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Hi Paula, Thanks so much for this info. I am sending you a FGS on my gr-grandfather, Joe (Josiah) Rigney. It is a .pdf file so you can open it with Adobe Acrobat and print it. I don't know how much info you want on him, so let me know how far back you want to go. He was born in 1868 in Fentress Co. TN and he died on 9 Apr 1950 in Russett, OK. He was the son of Buford Rigney, b. 1816 and Annjeanette Young, b. 1837 both in Fentress Co. TN.

He married first, Emeline Burk, half-sister of James Shelton of Fentress Co. TN. They all came to Grayson Co. TX in about 1885 or so. Joe Rigney moved then to Teller and his wife Emeline Burk Rigney, died in 1917 and is buried in Teller Cem. (no stone). Joe and Emeline had one daughter, Ruby Rigney and she is my grandmother.

He then married a woman named Lillie. I would love to know what her last name was. She died in 1949 and is buried in the Russett Cemetery also. She and Joe Rigney had twin sons named Joy and Toy (I swear that's their names). They were born in 1929 and probably had to fight their entire lives. :>).

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stoutgenealogy@stoutgenealogy.com writes: Just getting around to working with these more.. Do you know if Joy and Toy were born in Russett?

Joannasd@aol.com writes: HI Paula, I assume that Joy and Toy were born in Russett. I don't know for sure though. I have since found the marriage record for Joe Rigney and Lillie Morris in Marshall Co., OK. I have sent for the copy of the marriage record. They probably married after 1915, since the index I found the record in was from 1915-1919. There is also a record in the index for Mrs. Lillie Morris and Frank Davis. This marrige between 1912 and 1915. I don't know if this Lillie Morris was married to Frank Davis before she married Joe Rigney.????. As to Joy and Toy ( I still can't believe they named those two little boys that) I gues they were born in or around Russett. The only two places I knew of that Grandpa Rigney lived was Teller and Russett. In the 1920 census they were in the Garrett Township on sheet 2A. Joe Rigney was 51 and Lillie was 26. There is another man named either Ferman or Jerman living with them. It doesn't give his last name, but he is listed as a brother. He is only 15, so he must be her brother.

Do you know if ED 85 was Russett in the 1920 census?

Thanks, Joanna



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