Updated July 19, 2003 11:40 PM

This is the old two story house which is just north of the Russett Baptist Church. This photo was taken from the old highway so this shot was taken facing south. I would love to know the history of this house if anyone out there knows about it.
-Click here to read an email from a former resident of that house

This is also the only house that had the only storm shelter we and our neighbors used every year. One more thing....I have an inch long scar on my back from crawling under the barbed wire fence in the foreground.

Here is another shot of that two story house. If you look in the rear view mirror of the truck in the picture, you can see the white dot which appears to be at the end of the road behind the truck, that white dot is the Eddings' house. It isn't really right at the end of the road, but that is how it appears in this picture.

Here is a clipping about the old "Haunted House". Larry Wilcox, who used to live in the house, sent this to me.