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2001-2004 Photo Album
Fun Hill, Bad Tree & Good Tree

This one is just my own bit of nostalgia.

This photo was taken standing directly south of the school and facing north. It is a picture of a hill that as a child I would have described as "that big ole hill". We used to take our bikes up on the top and ride down into the ditch. If you could make it to the other side of the ditch and come out on top without wrecking you had something to brag about. :)

This next photo is of an old bois d' arc tree in Momma Huey's yard. There used to be a driveway here, but now it is all grass. I remember being in a terrible hurry one day when I was about 10-12 years old. I was running down the driveway and ducked under this tree..but didn't duck far enough. One of the thorns on the branch swiped across my eyebrow. I don't know how it missed my eye... but I barely got a scratch. Evidently it went deep enough to scrape out all of my eyebrow hairs in its path because to this day I have a hairless scar across that eyebrow. :)

In 2004 I went back and this tree had been bulldozed by the Chapmans two weeks after I shot this photo.

This tree, pictured below, was one of my very very favorite trees to climb. It is a pecan tree if I remember right. It had a low branch that was easy to grab and then on the top part of that branch it was perfectly curved for leaning back and just watching the world. I spent A LOT of time in this tree daydreaming.

I tried to climb it again after I shot this photo, but I just couldn't reach the branch. :)

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