Russett Articles from Madill Record – May 8, 1952
-courtesy of Larry Wilcox

Updated July 19, 2003 11:31 PM

Russett Alumni, Juniors, Seniors Banquet Together
The annual junior-senior banquet at Russett high school is much more than just an affair for the two classes. In fact, it is much more than just a high school affair.

There are only 35 students enrolled in the entire Russett high school—but there were 73 guests at the junior-senior banquet held last Friday night.

The reason for this is that alumni, too, are invited to the annual affair. Then of course, in addition to the juniors and seniors there are teachers, board members and other prominent persons in the community in attendance. This year’s banquet was especially interesting, since the "spring round-up" motif was carried out in the decorations and appointments. Rail fences, saddles, wagon wheels, horseshoes, miniature covered wagons and various other western decorations provided an unusually interesting western setting. Wayne Easterwood, president of the junior class, presided at the banquet. The meal was prepared by the ladies of the Russett home demonstration club, and was served by boys and girls of the freshman class. Dale Easterwood, brother of the junior class president, was elected president of the alumni association for the coming year. The junior-senior banquet is one of the outstanding events of the Russett community each year.