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A week from today is Christmas Day. I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays. Giving and receiving Christmas gifts, cooking and eating food, cake and candies of all kinds, Christmas carols and music, the beautiful Christmas lights and displays everywhere we go, Christmas trees and Christmas bells, all these things make for the most beautiful time of the year. But let us not forget, Jesus is the reason for the season. Keep Christ in Christmas.

Long time Overbrook resident Albert Cullum brought by a photo this week to share with everyone. Back before statehood (1907) evidently Overbrook was a bustling little town.  Overbrook's post office was established in June 21, 1887 and like many towns along the Santa Fe railway, it received its name from Overbrook, Pennsylvania. With a population of around 450 people Overbrook still has a post office, but it's not the same post office I remember riding my motorcycle by as a teen. I took this photo of the old post office in 2006 after the new post office was built.

I don't know what all stores and buildings Overbook had around statehood, but one thing the town had was a fairly large hotel including a breezeway. Below is a photo Al Cullum brought by this week. My grandmother, Addie Wilson Carmon, was born in Overbrook, so who knows, she may be one of those in this photo.

This is a photo of my grandmother Addie (on left) and her mother Ida Murphree Wilson Miller (on right) in front of their home in Overbrook before statehood. I sure love that old doctor's buggy and horse tied at their house.

I received a photo this week of Jess and Josie Weldon and in the background you can partly see the Martin-Fedler Drug Store on Main Street.

At Lone Grove, Oklahoma at 211 Abshire Circle (Highway 70 and Foxden Rd, turn south, go 1 mile south to Myall Road, turn right (west) and Abshire Circle is the first street on your left going south. Bryan and Amber Marr residence. Beautiful display!

I hope the map below gives everyone a good idea just where the Marrs live in Lone Grove.

December 1930
A new angle to reducing automobile accidents has been made by W.W. Matthews, Chief of Motor vehicle inspections in Pennsylvania. His idea is to remove driving privileges from offenders. Matthews believes that violators will be very safe drivers after their license is revoked. He also believes requiring licenses eliminates the change of mentally and physically unfits from driving "Many person don't have the temperament to operate moving motor vehicles."

December 1930
Frank Gates said business conditions are not so bad as they are painted. Conditions are better than they were in 1920. Our present depression had its origins in last October a year ago when a long spree of gambling in stocks reached its climax. The depression traces directly to that time and cause. On the other hand, Gates said an optimist is a man who refuses to see the wolf until the wolf is eating him.

December 1965
A former resident of Tatums was shot and killed near here Sunday night after he slashed one woman and threatened another. James Haskell Elliott, 27, was shot and killed around 8:00pm by Deputy Sheriff Will Evans after Elliott refused to go with the lawman when he was arrested.

I wanted to talk about how dirt kills computers. Do you have your computer PC sitting on the floor? If you do, then shame on you. Through some 20 or so years of taking computers apart, I've noticed computers that sit on the floor pull in a lot more dirt and lint than ones sitting on a desk. Let's look at the 3 (pretty much standard) fans inside a computer.


In the back of most computers is a power supply where the 110v power cord is plugged in. Inside all power supplies is a fan used to draw air from the outside in to keep the power supply cooler. All the time your computer us running, the power supply fan is drawing in air along with dirt and lint that may be in the air. I took the photo below to show just how stopped up with lint and dirt a power supply can get and cause it to run hotter than normal.

The photo above is just the outside view of the power supply's vent holes. Inside the power supply its even worse, all the components have a blanket of dirt and lint, and that's why this power supply failed. It could not stay cool and overheated resulting in a failure.

There usually is another fan below the power supply that draws in air but that's all it is, just a fan. If it gets dirt and lint on it, the damage is less severe.

Inside the computer is another fan that is attached to the CPU. The CPU processor runs hot and must have a fan on it at all times. The computer's CPU Fan I mentioned above was really coated with dirt and lint. Too much dirt on the CPU fan will cause the computer to become unstable and freeze up a lot.

Below is a photo I took of the dirty CPU fan inside the computer.

To keep your computer from dying a premature death caused by heat we need to keep the computer's inside dirt and lint free as much as possible. The recommended method is to use a compressed can of air to blow the dirt/lint out. Even if the can of air cost $4 or $5 dollars, that's better than letting the dirt build up and requiring a new power supply at about $40 or more (just for the part).

I've even used my air compressor, but you have to be careful. The air compressor may put out 100 PSI of air, and if you do try this method, be sure and keep your nozzle 18 or more inches away so as to not have that high pressure air hitting the inside of the computer.

By the way, all the lint and dirt accumulated in the above new computer in one year.

A couple pavers I sandblasted this week.

Every now and then someone asks me how I sandblast the pavers I make. I put together a webpage on it some time back, but just added the photos this week and uploaded to my website. Hope this helps those with inquisitive minds. Enjoy!

On Monday December 29, 2014 there will be a retirement reception for Carter County Commissioner Dale Ott. The event will be held at the OSU conference room next door to the courthouse. Time will be from 2pm to 4pm. Hope to see some of you there!

Q.  Dr. Phil, an American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the television show was born in what Oklahoma town?
A.  Dr. Phil was born in Vinita, Oklahoma in 1950.

Q.  What Oklahoma town has a museum that houses one of the world's most extensive and renowned collections of Native American and Western art and artifacts?
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of December 13, 1997:

" mentioned using lime for various things and it made me recall an incident that happened years ago when I was 13 or 14 years old. They had a horse that.... got tangled in the chain and it cut the large muscle in one hind leg... The adults there decided that the only thing to do was to "put him down"... an old Dutchman... took a handful of lime every morning and evening and throw it into the wound.... the horse healed up nicely in a few weeks. I rode him several times after that and he still had a nasty scar and limped a little while walking but he still ran in a gallop and had no problems."
"Having just returned from Winterfest in Wichita, KS.... I got the opportunity to once again see a great fireworks shows.... The Company is from Oklahoma, makes their own fireworks, and the Winterfest show was around $15,000 to stage. The Company: Western Enterprises of Carrier, OK."

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch, The discussion about drug stores in Ardmore over the past couple of weeks has brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. The first drugstore I remember was Henley Drug in the Ardmore Hotel. I remember when Mr. Henley was ready to retire and couldn't find anyone to buy the business. They had a great soda fountain that ran along the east wall of the store. My dad was a friend of Mr. Henley and consequently, that was the store that got our business when we moved into town in 1952.

Every year at the beginning of school, all school aged children would take their book lists to City Drug and buy books and supplies. Their soda fountain was on the west side of the building. I don't think I was ever in the store except to buy books.

When we were downtown for something there was always Reavis Drug. The soda fountain was a place to meet friends. It seems like it was some how affiliated with Walgreens. They may have had the best soda fountain business in town. I think that was due mainly to the fact that they hired high school girls to work there after school and on Saturdays.

I became friends with Steve Parks in junior high and his father owned Parks Drug. After he bought the business, he expanded and upgraded the merchandise in the store. They used to do a huge business around Christmas. Their fountain was back in the southeast corner of the building.

When we moved to the north side of town, Ernest Martin was just opening the Broadlawn Pharmacy. That's the first place I saw MAD MAGAZINE. The first issue I saw had a parody of Perry Mason called PERRY MASONMINT and an article about how, in the future, nobody in California walked. Everyone had a scooter hanging on the back of their cars so nobody walked anywhere. It was also about this time that CornNuts appeared in stores. We received a sample pack of them one day during a school program at Charles Evans and I discovered that we could walk across the street to Broadlawn Pharmacy and they were in the candy counter. It was also at this time that I discovered cherry phosphates at Broadlawn's soda fountain.

Later while still attending Charles Evans, cinnamon oil toothpicks became popular. We could buy a small tube of cinnamon oil at the drug store for a quarter and soak toothpicks in it for a tangy treat. It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned from Ernest Martin that Principal Autrey visited with him and got Mr. Martin to stop selling the oil because some of the teachers were complaining about the smell of cinnamon throughout the school.

Now, it's hard to find a privately owned pharmacy anywhere. There is a privately owned pharmacy in Bozeman where I used to have medicine for one of our cats compounded. He said he did a big business from all over Montana because he is one of the only pharmacies in the state that still compounds drugs.

I hope Jill and you have a Merry Christmas."

-Monroe Cameron

"We were out driving around today near Springer and thought we would look to see if we could find the elk. Boy we hit the jackpot and found 43. What a beautiful site to see on an Oklahoma plain. These are not caged but free running elk." -Doug Williams
12/13/14 Update on McMillan Bell: "I grew up at Tyler, Oklahoma & I am very familiar with that area. The McMillan School Bell has been placed on Railroad Ties out in front of the old School, which is now used as a Community Center & or maybe a Church also. At one time the Bell was laying in a pasture behind Arville Saxton's house. I had visited with him about putting the Bell up at the Community Center. He agreed that was where it needed to be, but he passed away before he got it done. Later I talked to his son, J.A. Saxton, about putting it there. He said he would take care of it & he did, which I am very grateful. My Daddy & Mother both attended school there through the 8th grade. Thanks for what you do. I enjoy your This & That Newsletter so very much." -Tawana (Gardner) Fleming, Byers, Texas
12/15/14 Oklahoma City - An Oklahoma County Sheriff's Deputy is recovering after she was attacked Monday morning by a pit bull outside a NW Oklahoma City car repair shop.  CLICK HERE
History Dismantled in Ardmore: This has been around a while and you may have already seen it. They did an interview with me for the writing of the article."  -C. Duane Stevens

"Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings." -Clarence Odbody

"Remember, no man is a failure who has friends." -Clarence Odbody

It's a Wonderful Life - 1946

Below is a link to the full length streaming movie (2 hrs 10 min) free for the watching.

See everyone next week!

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