Russett Articles from Madill Record – May 8, 1952
-courtesy of Larry Wilcox

Updated July 19, 2003 11:32 PM

Leland Portman Heads 7–Teacher Russett School
Leland Portman, superintendent of schools at Russett, is a man with a quarter of a century of teaching behind him.

A graduate of Southeastern State College, Durant, he started his teaching career in Bryan county. He served at various schools and in various capacities there for 20 years, before accepting the superintendency of the Russett Schools.

He has been superintendent at Russett for the past five years. In addition to his administrative duty, he also teaches history.

Mrs. Portman who also was a graduate of Southeastern State College, also is teaching school at Russett. She teaches first and second grade.

Mrs. Josie Upgraff, Tishomingo teaches the third and fourth grade.
Mrs. Patricia Ross, Tishomingo, teaches the fifth and sixth grades.
Sammy Littlepage, Tishomingo, teaches the seventh and eighth grades.
B. B. Smith, Tishomingo, is the mathematics instructor.
Donald C. Murk, Milburn, is the principal.

Mr. and Mrs. Portman make their homes in Russett. All the other teachers drive back and forth from their homes, in Tishomingo and Milburn.