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A few weeks ago I mentioned a photo I had misplaced on my computer of a baptism taking place at Rock Crossing Creek south of Ardmore years ago.  Rock Crossing Creek is a few miles west of I-35 at the Carter/Love county line.  This week I stumbled across the photo by accident.

Below is a picture I took in 2002 from the road looking west at the dam and area where the baptism took place.

Below is a map I made showing the location of Rock Crossing creek.  You can see the dam area just to the west.

I want to mention to everyone there will be open house and a tour of the Tivoli Theater this coming Saturday evening at the Taste of Ardmore. Hope everyone will take advantage of this tour of an Ardmore landmark. Below is the email I received:

Butch, I wanted to let you and your Readers know that the Tivoli Theater will be open from 5:30-7:30 this Saturday evening March 29th during the Taste of Ardmore Event.

The two historic photos below will be on display that evening. Main Street has support to renovate the building, and wants to find out what the community is interested in. We thought this would be a great way for people to reconnected with the building and the memories, as that process begins. We invite people to come roam, reminisce and dream of new possibilities.

Hope you'll join us!

Kind Regards,

Maria Wilkinson

In my March 2000 newsletter OHP Trooper, Bruce Schulze, Retired, sent me the following email:

"I wanted to invite you (and anyone else) to the gathering of the Buckskinners or Fur Traders at Fort Washita. We will all be there dressed in those buckskins and carrying our black-powder rifles, knives and tomahawks. I will be there. Hope you find time to come and see how they lived before 1840's."

Nearly 15 years have passed, and the Oklahoma Fur Traders meeting will be held again at Ft Washita. History will come alive April 2, 2014 - April 6, 2014 at the Fort Washita Fur Trade Rendezvous. Located on Highway 199 between Madill and Durant, Oklahoma, the event hosts thousands every year from around the country. It will again showcase mountain men, traders, contests, Indians, trappers, vendors and allow participants to travel back in time.

The Marietta Monitor
August 22, 1930
Preliminary work on the new free bridge which is to span the Red River south of Marietta has been started. The bridge will be west of the old toll bridge and near the Santa Fe railroad bridge. A concrete road has been laid south of Bomar to White Rose. The paving company is now working on the road from Bomar to Overbrook.

The Marietta Monitor
September 4, 1942
Officials of a construction company in Dallas were in Marietta this week preparing to start construction of the highway bridge over Hickory Creek east of this city. The new construction will cost approximately $165,000. The bridge across the creek is now below the water level of the lake to be created by the Denison Dam. State highway officials are now drawing plans for a proposed highway from Marietta to Lake Murray and if the plans are adopted the old highway bridge being removed will be used on this new road.

We took our second walk at Ardmore's Regional Park Hiking Trail last weekend, and it was the best ever. We got off the paved walkway, taking the Red Trail (dirt trail) off to the east toward Ardmore City Lake. About halfway to the lake we watch nearly a dozen deer, until they finally ran off into a wooded area. At City Lake we sat on a very comfortable bench and watch family of ducks lazily paddling in the water.  So quiet and serene. Our walk was 3.2 miles.

Q.  In what year did the Oklahoma Territory legislature first meet?
A.   August 5, 1890 at Guthrie, Oklahoma

Q.  Stanley Street SW was named after what prominent Ardmoreite?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of March 25, 2000:

"Coleman Younger Jones was the bearded man on the bicycle. He and his mother lived across the street from me on Douglas Blvd. His mother was reportedly a member of the famous Younger family. Her second husband was named Charles Carter and he was the early U. S. Congressman from Oklahoma and member of the family for which Carter County was named. Coleman Jones' aunt owned the Whittington Hotel."
"In the article from the Lone Grove Ledger, it mentioned that there was no information on Dundee. Approximately 3 miles West of Healdton (on Texas Street) was a community that emerged during the oil boom. It was called "Ragtown" or "Tent City". There was a school there which was known as Dundee. To the best of my knowledge...Dundee was only the corner on which the school stood. There is a large granite monument there. Across the street, there was a post office... it was McMann, Oklahoma. Back to the East, there was another post office and it was Wirt, Oklahoma. I think Wirt was the main name of this area. In some Oklahoma history, there was an article written about the outlaws that came to this big boom area. The name of the article was "The Wickedness of Wirt". One of the post offices (Wirt, I think) consisted of a wooden one window structure inside the building and this structure is on display at the Healdton Oilfield Museum. My Mother was a 1927 graduate of Dundee and she worked in that post office."
One survivor, Robert A. Dwyer, 20, of Glen Cove, NY had only minor injuries in the 1966 plane crash. But he was killed two years later near his home in NY in a car accident.
"Well it just happens that I knew Coleman Jones practically all of my life. Mrs Jewel Whittington was his aunt, I believe, and & after her husband was deceased she became the sole operator of the "New Whittington Hotel" Before the explosion in 1915 the hotel was known as the "Whittington Hotel" but when it was rebuilt it was named the "New Whittington Hotel". The hotel was very elaborate in its early days & retained that air throughout its existence. Coleman Jones worked at the desk of the hotel - he was clean shaven & rather nice looking in his younger days. Reportedly he was a graduate of Dartmouth College and was very well educated. He was articulate and could hold your attention with his very interesting observations. He certainly was no kook, yet for some reason, perhaps know only to himself, he assumed the role or appearance of a very eccentric person. When I came back to Ardmore, I was amazed by his appearance and I speculated that he had taken on the roll of some character he had read about. To me, Coleman Jones was a gentleman not to be feared or made fun of."


Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

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Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"You mentioned the Ardmore Akron Tire last week. I still have a $100 stock certificate for which I would take bids! My grandmother was married to R. V. Dixon; thus the name on it. My older brother was born about the time of purchase, thus he was named after her husband: R.V. (not a very good copy, but legible." -Donald Bridges

34  high resolution photos of American cities a century ago.
Vicious dog attack in Jay, Oklahoma

?The first supermarket supposedly appeared on the American landscape in 1946. That is not very long ago. Until then, where was all the food? Dear folks, the food was in homes, gardens, local fields, and forests. It was near kitchens, near tables, near bedsides. It was in the pantry, the cellar, the backyard.? -Joel Salatin

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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