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Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July holidays and staying safe out there.  Went to Ardmore today and traffic was terrible, and it is only Thursday. Experts are predicting a 15% increase in traffic over Memorial Day's traffic. So stay alert as you travel the highways and lakes. We are probably not going to travel anywhere, just stay home.

Last weekend we were at Mountain Lake in northern Carter County.  The lake is full with recent rains (which this area needs so badly) and the area is beautiful and green.

This is a view of the 81 steps to the top of the dam

Photograph of the 1966 plane crash in the Arbuckle Mountains near Gene Autry

This is an old photo of the Turner Falls curio shop when it was a gas station.

Ardmore's Main Street in 1928

This is about a 1950 photo of Ardmore's old Globe Theater on Main Street. The Globe Theater was just to the east of North Washington and Main Street on the north side of Main.

This photo of the Park Theater was taken in 1957 or shortly thereafter since The Trapp Family movie was playing.  It was a 1957 West German movie.

Some of the pavers I've sandblasted this week.

But this paver has an unusual story to go with it. When the lady placed the order she had the date off by one day. When she gave it to the couple they laughed and said, "We were married on the 17th, not the 16th."  She said but I'm having Butch make another paver with the correct date.  The couple said, "oh no, we like that, something we can laugh about through the years." After some thinking they came up with this idea.  Put a red slash though the 6.   lol

Everything worked out and they did not have to pay for another brick.  I sandblasted the red slash through the one they had in a couple minutes, and didn't charge for it.  We all got a laugh out of the whole incident.

The near perfect condition tan pavers are all gone. But I do have 2 in not so perfect condition, chips or blemishes in them, and 2 others in very poor condition.  I still have about 15 nice red pavers that are perfect for engraving. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will have a fresh supply of the tan clay pavers by Whitaker-Greer Bricks back in stock.

Q.  What is the oldest incorporated town in Oklahoma?
A.   Vinita is the oldest incorporated town on Oklahoma Route 66 being established in 1871. Vinita was the first town in Oklahoma to enjoy electricity. Originally named Downingville, the town's name was later changed to Vinita, in honor of Vinnie Ream, the sculptress who created the life-size statue of Lincoln at the United States Capitol.

Q.  Who is the oldest living person in Oklaoma?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of July 1, 2000:

A few months ago I read or heard on the news trains were going to start having louder whistles. The past couple of weeks I have heard the train whistle louder in Ardmore then I've ever as it comes through town. I guess the trains now are using those louder whistles. At 2am I can't believe anyone in Ardmore could sleep through it.
In the 1960s Mr. George Holloway was the manager of the Community Swimming pool at 3rd and "F" Street NE. Sometimes I'd sit and watch him take his kit of test tube and chemicals to test the water. He'd mix a little water in this tube, put a couple drops in that tube, and 20 minutes later he had the readings.
Last October I told about a historical marker beside the south side of the highway in Dickson, Oklahoma (9 miles east of Ardmore). On that sign is the name Rosella Hightower, a Chickasaw Indian born south of there at Durwood, OK in 1920. Rosella Hightower would become a world renown Prima Ballerina. This week on the OETA television (educational channel)... Hightower was interviewed and her life story told. All five prima ballerinas in the 30s were from eastern Oklahoma. Something no other nation in the world could claim. Also interviewed were the other four prima ballerinas.... sisters Maria and Marjorie Tallchief (Osage), Yvonne Chouteau (Cherokee), and Moscelyne Larkin (Peoria).
In 1952 Ardmore Assistant police chief Oscar Wilkes was gunned down in a driveway at 819 Hargrove in Ardmore. The man charged with the murder was John B. Gandy who owned a trucking company and lived at the address. Gandy claimed he and his female companion, Jacqueline Thomas, were in the house that rainy evening when Wilkes drove up. Gandy thought Wilkes was Ms. Thomas's ex-husband, Raymond Howie, and opened fire with a .38 pistol from the doorway. Wilkes never had a chance, and died sitting in his car, still holding a toothpick in his mouth.

"I am one of the two present owners of American Flyers. We purchased the company from Reed Pigman, Jr. in February, 1980. When the controllers went on strike in 1982, we merged the Ardmore location with our facilities in Dallas and Ft. Worth. I see Reed Jr. and Mildred Whited, one of Mr. Pigman's first employees in Ft. Worth. I am interested in any of the early history of American Flyers. I live in Gainesville, Texas and wished I had know of the memorial function on June 17th. We now have 16 American Flyers' training facilities in the United States. We often have older men and women stop by our offices and inquire about the "old" American Flyers. I would love to have any other information you may have about American Flyers from 1960 to 1975." Clark McCormack
"Speaking of trails...check page 8 of The Bridges to Oklahoma, (Dec 2003). The Chisholm Trail began at the Red River, according to drovers., so it belongs to Oklahoma. The cattle in Texas were moved over a variety of routes until they got to the Red River! Too bad, Texas!" - Donald Bridges

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.

Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch, here is a picture of Leeper Lake south of Winstar."  -Doug Williams

Harvesting bananas in Costa Rica.
"Butch: I invite all local T&T readers to drive by 130 B SW, Ardmore, one block south of the post office/courthouse and view the most beautiful crepe myrtle tree in the city."  -james clark
"Hi Butch. Just FYI, the photo of the Park theater with the Trapp Family on the marquis is correct. The other photo is actually the old Globe Theater which was 1/2 block or so east of Washington on the north side of Main Street. Comparing the two you can see the difference in the brickwork, etc. on the building fa?ade. The sign that says Fairbanks (Morse) was above the Pioneer Hardware store. The Coca Cola sign is on the Globe Caf? and , of course, the J.C. Yeatts mens? store is left of Stovall Jewelry which is next to the Globe Theater. Coincidentally there is a jewelry store also next to the Park. The small shop next to the Park on the east was the Vogue (ladies) Hat Shop owned by a Mrs. Lasher."  -Leon Bow
"Butch, I believe the 1950 theater photo in this issue was the Globe Theater rather than the Park Theater. I was a projectionist there at about that time. The elder Herschel Gilliam was the proprietor. Head projectionist Fred Hudson taught me and Ronald Gilliam how to run the projection booth when we were Ardmore High School students.  Before being drafted into the Army in 1953, I also worked as a projectionist at the Ritz and Tivoli Theaters here in Ardmore."
Harold Burton
Ardmore, OK

New website on Russett, Oklahoma
"Stopped at the Newport Grocery this morning to get some gas and found this vehicle filling up. This little country store is an interesting place, never know what you'll find there."  -Dwane
The Chandler Family Association
2014 Annual Meeting
September 12 and 13, Atlanta, Georgia
The CFA annual meeting will be in Dunwoody, Georgia which is a northern suburb of Atlanta. Meeting headquarters will be the Holiday Inn Atlanta-Perimeter/Dunwoody, Georgia.
CFA room rate: $85.00/night + tax = $95.20
Reserve room contact 770-457-6363, mention Chandler Family Association.

Stay up-to-date on meeting plans at

Mission Statement
The objective of the family association shall be to strengthen the ties of fellowship and kinship between living members of the family, to maintain family unity through frequent association of family members in a social way; and to perpetuate the memory and genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of the Chandler family by combining the resources and efforts of the members of the family in performing genealogical research, and by unifying all genealogical, historical, and biographical research necessary for the compilation of complete and accurate family records.
There may be as many as 150 genetically-distinct Chandler families (GDC families) in existence, many with members scattered around the world. Members of those GGDCs will make most genealogical progress by interaction and research amongst themselves. A few such groups already exist, with members communicating and co-operating via email. These groups are not usually large enough to provide their own infrastructure (website, newsletters, membership an financial administration, database management etc.). The association aims to provide support to such groups. Operating as Chapters of the association, these GDC groups are offered the ability to take advantage of the association?s infrastructure and standards, while focusing on research of their own genetic Chandler ancestry.

re; Lye Soap: "Butch, I was pretty young when we lived a mile north of Mary Niblack School ? no electricity- no running water ? no telephone but we did make lye soap. It would be after we had killed the first hog and rendered the pig skin into cracklings. The fat was used in the lye soap which was made in a large metal wash pot. We had a contraption like was pictured. The best I remember the ash wash bin was filled about a third of the way and then water was poured over the ash. This water was captured and more ash was added and the water plus a little more was again poured over and this was done by adding ash about four times. The mixture of fat, lye (lye water) and water was then boiled and stirred. Eventually a mixture was formed at the top and after it had cooled for a while was scooped out and put in large corn bread pans where it would harden. It was then cut into bars of soap which were used to wash clothes and dirty necks. Oh! For the good old days." -Dan Holder
"Healdton in T&T took be back down the lane to when we lived there in 1928. I was 4 years old & we lived in a shotgun house couple blocks North of Main street. (A shotgun house was 3 or 4 rooms in a row) Picture my Mother & me. My Dad was Filling Station Manager for Palacine (Wirt Franklin Oil) for the Healdton area, in charge of distribution of gas to country stores. Back in the day many section line crossroads had a one room store that had a gas pump, the kind with a 10 gallon glass reservoir on top that had to be pumped up by a handle on the side. Gas was delivered by a Dodge flatbed truck with the gas in barrels. I often rode with the driver who would siphon out the gas in a garden hose from barrel to underground tank filler. He bought me lunch & one day, two pieces of cherry pie. I was so sick I haven't been able to face cherry pie since. We got transferred to OK City, same kind of job, till 1932 when the company went belly up with the Depression on strong."  -Bob McCrory
"Couldn't help recalling my wild, young teen years in Ardmore when me and my buddies would go to the ice plant and get snow. We would, in the middle of summer, make snowballs and throw them at passing cars. This was before air conditioned cars so can you imagine the surprise when a snow ball came whizzing into your car. More than once did we have to 'hot foot' it when irate motorist would try to catch those wild hoodlums. No damage or wrecks were ever recorded." -Dale Young
"I did a search and found several pictures of ash hoppers for lye soap - AOL Image Search Results there are some really good pics of some." -Rita Howell
Seeking info on a Warren Chapel
"A friend's family found a cornerstone from Warren's Chapel at their grandfather's old place in Davis. It says "Warren's Chapel M E, Erected 1922, Rev. Brown, Pastor, Corner Stone layed 1929, Rev. Simms, Pastor" I stopped at Warren Memorial Methodist Church today in Ardmore and asked if it might be from a church earlier in their history. They are looking into it and will get back to me. I found a mention of a Warren's Chapel in a 1929 article in the Ardmoreite where a meeting had taken place. The mention of Ardmore is why I emailed you thinking you might be able to help us solve the mystery. My friend would like to get it back to where it belongs if anyone wants it. I enjoy your newsletter and will appreciate any help you can give us with this mystery. Thanks." -Kathy

"I found this in rural Ardmore about 1978 - a Colvert's Dairy 1 quart milk bottle with medallion. Any idea how old it is?"

"The American Revolution was a beginning, not a consummation." -Woodrow Wilson

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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