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The Daily Ardmoreite, November 19, 1967
Store Operator Shot In Holdup

County and city officers mounted a search Saturday night for a lone gunman who shot Homer C. Lafevers, 59, operator of the Lafevers grocery store south of Ardmore and fled after being fired upon by Mrs. Lafevers.
Officers did not know whether the gunman was wounded. Lafevers was report in critical condition. He was undergoing surgery at Memorial Hospital last Saturday night. Officers said he was shot twice in the stomach and once in the left side.
Officers said Mrs. Lafevers told them the young man who shot her husband had been in the store about 15 minutes when he told Lafevers to raise his hands. As her husband did so, officers quoted Mrs. Lafevers, the youth fired three or four times and then started to leave. She said he did not ask for money.
Mrs. Lafevers, who was in the rear of the building with her two sons, told officers she was watching the young man because he had acted strangely, looking toward the entrance of the building. She said she fired at him with a .22 caliber rifle as he left but did not know whether he had been hit. Officers quoted her as saying the man jumped when she fired, but she did not know where he had been hit or was frightened. Officers said they found a bullet hole in the top of the door.
Mrs. Lafevers described the gunman as being in his early 20s, of medium build, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, wearing a checked sports coat, tight dark trousers and with dark brown hair combed straight back.
She said the gunman went around the north side of the building and fled west toward a field.
Officers said it was believe the gunman approached the store on foot but it had not been determined whether an automobile was used in the getaway.
The shooting occurred about 9pm at the Lafevers store 3 miles south of Ardmore on Highway 77. Mr. and Mrs. Lafevers lived in the rear of the store building with their sons, Larry and Howard.
Five highway patrol units joined the sheriff's officers and city policemen in the search.

The Daily Ardmoreite, December 12, 1967
Murder Charge Is Filed
Homer C. Lafevers, who was shot November 18th during an aborted robbery attempt, died early Tuesday morning in an Oklahoma City hospital.
Lafevers was the operator of a small grocery store on U.S. Highwy 77 south of Ardmore. He was shot three times in the stomach by the lone gunman who had been loitering in his store.
Just days afterward, an Ardmore youth, Jimmy Don Raborn (1947-2008) was arrested at his home by Wayne Warthen, criminal investigator for the district attorney's office and deputy Sheriff Elmer Wintin.
Raborn was charged with attempted robbery with firearms in connection with the shooting. Raborn has been in the county jail since that time.
District Attorney Burke Mordy stated today that Raborn has been charged with murder committed in the commission of a felony.
An official statement as to the cause of death has not been released at this time.

Raborn Find-A-Grave

The old Lafevers Grocery store is still standing, barely, just north of Bussell Ridge Road and South Commerce, north side of a mobile home.

In October 1971 about 7 people filed for the Carter County Commissioners post for District 2. There was Carl Pevehouse, a Ratliff City rancher. (The post came up for election when incumbent Joyce Taliaferro died in office in August of 1971.) Others seeking the post were Leon W. Loftis, an Ardmore rancher; Jim Dollar, a Healdton construction worker; and Rex Puckett, an oil field worker. Also running was Donald Duke, who created a special interest in the election since he had the same name as State Representative Don Duke. But also a candidate for the county commissioners office was Healdton, Oklahoma resident Martha Treadwell. Mrs. Treadwell would put her name in history as the first ever female to run for the Carter County commissioners office. In the end, E.C. "Chub" Davis would edge out all those seeking the office, including Mrs. Treadwell.

This is a paver placed in the walkway on the west side of the Carter County courthouse in memory of Joyce Taliaferro who died in office.

Some more pavers I sandblasted.

Doug Williams bought a GoPro video camera the other day and has mounted it on his motorcycle. Below is a link to a recording he made while touring his hometown of Gene Autry, Oklahoma with the camera running.

In this video Doug made a video through downtown Ardmore, starting at the courthouse, going west on 1st street, on past Central Park a block, then back east down Main street to the depot.

Doug stopped by to show me his GoPro video camera. He even made a short video of me but in the process turned me upside down. I am still having dizzy spells from that experience.  Doug should warn people if he is about to do that during the demonstration.  lol

Q.  Tornado was billed as the "unrideable" bull and had thrown over 200 riders in a 14 year period before being ridden those 8 seconds by a bull rider from Soper, Oklahoma. Who was that bull rider?
A.  Freckles Brown (1921-1987),

Q.  What is the least populated county in Oklahoma?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

Oklahoma's first state regulated oil field was at Healdton, Oklahoma.

From This and That newsletter archives of August 3, 2002:

"Hi Butch. Really got a chuckle from the person who recalled the little pink pills called Calactose. My mother used to give those to me when I was little & I hated them! Took me years to ever like the color pink again.
"Hi Butch! Was funny when the discussion began a few weeks ago in the T & T about the neighborhood grocery stores as I had just been thinking about that very thing and going over in my mind all the little stores I could remember and most of them have been mentioned. There are two, however, that haven't been mentioned. The first was the store at 718 B N. W. W. T.(Bill) and Julia Shannon sold their grocery store in Ringling in 1945-46 and bought this property which had the Martin grocery on it, tore down the old building and built a brand new concrete block building at the 718 B N. W. location and then across a wide driveway built their new home at 720 B N. W. Shannon Grocery had a fresh meat market as well as sandwich meats, cheeses, etc. and delicious homemade chili. It was a full grocery and most of their business was done on credit as were most of the stores of the time. The Shannon's operated this store until the mid fifties when they sold to Eddie and Thera Elles. I grew up in this store as the Shannon's were my sister's in-law's and I have many fond memories of them letting me run the manual adding machine, gather up my own candy etc. Wanted to fill in this piece of history between the Martin's Grocery and Elles Food Mart. There was another little store in my neighborhood on the northwest corner of 9th and A N. W. that was owned by Nannie Williams that brings back a lot of memories. It was an old frame building built so that the front of the store faced right to the corner....unusual, especially for that day of the late 40's, early 50's. Wood floors that creaked and of course, a screen door that squeaked. Enjoy the T & T so much, it's the highlight of the week. Thanks for the memories....keep up the good work. My name should be in for the free cd's but you haven't managed to find it yet!!!" -Ruth Ann McCollum
"This is a picture of Ova Blackerby. He was Chief of Police in Healdton in 1958, 59, 60, 61,? He was night watchman before that. My name is Kathy Correia, he was my uncle. Uncle Ova died June 3, 1984 in Bakersfield, CA. His wife Gladys Blackerby, sons James, Ronnie, daughters Brenda, Joyce (twins), Barbara, still reside in Bakersfield, CA. I'm his niece and i live in Riverside, ca. He has two brothers still alive. Roy of Pruitt City, OK, Tommy of Lake Jackson, TX, one sister, Dean Clary of Yukon,Ok. It was a very sad day in my life when my uncle died. I used to visit him a lot. I may have other pictures of Healdton. If you would like I'll look."

"In 1941, I remember being picked up by the school teacher on her way to work but I have no idea which school she was going to. We lived across the street from Rose Hill cemetery and she was headed South when she picked me up. L.C. Yates son lives in the house now............or did in '96. My recollection is of a small school with 8 rows of desks in one room with each row a grade. Mary Niblack school doesn't fit my recollection. Was there another school in or near that part of town? I attended for only a couple of months as my family moved to Southern California in Oct. '41."
"Mr. Bridges: My name is George Taylor and I just saw your history site because I am with WorldxChange and was in Yahoo on the WxCers site. I was stationed in Puerto Rico in the middle sixties and there was a couple from Ada, Oklahoma, his name was David Franz and I can not remember his wife's name. I saw something on your website about Ada, Oklahoma, and remembered them. We live in Fort Lauderdale, and if you happen to know or come across the family name, could you be so kind as to tell them that George and Edith Taylor are in Fort Lauderdale. My e-mail is or they can call me at 954-748-6440. Please do not feel that you need to go to any heroics here. They were friends and we lost touch and when I saw Ada,Oklahoma thought it was worth a shot. Thanks." -george "Jorge" taylor
"I have been doing research on my family. My Grandmother Jennie Elizabeth Fleming told us that her father Raburn Elliott ran a ferry in Love County Oklahoma.I am not sure of the date he started running this ferry. She also told us that her father Raburn Elliott was killed while running this ferry.The date of his death is around 1904 to 1906 .Jennie Fleming's brother Doc McHenry Elliott also ran one of the ferries.One day i was searching on the internet for information and it brought me to your "This &That" column.We have been searching for a long time for information on these ferries.I ran across an article written by Frances Long Dunlap. This article was in your January 2001 to March 2001 issue.I have been searching for a long time for information on these ferries .In this article she mentioned something about a Love County,Oklahoma History Book. Could you tell me where i can get one? She also mentioned that the ferry franchises were awarded by the Chickasaw Nation.Do you know where i could go to find information about this? I forgot to tell you that these ferries that were run by her father Raburn Elliott and her brother Doc McHenry Elliott were around the Marietta and Thackerville area as far as i know.I am so glad i came across your site.I have found more on your site about these ferries than in all the time i have been searching.Help from anyone that may have information on the ferries would be appreciated. I am trying to put together a family book.Thank you."
"Several people have commented about early-day Oklahoma Lawmen in the past in This and That. I have just rented a video starring Sam Elliot entitled "You Know My Name" about William Matthew Tilghman that is supposedly based on fact about Tilghman in Seminole County Oklahoma in 1924. Don't know how much is "Hollywood" and how much is fact, but it was an interesting video if anyone might be interested in renting it."
"Although I am not, as far as I know, any relation of Dr. Henry William Alpers, as an Alpers who now lives in Oklahoma, I was fascinated to discover that there once was an Alpers, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, none of the links to Alpers, OK material from the 4/6/02 T&T Weekly still seem to be working. Could you please send me the three Alpers-related jpg images that you had posted? Thanks in advance." -Ben Alpers Norman, OK
"Hi Butch, Thought you might be interested, a gentleman asked for info about Robert Armstrong, whose father had a grocery store in Healdton several years ago. As it happens, I know Robert (Robbie) and was able to get the two together via e-mail, and received thanks from both of them. Another satisfied customer of BB's T&T. Keep up the good work. By the way, still looking for a key to my parking meter. Thanks." -Jerry Landrum
"Hi Butch, Here is a pic of a token from the Office of Price Administration Circa 1943. I thought it might bring back some old memories. Keep up the good work."

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Check gas prices by town or zip code anywhere in U.S.

Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Hi Butch, Here is an image of the old Route 66 bridge at Lake Overholser. Maybe some folks would like to see the old bridge. At one time, the city was wanting to tear it down because of the surface. However, there was a problem! They didn?t own the bridge ? the state owned it." -Cecil

Collection of bridge photos in southern Oklahoma.
"Hi Butch.  I was told that the pistol on the right used to belong to a Sulphur, Oklahoma jeweler back in the 50s and 60s.  I believe he carried it to work with him.  It is an old S&W chambered for  .38 S&W and was made around 1904 or 1905.  Wonder if any of your Readers would remember this man?"  -Jon
I ran across your website and newsletter doing a google search for ?Educated Cheeseburger? ? I grew up on a farm just south of Madill and in Madill as an older teenager.  I remember my mother always asking for an ?educated cheeseburger? whenever we had burgers at the local burger joint (I don?t remember the name(s) but we had a couple of them in town). I was thinking about that name ?educated? and wondering where it came from and from I see it may have actually originated in southern Oklahoma. I?m not finding any other references to the name. I?m going to assume that is the case for the purposes of my writing. I?ve been working on some memoirs of growing up there (I?m now living in Denver). I have posted a few of the stories on my blog such as Black Racer - I ran across your website and newsletter doing a google search for ?Educated Cheeseburger? ? I grew up on a farm just south of Madill and in Madill as an older teenager.

Kenny A. Chaffin


Lacey Cheatum said: I found this in my pasture and would like to see if I can find it's original owner and return it to them. Reads:
Konawa rodeo queen
Kalyan Lyn Gresham
The Arbuckle Historical Society will present Jamie Sue Petitti as its speaker on Monday, August 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the museum located at 402 W. Muskogee in Sulphur. Mrs. Petitti is a well known local newspaper columnist, musician, and former interpretive ranger for Platt National Park/Chickasaw National Recreation Area. She is a talented writer and entertaining speaker. As a native daughter of our town, she will speak on the history of her family and the Sulphur that she remembers from her many years here that qualify her as possibly Sulphur's biggest fan.
Anyone know if this sign is from Rock Island, Oklahoma?
Dick Norwood, Norwood Chevrolet in Ardmore on West Broadway

Take Me Back To Tulsa - Bob Willis and his Texas Playboys 1965

Where's that girl with the red dress on
Some folks call her Dinah
Stole my heart away from me
Way down in Louisiana

Take me back to Tulsa
I'm too young to marry
Take me back to Tulsa
I'm too young to marry

See everyone next week!

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