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Monday, September 4, 1933 in Ardmore, Oklahoma, a car chase took place that would make headlines across the country. Harvey Bailey, outlaw, was being held in jail at Dallas for kidnapping Oklahoma City oil man and millionaire, Charles F. Urschel. The Dallas county jail, constructed in 1914 in the southwest corner of Main and Houston streets, was considered escape proof. But somehow, a gun was slipped to Harvey Bailey, he took a jailor captive, and the two fled in the jailor's car. Bailey was associated with the mob. It was on his farm that police arrested one of the key murderers of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago. Machine Gun Kelley and Bailey were the suspected kidnappers of oilman Urschel. Washington DC anti-crime administrators had even sent 6 Army airplanes in search of Bailey.

After fleeing the Dallas jail, Bailey took back roads to Oklahoma. Love County Sheriff Sam Randolph received a tip that Bailey was in the Ardmore area. Soon afterward, Bailey stopped his car to get gasoline and was noticed immediately. Ardmore Police Chief Hale Dunn, and detectives Bennett Wallace and Raymond Shoemaker gave chase to Bailey, leading them on a wild chase through Ardmore. At the corner of North Washington and Second Street in front of the Mulkey Hotel, Bailey lost control of his car, hit the curb, and broke the spokes away from the tire. He was immediately surrounded by police and taken into custody. Jailor Nick Tresp, a hostage, was unharmed in the crash.

I remember my Dad, R.V. Bridges, telling me that he was in the Army Reserves at the time. When they moved Bailey from the city hall jail, my dad and another Army reserve were posted on top of the old Coca Cola building across the street (where the County Detention Center is now located) with a machine gun. He felt kind of silly being posted up there with two machine guns. There were spectators all over the area when they came out with Bailey, and he said there was no way they could shoot without hitting a lot of innocent bystanders.

In the old photo below parts of the Red River bridge north of Gainesville, Texas can be seen.

This week I received a request from a friend to find a photo of the old Comanche, Oklahoma hospital where her husband was born in 1958. I Googled several times but came up empty handed. But Michael Pineda was able to locate a photo. Because there did not seem to be a picture of the hospital to be found on the internet, I would assume this photo is a rare look at the hospital in its hay day.

The Washita County courthouse has been going through a facelift the past few months in Cordell, Oklahoma.

I received a package in the mail this week from Marie Wren of Fillmore, California. Marie has compiled the history of her pioneer family in Love County who settled along the banks of Hickory Creek, Pickens County, IT near Overbook. Marie's grandparents, Mary and Charley Rudd, took up residence in Indian Territory in 1893. There is a tremendous amount of genealogical and historical information on the Rudd family in the 350 page book. Marie said there is a copy of the book in the Ardmore Public Library.

If anyone from the Marietta area reads the above, I'd like to see that the book make it to the library/historical society there in Marietta for the public use.

Below is a link to an almost 1 inch thick solid brass plaque a friend has in his possession in Lone Grove, Oklahoma. I sandblasted it this week to clean off the deteriorating and peeling paint to make it ready to paint anew. The Latin at the bottom roughly means:  "Submerged we are on the enemy".

The plaque is with John and Guin Ryan of Lone Grove, and belonged to his wife's dad, Oliver Durham, who was a brown Navy Seal, Patrol Boat Riverine. He worked for NATO from 1962-1968 with a Level 6 security. In Vietnam he patrolled the rivers, protecting the supplies to the troops. He got the purple heart and four other medals. His full name:  Oliver Earl Durham.

Guinevere Durham Ryan's dad, Oliver Durham, is on the right in this photo.

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If anyone has been saving my newsletters through the years I am looking for Issue 573 dated January 24, 2008. Somehow, when I don't know, #573 was overwritten with a partial #573. If someone has it, even a paper copy in a binder, let me know.

Q.  The pressurized flight suit was invented in Maysville, Oklahoma by this famous pilot.
A.  Wiley Post

Q.  This state highway runs from Oklahoma's highest elevation to the lowest elevation in the state.
A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of February 13, 1999:

Someone gave me this photo of the bell in front of the Prague, Oklahoma Fire Department. Now this is the kind of bell I want!
"Of everything in your mailing, this one I will argue.... With a lot of hours on the net, and a lot of sites visited, I've never had a problem with a cookie... And, I will be using them soon for tracking purposes myself... So as I can mark "New" just next to the items that are new since your last visit, and I have a couple other things I'm thinking about implementing with them... So, I would recommend accepting them only from known sites, but not just flat out refusing them... Asides from that, interesting reading."
"Butch, This is a picture of some of the dignitaries at the burial of Hardy Murphy's horse (in Ardmore). Reading left to right they are: Floyd Randolph, Jim Askew Sr., Jim Askew Jr. Hardy Murphy, Mayor Iley Oxford, City Mgr. Emmet Brown, Ray Colvert, Unknown, Quintin Little, Carl Holden and Guy Harris."
The Eisenhower Interstate system requires that one-mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.
"I'm panicking! Didn't receive my T&T today.... hope you are ok."
Friday I had an unexpected surprise.... I was gone from my office for a few, and when I returned, my friends Rick and his wife and his office manager, Sharon, had left me a Valentine gift... Pineapple pie! Everyone wanted a piece of it... and I held them off as long as I could, but I finally gave in and let several of my co-workers have an itty bitty taste... hahaha.

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Non-ethanol gas (pure gas) stations in the Ardmore area.

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

If you're a frequent flyer, forget about those ads on the TV like Kayak, Priceline, Travelocity, etc. Nothing beats Google Flights for finding low fares.

"Butch I remember someone saying that back in the 30?s the Park or the CCC boys planted the cedar trees in Platt National Park? I found this in a search for Cedar trees and Platt National Park." -George Peveto

Monday, Aug 8, 2005
Recently, a contractor, Eastern Red Cedar Mulch, LLC of Stillwater, Oklahoma was awarded a contract to clear Eastern Red Cedars from 20 acres in the Platt District in Chickasaw National Recreation Area. They utilize specialized equipment that was equipped with rubber tracks, which are light on the land, to clear cedar trees. After one to two months, the contractor will return to grind the dried cedar trees into landscape mulch, which will be distributed to the Dallas landscape mulch market. Piles of cut cedars can be seen from U.S. Highway 177 and the park's Southeast Perimeter Road.
The contractor cut all female and most male cedar trees in the 20 acre plot. Older male trees thought to be planted by the Civilian Conservation Corp were saved along with deciduous trees five inches and larger.
The removal of cedar trees with the use of control burns and mechanical reduction in Chickasaw National Recreation Area has been a continuous process for several years with plans to continue. The cedar trees are being removed to allow the native grass to re-establish and the prairie and remaining deciduous trees to prosper. Also, views and vistas will be returned to the historic Platt National Park area thus restoring the cultural landscape and conserving water.
Although Eastern Red Cedar and Ash Juniper are a native species to Oklahoma, they are extremely invasive and can only be controlled by fire or mechanical means (cutting). According to the Strategy for Control and Utilization of Invasive Juniper Species final report published December 11, 2002 by the Red Cedar Task Force, it is estimated that cedars are expanding by 762 acres per day or 300,000 acres per year.

"In the mid 50's, several soft drink companies... Dr Pepper. Canada Dry. Pepsi... experimented with cone shaped tops on their cans... forerunners of the "tab."
"Woodford Stagecoach stop: Here are some of the images that I took back in 2008." -Cecil Elliott

Don't forget, Saturday is Valentine's Day.

I may not be a smart man but I know what love is. -Forrest Gump

See everyone next week!

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