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Oklahoma and Texas continues to receive more and more rain, almost daily. If you've been watching our local, or the national news, you know flooding has been wide spread in both states. Lake Texoma went over the spillway a of couple days ago for the 4th time since building started in 1939. The link below is KTEN television's bird's eye view of the flooding at Texoma.

A first took place today with the closing of the Roosevelt Bridge west of Durant Oklahoma because of flooding near the east end of the bridge (water over Highway 70).

I received the following email the other day, seeking info on any descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Settles:

The following are graves on private property near Madill, Oklahoma. The property owners were wondering if there are any descendants of these people still around.

M.C. Dau. Of
J. F. Settles
Born Oct 1885
Died Dec. 23 1887
Gone to a bright place where grief cannot come
The small markers goes to this child
The broken one is
Mary E.
Wife of
A. J. Jones
Jan. 13 1888
She was kind and affectionate wife fondly remembered and a friend to all

If anyone knows descendants of the Settle family above, please send me an email.

This statue in Foyil, Oklahoma commemorates Andy Payne, winner of the Bunion Derby, a transcontinental footrace from Los Angeles to New York. His story is the quintessential American tale of a life from hard scrabble beginnings to one of respect and considerable authority. He was the underdog in the race and used his winnings to pay off the family farm. And that's just the start. Frankly, it's astonishing that no one has made a movie based on his life.

National Guard Armory in Konawa built in 1938.
For the first 15 years of its existence, members of the 45th Infantry Division proudly wore on their left shoulders an ancient American Indian symbol of good luck, most commonly referred to as the swastika.
A similar symbol was adopted by the Nazi party in the late 1920?s, and as the N.S.D.A.P. rose to power in 1933 the symbol became so closely associated with German National socialism that it had to be abandoned as the insignia of the 45th Infantry Division.
For many months division members wore no insignia, while the design for a new emblem was being explored. The 45th Infantry Division held a contest to assist in selection of the new insignia and many designs were submitted. The contest was overseen by a board of officers who eventually determined the Thunderbird would become the new insignia of the 45th Infantry Division. In keeping with the tradition formerly established, it was also decided to maintain the same colors and design of the original insignia.
In 1939 after approval of the Commanding General, Eighth Corps Area, and the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, the Thunderbird design was officially approved by the War Department and authorized for manufacture and wear. The document approving the design, which was to become famous in World War II and the Korean War, stated that, the Thunderbird was a Native American symbol signifying "sacred bearer of happiness unlimited."  -Stephanie Johnson

May 1987
Troy Loard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Loard, received a diploma recently from Greer Technical Institute, Braidwood, Illinois. The school specializes in operation of earth moving equipment. Loard, a 1963 graduate of Lone Grove High School, specialized in operation of trucks, bulldozers, end loaders and self-propelled scrapers.

May 1964
Dundee High School will not operate next year, according to Supt. Shelby Sherrill, due to lack of operating funds. At present there are 29 students in grades 9-12 including valedictorian of 1964 class, John DeLano and salutatorian Mari Clayton.

May 1955
Ardmore druggist Ernest Martin, polled 7,322 votes to unseat incumbent Tom Tipps, who drew 5,826.

May 1931
Law enforcement authorities are warning all parents that children under the age of 16 are not allowed to drive a car.

Below is an email I received this week. Does anyone know about any painted horse statues around the state?

"My sisters and I were staying in Shawnee OK for a couple of weeks taking care of some family business, and we so much admired their painted horses. I picked up a brochure that said there were also some in Midwest City but never did find them. Are there any other painted statue ponies around the state? Everything was so pretty and green while we were there. But we got out just before all the rain hit the area. I fall in love with OK every time I get to go back, which isn't often enough."

A paver I sandblasted this week.

Even though I have not lost any more weight in 4 weeks since dropping down to 177 pounds, I'm still getting the benefit of the extra energy and all. If anyone wants to try it give me a holler. "I'll meet you at the Walmart mailbox!" Join us and check it all out at the link below.

Hot days just around the corner, my OKie Power Saver will help keep my electric bill as low as possible when I crank up the air conditioning this summer. I'm ready to combat that sky high electric bill. I have created a webpage to tell more about the OKie Power Saver at the link below. You really have nothing to lose except a high electric bill to try the power saver. I am guaranteeing the unit to save you money or your money back. Give me a holler for more information.

Q.  What year did written history in Oklahoma begin?
A.  In 1540 when Coronado crossed the plains with the conquistadors.

Q.  Sometime after 1864 in what Oklahoma town did outlaw "captain" William Coe build a "fortress? to protect himself and his gang of some 30 to 50 members, who primarily rustled cattle, horses, sheep, and mules?

A.  (answer in next week's T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of May 26, 2001:

Last Tuesday the old 1926 Frisco steam Locomotive rumbled into Ardmore. She was beautiful! And I imagine she was the longest passenger train to come through Ardmore since the mid 70s when the last one came through. She had 9 passenger cars behind the engines and water car!
There was a lot of good food in the month of May Heartland Share program. This is a pic of the items I paid $17 for, and well worth. May's Share was made up of the following: Schwan's Hoagie Burgers - 2 LBS. Schwan's BBQ Little Smokies - 1 1/2 LBS. Beef Steak Filets - 10 OZ. Tyson Chicken Drums - 1.8 LBS. Chicken Fajitas Strips - 14 OZ. Lettuce - 1 Head. Potatoes. Vidalia Onions - 2 LB. Bag. Red Peppers - 2. Slaw Mix - 1 LB. PKG. California Valencia Oranges - 4. Red Delicious Apples - 4. Flour Tortilla - 10 Count. Swiss Miss Chocolate Pudding - 4 PK
"Butch, Years ago there was a shop located in the NE corner of the Whittington Hotel on East Main. The shop specialized in having an automatic photograph machine located there where you could have your picture made and then wait a couple of minutes to get the picture. Certainly the quality was not wonderful and could not be compared to a professional photographic shop. I remember they would hand color the black & white pictures by putting crape paper into water and squeezing the color out. They would then take a cotton swab and simply rub it onto the photograph to give it a color or colors."
"I was glad to see the picture of Johnny Newcomer. He was principal when I went to Franklin School back in 1941- 47. He would visit each class and always give several complicated arithmetic problems. I though he was the nicest of men."
"Hello Butch, Yes I studied the picture of your Mother very close. I knew it was a retouched photo but wondered more about the large beads she wore than anything. Wondered if they had been painted on and why so big. She was a very beautiful lady. Saw this morning that the untouched photo had the large beads as well. That answered that question.
The following material is extracted from the original thesis entitled " A History of Ardmore, Okla. from the earliest beginning to 1907 by Paul A. Frame." "In 1898, in company with Dr. F.P. von Keller, Dr. J.C. McNeese, and Dr. Robert Henry, Dr. Walter Hardy opened the Ardmore Sanitarium above the Ramsey Drug Store, which was located on the northwest corner of Main and Caddo. This sanitarium, one of the first to be built between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, had twelve beds, an x-ray machine, and a small clinical laboratory. It served as the only hospital in Ardmore until 1911, when the present Hardy Sanitarium was built. Dr. von Keller did not build his hospital north of town until 1917"
"Butch, I worked at Will Roger's ranch ( a Calif. state park ) for a little over four years back in '75/79, and came across this picture of Will's favorite horse, Soapsuds. Thought you and your subscribers might get a bang out of seeing it. He was a very interesting man, and I became aware of a lot of little things the general public didn't know about him and his family. How many people are aware that he was the mayor (honorary) of Beverly Hills, and was among the elite of Hollywood society in those days. But he was the "real McCoy "; a down to earth guy and proud to be an Oklahoman. He said "When the Okies came to California, it improved the population of both states". I've got to agree."
"Hi Butch, I'm amazed every Saturday at your terrific T&T articles, and the memories they bring back. Every week I scan all the photos and read every email from your subscribers, and they are all interesting. Thought you might like a picture of the old Murray County Courthouse (attached). A few weeks ago I found a site listing all the Murray County sheriffs since statehood. I remember my grandparents speaking of Bird Williams, and Bose Johnson was sheriff when I lived in Sulphur, but I was really astounded to read that John Henry Samples was the sheriff in about 1950. When I was in the fourth grade at Washington Elementary in Sulphur, I got into one of my weekly fights (sometimes daily) with a little tough kid, one of two to ever actually "whup" me; he gave me a beautiful shiner that lasted about two weeks. That kids name: John Henry Samples. But the sheriff must have been his dad, because little John Henry would have been about 19 years old when J.H. Sample was sheriff. Looks like I got out of town just in time !!!"
Sheriffs of Murray County, 1890 - 2000
Sheriffs served 2 year terms until 1974 when 4 year terms began.
W. D. McCarty 1890 - 1900 - first lawman in area in I.T.
W. D. McCarty 1900 - 1906
T. A. Maxwell 1906 - 1910
M. S. Rowlings 1910 - 1916
B. B. Deel 1916 - 1918
C. H. Parks 1918 - 1924
Bird Williams 1924 - 1928
Ira Potes 1928 - 1930
Bose Johnson 1930 - 1940
Marvin Stevens 1940 - 1946
Marion Holland 1946 - 1948
John Henry Samples 1948 - 1952
Leonard Monger 1952 - 1958
Corbitt Higgins 1958 - 1964
John Harold Roady 1964 - 1972 - ousted during last term, Viles Collins appointed.
Gary Fullerton 1972 - 1974 - resigned after 9 months, Johnny Day appointed.
Perry D. Frantz 1974 - 1980
Edwin M. Bristol 1980 - 1996
Marvin McCracken 1996 - 2000
"Butch, Noticed last week the name "Tiny" Sparger. I remember "Puny" Sparger, justice of the peace, and his hamburger stand where he sold "Puny Burgers". Both he and his burgers were anything but puny. His wife, Julia K. Sparger, was a teacher at Ardmore HS in the fifties. I had her for two years of Latin and a year of English Lit.. She was an knowledgeable, inspiring, demanding teacher - one of the best. As a former Ardmoreite, I enjoy T&T, especially your photos of the area."
"I was a patient in the Von Keller Hospital several times between October 1952 and February 1953. My doctor was a lady by the name of Dr. Walker. I don't remember her first name. While there as a patient I was given very good medical treatment and cared for very well. Brings back old memories."
"The Prairie Valley School is located about five miles northwest of Ardmore in one of the most beautiful sections of Carter County. The gradual rolling prairie gives an excellent view of the country in almost every direction. Prairie Valley was one the first schools to be established in this section of the county. The first building was erected some 25 years ago. It was a one room unpainted structure, serving as a school house, a church and public gathering place for the community. The present building was erected in 1908, only a short distance for the site of the old building. The valley is mostly prairie and the reason the school was called Prairie Valley.... The school offers eight years of training and recently is graduation a class of 19 students under the direction of Mr. G.C.Adams."

"In 1923: Plainview, district 27, is located three miles southwest of Ardmore. The school received its name on account of its high elevation which enables a person to see plainly for a radium of several miles around. Plainview has sprung, in two years time, from an unaffiliated rural school employing only three teachers to a three year accredited high school employing five teachers. Plainview school consists of 125 pupils. The 1923 graduating class expects to find seven graduating from the 11th. grade; 12 from the 10th. grade; 4 from the ninth grade and 16 from the eighth grade. The Plainview School is very progressive and is well served by the teachers and supported by the patrons of the community."

"The Brock School is located 7 miles southwest of Ardmore, near the community of Brock, which received its name from a Mr. Smith Brock, prominent Chickasaw. The school has a census of 125 and offers eight grades of work. Miss Grace Blankenship is principal of Brock and has been re-elected for next term. She has been ably assisted in the school by Miss Ada Ferguson. Several pupils of Brock District have received Common School Diplomas."

"Crinerville School is located near Brock in the Amerada Oil Field. The school offers eight grades of work under the supervision of two teachers. Charles Gilder is principal and teaches the 5th, 6th. and 8th. grades. Ester Lee is assistant teacher and teaches the 1st., second, third and 4th. grades."

"The Staunton School was northwest of Healdton, Oklahoma."
"Long story, try to make it short. We were on our way today to Idabel, Oklahoma to visit cemetery. Went thru Ft. Towson, Oklahoma and my wife saw a good friend of hers on Main St. planting flowers near Fire Dept. We stopped and they chatted. I looked up and lo and behold there was a bell, which used to be for calling the volunteer fireman, So I got my digital out and here you are... some more bell pictures. Enjoy."

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch, When I was growing up in Healdton during the 30's and 40's, there was an old swimming pool filled with oil. Does anyone know the history of that pool? -Tommie Jenkins

Been busy the past couple of months?. Looks like you guys are having quite some weather down there. Here in Denver it?s been rain, rain, rain, which is unusual given the long term drought we?ve been in. A few small tornados on the eastern plains, but nothing like Oklahoma weather!

I ran across this article about chicken eggs and a ?double? egg ? one inside the other ( )which took me right back to my days on the farm, raising chickens and culling, grading, and packaging eggs for sell in all the local supermarkets in Madill, OK. I saw many a double-yoked egg but never a full egg inside another one.

Here?s a pic of the chicken barn, my mother, brother and myself that I included in my book Growing up Stories.

-Kenny Chaffin

Digging Selenite Crystals in The Oklahoma Salt Plains.
Q. "Butch, My brother, George Davenport sent me this wonderful and delightful ad. He found it while digging through an old garage on their property and became interested in learning its history. I've tried to research it, but couldn't come up with anyone named Ed Aston, nor a salvage yard by that name. Just love how the old fellow is really ogling the cute girl at the car. The ad is really old and I'm just guessing it came out of the 1920s or early 1930s. My guess is based on that old gas pump and the design of the car. It's such a neat ad and we'd sure like to see if any of your Readers could shed some light on who Ed Aston was and just when he was in business in Ardmore." -Mae Cox
A. In 1924 Ed Aston owned Aston Trucking Company at 302 East Main in Ardmore. Ed and his wife, Mary, resided at 402 3rd Ave SE. There was a James and Rose Aston who owned Aston Sewing Center at 815 4th NE back in the 1960s just a block north of where I grew up on 3rd NE. I do not know if Ed and James were kin.

"Thank you so much for all you do in putting together your This and That. We enjoy reading it, there's always something new we didn't know. haha Appreciate it!
Just to clarify the spelling:
Texhoma is a town in Texas County, Oklahoma
Texoma is the lake"

"I remember well the drought in 1956 because we opened Will Rogers School in August that summer with NO air condition. The lady teachers would take their students out for recess (they all wore dresses then) and come in after recess with sweat & mud running down their legs. The playground was freshly graded." -Edgar Wallace
"We once had a running talk about Osage oranges (horse apples). Recalling back I believe I sent you some of the oranges or seed. I was curious if they ever come up? I stuck about 10 oranges in the ground last fall and I think every seed sprouted. I have enjoyed giving the little baby seedlings to folks. I then tell them to contact you as you are the expert. HA. I also have a unique pear tree. If I don't forget I will take a photo of it and send you this fall. The Old folks says it is a Christmas pear. I have tried to plant them, sprouting young limbs with no luck. They have a strong pear taste but draw your mouth like a green persimmon. The pears hang like grapes from the limbs, cattle and deer love them.  I wish I had one growing every 100 ft. apart in the pastures. I believe no cow would ever get out in the fall of the year, up till after Christmas." -Taylor Crowe

Down the ditches for a thousand years the waters grew Ira's people's crops,
Till the white man stole their water rights and their sparkling water stopped.
Now Ira's folks grew hungry and their land grew crops of weeds,
When war came Ira volunteered and forgot the white man's greed.
Well they battled up Iwo Jima Hill - two hundred and fifty men,
But only twenty seven lived to walk back down again;
When the fight was over and Old Glory raised,
Among the men who held it high was the Indian - Ira Hayes."

Johnny Cash, 1964

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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