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Vol 22  Issue 1,124  August 9, 2018

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The rains have finally made it to extremely dry, parched Southern Oklahoma, thankful to God. Temperatures have been over 100 many days. Below is two pictures of Turner Falls, one made in 2016 the other last week.  We need the predicted rains the next 7 or 8 days.

Turner Falls on February 23, 2018


Here is Turner Falls just last week.


July 1934
Cattle offered to the federal government for Drought relief Aid in Parker County climb to 10,000 122 after scores of farmers and Ranch men listed cattle with a government. Numbers ranged from one cow to 150 by sailors. Thousands of Acres of feed crops and pastors have been ruined by drought. The state has been given 1.65 million dollars to feed needy families. There are estimated to be 100000 hungry families in the state.

July 1934
Mrs. Connie Jackson, Prairie Valley. says, “I am like the old mountaineer. I think too much civilization is one thing that’s wrong with us today.”

July 1958
Carter County selected its youngest sheriff in history after 26 year old Gerald Co con was swept into office during a record vote in the Primary runoff election. Cobb, a tall soft-spoken newcomer to the political Circle scored a surprisingly easy triumph over state legislator Robert price in the feature race on the County ticket. Price lost his race in most recent most precincts including his hometown of Lone Grove for Cobb one 267-2164. A Democrat will not have an opponent in the general election in November. His victory came after his birthday.

July 1958
Clinton Bennett won the Constable race in Lone Grove in Tuesday’s Primary runoff election beating of Alton Jones 208 to 159. Bennett was elected to fill the office vacated by Robert Denney.

Q.  Where in Oklahoma is a cheese house that features a store, deli, and cafe with a unique atmosphere that will transport you back in time. With 50 varieties of cheeses, this cheese house has it all! They’ve got all the basics, and you’ll find unique flavors like Scorpion Cheddar Cheese, Horseradish Cheddar or Bermuda Onion.
A.   Amish Cheese House in Chouteau, Oklahoma.

Q.  Oklahoma is no stranger to abandoned towns. From the east to the west side of the state there are hundreds of ghost towns that most people have long forgotten about. One, in particular, located in far south west Oklahoma close to the border of Texas, is still littered with memories. Also many old buildings still there some with a lot of Okie junk inside for the browsing. One even has a front door with a cross made from tree limbs attached to the front and a wierd cemetery. Find out where in next week’s newsletter.
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of August 10, 2006

Workers are finishing up the resurfacing of Stanley street SW this week. When they removed the asphalt the other day, you could see the original red brick street. These were laid when the street was called 2nd Street SW in the 20s. Stanley Street was name after Ardmore police judge (1917) H.A. (Henry Austin) Stanley and his wife Lela who taught at Lincoln Elementary. They lived at 1023 Stanley where Lela also conducted high quality private school at one time. This first picture is looking east from the 200 block of Stanley. Click Here

And this is looking west on Stanley from the same spot near B Street.

This is a pic I took of the actual machine that lays the hot asphalt. When its running, you will see a dump truck of hot asphalt in front of it, continually pushing the hot asphalt into that hopper.

There are a lot of people who have to work in this awful heat. But after watching this asphalt crew for few minutes, I can tell you these guys resurfacing the street are tough… working in more than a 104 degree heat. But one worker has got to be one tuff cookie and should get the prize. He’s running the steam roller so I snapped a pic of him in the photo below. When the steam roller passed by me, the ground shook beneath my feet, and immediately after passing, I walked across Stanley to the south side, and I could really feel the heat hitting me in the face from the hot newly laid asphalt . Talk about hot…. I’m talking about hot as hades.

This is a close-up I took of the steam roller operator. In that 104 degree heat, his job will separate the men from the boys real fast. One can only imagine how hot it is perched above that steam roller as shown in the picture below.
From The Wilson News
January 1915:
1-21-1915 The Oil Refinery at Ardmore took the first run of oil this week.
1-28-1915 It is reported that the dynamite explosion here last Friday night was plainly heard two miles the other side of Healdton.

February 1915:
2-4-1915 Misses Eula and Verda Marrs and Messrs. Jim McCorley and Benny Darling drove to Healdton oil fields on Sunday for a pleasure trip. They reported twelve rigs blown down by the wind storm.
2-4-1915 The Wirt Post Office opened its doors last Monday. They have a carrier from the Healdton office.
2-4-1915 In the state legislature the house passed a bill Friday providing for a payment of a pension of $10.00 a month to all disabled or indigent ex-confederate soldiers or sailors or their widows.
March 1915:
3-18-1915 The Wilson School baseball team went to Ragtown last Saturday to play the school team of that place. The Wilson boys found a team of grown men, the boys team not having had practice enough to give them confidence to enter the game. The score was 17 to 36 in favor of Ragtown.
3-11-1915 $1,000 Dead or Alive – Governor Williams has offered the above reward in behalf of the state for Henry Starr and others who are supposed to have taken part in a daring raid on the State Bank at Carney on December 29.
-submitted by Mindy Taylor
I’ve mentioned over the years several times about the only signal light in Pushmataha county is located in Antlers, Oklahoma. When I was over there a couple weeks ago, its still the only traffic signal in the county.
Larry Smith gave me a peanut rounder this week he picked up at Blossom, Texas (about 10 miles east of Paris, TX) . The Anderson Candy Company is located in Blossom, Texas and the peanut rounder Larry gave me wednesday was just made that day! Boy, you talk about taste the freshness!! And I’m like a lot of others in Oklahoma and Texas, if it ain’t red, it ain’t a true peanut rounder. lol

“The next time you are in Grove, OK allow extra time to go see Har-Ber Village. It is a complete antique village named Har-Ber Village after Harvey-Bernice Jones who started it in 1968. Harvey Jones owned Jones Truck Lines of Springdale, AR I have visited it one time in 1992 and, if you like to see how our ancestors lived, it is well worth anybody’s time to see it. The Frisco Ry branch line to Grove from Rogers, AR was 46.3 miles long and was where the 1939 movie Jesse James was filmed. The steam locomotive used in the film came from the 5 mile long Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad. Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda and Randolph Scott starred in the movie. The Frisco turned their locomotives at Grove on a “gallows turntable.” A gallows turntable has no pit, the turning operation is completely on top of the ground.” -H. E. Huber, Plano TX
“Hi Butch. Mr. Jones Koyle (Jones is his first name), the current owner of the Brady Ranch and I hung a new Pooleville sign on the corner of his property today. This sign replaces the old one which blew down a few months ago. The new one is a duplicate of the old one except it is made of aluminum and the old one was plywood. Here is a picture of it.” -Jon
“Butch, While you’re on the subject of pronouncation, you might also want to remind readers that “Texhoma” is a town in the Oklahoma and Texas panhandle straddling the border between the two states. (Special laws allow them to have a school district with the elementary school in one state, the high school in the other.) The lake on the Texas-Oklahoma border near Kingston is Lake Texoma (not Texhoma).” -Wes Leatherock
“Nice bell in Grove, OK though the wheel looks too small for it. Another knock-off of C.S.Bell’s work, I guess. Notice the little decorations at each end of the longer inscription on the yoke.” -Carl in MO

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Your mention of Choctaw weather forecaster Buster Ned in your july 26th issue brought to mind a poem by Zoe Tilghman. Founder of the Poetry Society of Oklahoma… It is from 1934…

Six foot two in his moccasins, stately, unbowed by age.
Eagle Bull came down the sun-parched street
And I questioned the old Osage.

For the drought was sore in the country
“When will it rain? Can you say?”
He nodded, “rain pretty soon.
“He said, “hoot owl holler in day.”

But the days went on and it still was dry,
And I said to the Chief, “Oho ! “
“What about rain? “.
“I mistake “, He said,
“That was young owl. He don’t know !
Hey there Butch, I’m sending you this photo of the church bell out front of the Prairie Grove Church in Talihina, Oklahoma, just off of Highway 63. The church is well over 100 years old and has a cemetery out front of it where my Father and Grandparents are buried, as of many more relatives. My Grandfather, on my Mother’s side, signed the book in the church in 1946. The church has been added on to many
times over the years. I really do not know how old this bell is but has a rope to pull it. -Billy G. McBride
There are NO stop lights in ALL of Cimarron County…just three highway intersections, and a “round-a-bout” in Boise City, Oklahoma.
There are no traffic lights in Jefferson County. The closest thing to one is the flashing red lights at the four way stop where Hwy 70 and Hwy 81 intersect.

“What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.” -Jane Austen 1775 to 1817

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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