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From: "Lou Harper"
To: Paula STOUT
Subject: Question
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 08:36:43

Hello Paula, I found your site from Butch Bridges' newsletter, "This & That."

I saw the old Russett school photo and learned that you are from there. In the late 50's I dated a boy from Russett. His name was Carl Dean Looney. He graduated in 1958. He was one of three children, himself, his older sister, Codeen, and a younger sister, Tina. I read about a school reunion for the class of 1950 and that people needed to contact Codeen Easterwood. I wondered if this might be Carl Dean Looney's sister. Exploring the information about Russett took me back to many pleasant times spent in that community. If you have any information about the Looney family I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks, Lou Harper my e-mail address is louhrpr1@arbuckleonline.com

From: Paula STOUT
To: "Lou Harper"
Subject: Question
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001

I really don't have any information at this point beyond what I have on the Web site... but one thing that I do remember is that when I went to school in Madill (high school in the 1980s) there was a girl there named Carla Looney. She was beautiful and "Miss" everything.. homecoming queen, prom queen etc...

I am certain her father's name was Carl and that she was named after him. I have scanned a picture of Carla and attached it to this email .. maybe you can see a family resemblance? I seem to remember that her family lived in Russett though I am drawing a blank as to just where in Russett they lived.

This is her senior picture from the 1982 Madill High School Yearbook. If you will give your permission, I would like to add your question to a "Query" section; for people asking more questions; of my Russett site. If you prefer you can rewrite it more formally since others would be reading it.


Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 10:31:33

Thanks for such a quick response, Paula.
I am certain that the picture of Carla must be Carl's daughter. She looks much like him and also like her aunts, Codeen and Tina. What a lovely girl!

Carl's older sister, Codeen, was married to a nice young man but I couldn't recall his last name. I am sure that it was she who was mentioned on the site in regard to the class reunion of 1950.

I met Carl through a mutual friend, Patti (Patricia) Simms, who had formerly gone to my school (Thackerville) until moving with her family to Russett. Patti's older sister, Von Gayla Pratt lived at that time in Madill with her husband and young children.

A few years ago, Patti attended a school reunion at Thackerville. At that time she had been in recent contact with Carl. . Patti told me his wife was in poor health. That was the last information I had about him.

As to writing my question more formally, will you please make the necessary changes for me? I'm not certain what to change. You have my permission to use any of my questions on your site. The older one becomes, the more wonderful it is to find old friends.

Thanks so much! Lou Harper ....(formerly Louise Morgan)


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