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2001 Photo Album
Huey House (red house directly south of the school)

Helen Huey was a single mom who raised 3 girls in this house. She also had a son named Billy ("Bimbo") who never lived there while I was in Russett. I'm not sure if he ever did. Momma Huey (as I called her) also raised her grandson, Chris (Billy's son) in this house. Her youngest daughter was Dorene. Dorene was a few years younger than me and we were best friends for years. Helen's other, older daughters were Elena and Sherri. Sherri went on to marry Tommy Isenburg and had two children with him.

Momma Huey was well known for practically living on the muddy, red banks of the Washita River and fishing constantly. Her house was surrounded by the trophy heads of catfish.

In one of the above photos you can see the painted side of an old chicken coop. It says "S&H Club stay out!" That stood for Stout and Huey. Dorene and I painted those words on that shed when I was about 12? Gosh I can't really remember. I was amazed that 20 years later it was still painted there.

I took the photos above in March 2001. Two weeks later the Chapmans brought a bull dozer through and leveled and burned everything except for the actual house.

2004 Photos

The living room.

The Kitchen
I am so amazed at how well the wood is holding up in this house.. they were built so sturdy back then. I am told that none of the houses were built in Russett, but that they were all moved there on wheels.

These blackberries are growing at the corner of the house. I had not seen a blackberry bush in 20 years.

< In this photo, I am standing on the dirt road that leads to the house that I grew up in. The red house to the left is the Huey house.

This is a photo of the Huey house from the back. You can see the old schoolhouse just north of this house. >


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