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Vol 25  Issue 1,259  March11, 2021

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“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us,
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

A Glimpse Into The Past

The Insurance Women

The insurance women of Ardmore, host of 22 members. The club was organized on April 15, 1955, and became affiliated with the National Association of Insurance Women in November, 1955.

The purpose of the National Association is to encourage and foster educational programs designed to broaden the knowledge of insurance of its members and to cultivate their friendship, loyalty and service.

The club encourages insurance women to better prepare themselves for their positions and to make them more responsive to the business requirements of their associates.

The club has presented extensive educational programs and is now engaged in sponsoring for its members and their employers the Institute of America course which is the preparatory course C.P.C.U (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter) highest degree that can be obtained attained in the field.

In addition to education, the club is actively engaged in promoting public safety, creating good public relations, aiding in welfare projects and employment, keeping abreast of insurance legislation and extending the benefits of the club through the activities of the membership committee.
-from Carter County History book 1957


January 1968
The plan for the consolidation of up to 10 school districts in the northern Carter County area has been discontinued involved in the consolidation efforts were Bray, Doyle, Elmore City, Fox, Graham, Healdton, Loco, Pernell, Velma-Alma and Woodland. If the consolidation had been approved by the school boards, the one big school would have been located near Ratliff City.

January 1951
Tucker Tower, oldest of permanent structures on Lake Murray Park and beyond doubt the most widely known landmark of the big playground, is getting its face lifted. The tower was originally built to serve as a summer vacation home for Oklahoma governors. It has since become a geological and natural history museum.

January 1927
Funeral services for J.J. Sigler, 74, Tulia, Texas, and father of Guy Sigler, were published Tuesday. The news reached the court 5 hours after Brett requested the investigation.

I went 18 miles south to Marietta, Oklahoma this afternoon and got my Johnson & Johnson Covid 19 vaccination. A piece of cake, no waiting, in and out. After the Love County Medic gave me the shot, you have a seat in a waiting area for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the lady asked if I felt ok and I said yes. I did tell her I could not swear under oath I even got the shot since I did not feel a thing. I just had to take the Medics word for it. lol
Anyway I did have an immediate after affect from the shot, I had the sudden urge for a hamburger. I didn’t even think I could make it back home to Ardmore, so I stopped at MaMa’s Place at the south edge of Marietta and got the hamburger of all hamburgers. 1/2 lb burger with all the trimmings. Delicious. The meat is ground fresh there and hangs way over the bun, you don’t see that very often! $9.35 including tax for the huge burger, bag of chips and can of Dr Pepper. I’ll be stopping there again next time I’m in Marietta.



A couple pavers I made the past few days. The first one is in concert with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman organization.




As of today we have reached area people about unclaimed property totaling over $742,675. And the search continues….

So with the above being said, how long has it been since you checked your name or a family member’s name? Its easy to do a search at the Oklahoma State Treasurer link below. I think every state in the union has a unclaimed property website through the respective state treasures website.

Q. Who is the first woman from Oklahoma to be crowned Miss USA?
A.  Olivia Jordan of Tulsa. Click Here

Q.  Which county in Oklahoma lives the healthiest people in the state?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Matchbook covers for Ardmore’s Button’s Auto Electric, Scotta’s Florist, and Stonewood Courts. -Robert Hensley

Button’s Auto Electrical Supply corner of Hwy 70 & 77 Ardmore, Ok. wholesale distributers of batteries. Specializing in rebuilding of generators, starters, & bendix. Featuring perfect repairs.

Scotta’s Florist  701 1st N.W. Ardmore, Ok. Phone  995

Stonewood Courts , air conditioned, central heated, Tourists paradise, complete in every detail. 1/2 mile south Highway 77, Ardmore, OK. Phone 3915

And this one a 1906 photo of the First National Bank of Ardmore.
Butch, I thought you might find this interesting. Don Waters worked for my dad as a teenager back in the 50s at his service station across the highway from the Skyview Drive in. -Monroe Cameron

09/15/2005 Monroe: I did in fact work for Mr. Cameron at that time. Bud Hunt and Richard Head usually gathered in to be the judges. We all built some pretty unique models. I had forgotten about that until now. I remember someone telling me that Mr. Cameron had moved his family to Colo. and from that time forward I never knew what happened to you guys. He did a lot for his employees and we all respected him a lot. I remember that he was pretty adamant about the way business should be conducted around the public. As a teenager that seems trivial but as you grow into the real world you are glad someone taught you these things.. I entered law enforcement after the military and retired in 2001 as the Sheriff of this county. Do you still live in Colorado or what? (if that’s a fair question). I remember Mr. Cameron building a small car for you and your sister to drive around I think he told me you were going to drive it to school if there was a way to keep it off the city streets. Sound Familiar? Thank you for staying with me on this memory lane. Your Dad had a great impact on my business life.

I’m glad Butch’s computer works better then mine does. I thought you might like this bit of info. I worked for Mr. Cameron in the mid-fifties as a high school kid, as did several other students at that time. I lost track of your family upon my return from the military. Just thought you would like to know that the business practices your father taught me I have been able to carry with me into my own work places. He was probably one of the most intellectual persons I have ever met. Much of his advise he shared with his staff I still use today. I just wanted to touch base with you and share some old times Thanks. -Don Waters, Sheriff of Carter County 1996-2000

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of March 5, 2009

“Butch, this picture of McGalliard Cave was taken sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s.  As I recall, Mac was coming back to Ardmore via helicopter when he spotted the cave in the Arbuckle’s, east of  I-35.  He put together this team to hike to the spot and name the cave. The men, left to right, are:  Charles Smith, Glenn Smith, Ollie Testerman (I think), Jodie Woody (I don’t remember other name), V.S. Watson (I think), Mac McGalliard, and I don’t remember the man’s name behind Mac McGalliard.  Joyce Franks was the photographer.  Charles Smith, Glenn Smith, Jodie Woody,  V.S. Watson, and Ollie Testerman; were all educators in Ardmore and Springer. Joyce gave each of us a copy of the picture.”  -Charles Smith   McGalliard Cave Photo
“As I have been doing land survey work for the last 35 years I have passed by many old school buildings that once were.  They always stir up sentiment in me that is difficult for me to ponder.  I go by the most recent closed school here in Carter County – Graham.  The Bearcats no longer exist.  I never really knew anyone from Graham, but I know when they closed the school there was much sorrow for an era gone by.  I remember only a year or so ago the Ardmore Douglas school had a reunion, and it reminded me of the few basketball games I attended there at that black high school.  I remember coach Frank Luster having to bring out a ladder before the game himself and place a new net on one of the goals.  Frank was once a member of the Harlem Globe Trotters, but a very eloquent and public servant type of guy – one of my favorite people.  Then I go by the old townsite of Dundee and see the remains of a school building now pretty much deteriorated and gone.  The same for Woodland and Central, and Gene Autry.  All once exciting campuses where young people learned and lived, but now gone like a ghost town.  All of these and more, but too many to mention individually. 

And then I receive a youtube like this one, and it makes me proud to be a student of an era gone by.  My old school still exists and I’m happy about that as we plan some sort of reunion for our 50 years of passing 1959 – 2009.  How blessed we have been, for it was there – Sulphur High School – where we were taught by some of the finest teachers on this green earth, their remembrances still stir each of us to honor them for who they really were – our heroes – how in that age they taught us, admonished us, loved us and prepared us for living a life of whatever we were capable of achieving.  Some of them still live on this planet called earth, but all of them still live in our hearts and memories.”  -Michael D. Carr


“I just came across your old website about upside down tomatoes.  I’m sorry that you didn’t have any success with them that year but I hope you have not given up.  Flowers only turn into tomatoes if they are pollinated.  What I do in my garden is take a q-tip and touch all of the flowers in my garden one after another until I return to my starting point.  Since there aren’t many bees in my area (being the city and all) this allows my veggies to get pollinated.  Before I started doing this my crop was 1/7th what it is these days!  This works for all flowering fruits and veggies!  If there weren’t any other flowering plants near your tomatoes then the bees may just not have come to visit them!”

“Butch: It is about time for the Purple Martins to return from South America where they winter. I have been raising them for about 30 years. This year I am changing out Martin Houses to the new type. They are on sale at Walmart at a very good price including pole, they will extend up about 15ft. Sending some pics of new houses and the old wood type which the starlings can get in. The new type is designed to keep starlings out! but sparrows can get in and you may have to clean our occasionally! You can put Purple Martin in your browser and get all about purple martins!”  -Hoot in Healdton




Brokers Believe Worst Is Over and Recommend Buying of Real Bargains
New York Herald Tribune, October 27, 1929
October 29, 1929 – Stock Market Crashes!

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

“Friends Make Life Worth Living”Ardmore, Oklahoma


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