus cafe taken in 1948, located at #30 South Washington, corner of 1st St S.E. and south Washington. Seated under coke sign is Darryl Sears, Jordan bus driver, woman in plaid is Zela McClain. Notice signs, Barbecue beef sandwich, .30 cents and plate lunch for .55 cents! Times sure have changed!

"I read A. Bob Jordan's obituary in The Daily Oklahoman a couple of months ago. His bus line served much of southeast Oklahoma. (And when I used to ride the Nichols Hills Transportation Company city buses in the Oklahoma City metro area two or three decades ago, several of the N.H.T. drivers were eager to get back downtown because they also drove for Jordan Bus Lines and were often cutting the time very short before they had to take a Jordan bus out. Before that, when I lived in Konawa in the early 1950s, all the bus service (quite a few buses a day) was Jordan/Denco. I never was entirely sure what the connection was between Jordan and Denco, but I believe they were affiliated in some way. My January, 1931, copy of Russell's Guides shows schedules for Jordan Bus Lines." -Robert Hensley
"Here is the information my husband and I combined put together on Chili Bowl Chili and we thought your readers might be interested in the strong connection to Ardmore. A Mr. Otho Hutchins worked at H.A. Brooks Gro store on N. Washington back in the 30's. He made a very good chili. He moved to Tulsa and started making spices and later his chili. He had a brother-in-law named Matt Berryhill. They went into business together making Chili Bowl Chili. The Berryhill family were still running the Chili Bowl Co. as late as the l980's. I have lost tract of the company in the last few years."
"Butch, The following classified ad appeared in the Ardmoreite this week:
"In 1933 M&M Luther ARNOLD and daughter Geraldine of Ardmore testified in Machine Gun Kelly case. Author seeking how to locate Geraldine or her children. 703-960-3119."
Obviously, "M&M" stands for Mr & Mrs, but I didn't know anyone from Ardmore had ties to Machine Gun Kelly. The area code in the ad is from Virginia. Finding these people sounds like a job for the readers of This & That!!!"
"Butch: The mines that were located at Overbrook, Oklahoma were asphalt mines, according to the following article. The Daily Ardmoreite, Sunday, July 25, 1993 (special birthday insert) "Young Ardmore" The Manuscript of Julia K. Sparger pg 4 ,column 2, second paragraph (the following is a partial copy). Another resource of the area was begun south of Ardmore in 1890 by S. Zuckerman, M. Munzesheimer & B.C. Burney, later M. Westheimer & S. Daube. About 1895 the first paving with asphalt from mines near Overbrook began. The operators paid the Chickasaw Nation $500.00 a year for their lease & 10 cents for each ton sold. The asphalt was one of the stimuli later for a search for oil in Carter County. I have a postcard showing paving main street Ardmore I.T. with asphalt from the Ardmore area."
A couple weeks ago I talked about Hunts chili being made by my friend George Hunt back in the 60s at their store at 726 3rd NE here in Ardmore. I guess George heard about my article on his chili (he doesn't have a computer) and last Monday morning, there was a block of his chili on my desk! Friends are Priceless.

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

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Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch, In reference to last week's question concerning "Ballard Park'. Ballard Park was located at Reagan, Oklahoma. It had the swimming pool and a large wooden skating rink. In the 1950's it cost 25 cents to swim and 50 cents to skate. They sold snow cones and popcorn and maybe candy as well as I can remember. A part of Pennington creek was diverted to run through the swimming pool which sat beside the creek. I swam there many times and never found the water to be "DIRTY". Pennington creek was and still is crystal clear most of the time. A lot of area schools had a school picnic at Ballard Park in the spring time. It was a popular area for many years."  -Ted Pittman

Dallas Sidewalk Sale
Date: Saturday February 15, 2014
Time: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: 1100 Woodall-Rodgers Freeway, Dallas, TX
In the articles from 2001, the potato chips that were made at 621 C Street SE were called Skippys. They were made in a small house behind Mr. Skipworth?s house. I don?t remember his first name but everyone called him Skippy. His son?s name was Walter and he lived in the house many years after his father died. I believe the 2 story rock building that the other fellow mentioned was probably Mr. Hunt?s. They lived in a rock garage apartment behind Thad Day?s rock house before he built the larger home on the south.

To the fellow who remembers Ballard Park, I also remember the park. We did not go there often but I do remember going there in the late forties and early fifties. Was there a skating rink there? And is that where there was a waterwheel? I think at one time it was a very popular place to go. As best I can remember it was a short distance NW of Tishomingo. It was somewhere near Tish. I don?t know if I could even find my way there again.

A couple of weeks ago you mentioned the Longhorn Trading Post near Overbrook. When it was first opened it was named Hardy Oaks and was a caf?. I believe it was owned by Dr. Hardy. I had a friend who was a waitress there. There was also a ?tourist court.?   -Frances Dunlap
"Butch, here's a link to a USGS Topographical Map in "mosaic" form that I put together using about 30 separate map sections. With it you can follow the ONM&P (Santa Fe) Ringling Road Line from Ringling to Ardmore. It includes Cobalt Junction, Healdton, Wilson, and Lone Grove. Right click on the map and select "original" size to see it at full resolution. You will have to scroll around to view it all and you can also download it to you computer and view it with practically any photo software since it's in jpg format. I'm working on more such maps of abandoned railroads in Oklahoma and will send them to you as I finish them." -C. Dwane Stevens
"Butch, I read some responses in your T&T last week to my photo of the Lake Murray spillway. There were some comments about when the water first ran over the spillway. I don't know when the lake first overflowed but I have attached a couple of photos my Mom took of me and my Dad at the Lake Murray spillway when the water was coming across it. The photos show the tag on my Dad's car dated 1949 and my Mom wrote on the back of the photos, "Dwane & Steve at Lake Murray Spillway washing the Car." I guess it would have been spring/summer of 1949 when the photos were taken."  -C. Dwane Stevens

Turner Falls February 2014 ice storm
"Friday - a place to go. Atoka, Oklahoma - Museum & Confederate Cemetery - a ceremony at 1:00 p.m. commemorating the Civil War Battle of Muddy Boggy where Union and Confederate forces met in Indian Territory February 13, 1864."  -J. Nell Beck Truitt

"Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as you ever can."  -John Wesley

See everyone next week!

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