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Vol 25  Issue 1,260  March18, 2021

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“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us,
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

A Glimpse Into The Past

Calvary Presbyterian – Ardmore
Calvary Presbyterian Church was organized July 28th 1907 (Indian Territory) officially named Ardmore Presbyterian Church. The initial meeting was in a frame building which had been converted into a church. Dr. C. C. Weist as moderator of the first meeting. Dr. J H Peterman and Herman Hunt where’s the first members of the session.

Reverend J. A. Stanley was the first pastor.

This church was established Mission church and throughout the years has served the East section of Ardmore in Sunday school and youth work as well as church services.

Early pastors of the church were Reverend R G Canihan, Reverend Lampton, Reverend J. S. French, Reverend Thomas Carey and Reverend JS price.

During the pastorate of Reverend Price, the name of the church was changed to Calvary Presbyterian Church.

A had been purchased at 801 3rd Northeast and the frame building which had been used was moved to the new location.

Through a concerted drive among the membership a loan from the National Board of Missions and through a generous gift Mrs. Eva Noble, Mrs. Sam Noble, and others, the present handsome brick structure was built in 1940.

The church property now consists of the church building, a Sunday school building, a community house and five room mance. Church property is now estimated at the value of $40,000 and is free of debt.
-from Carter County History book 1957

January 1968
Carter County officials have approved the community fallout shelter plan which provides space for fallout shelter for everyone in the county. The plan also includes information about where people should go and what to do in the case of a nuclear war. Copies of the plan will be presented to every family and Carter County.

January 1927
The Glenn School is progressing nicely. Most of the children are done picking cotton and have started to school. Mr. Miller from McCurtain county has moved to the Corley farm. He has two girls in school, Vyolet and Allie. Lester Dewey has moved from Woodford to the Blalock farm. Everyone is invited to a community singing Sunday afternoon, January 23rd at the school.

A brick paver for a dog I sandblasted.


As of today we have reached area people about unclaimed property totaling over $748,065. And the search continues….

So with the above being said, how long has it been since you checked your name or a family member’s name? Its easy to do a search at the Oklahoma State Treasurer link below. I think every state in the union has a unclaimed property website through the respective state treasures website.

Q. Which county in Oklahoma lives the healthiest people in the state?
A.  Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Q.  Who was the first Oklahoma governor to campaign on TV?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Hello, My great great grandparents and so on are from Poolville Carter County. Do you know the area? I am looking for some type of visual on how the town was laid out. My family’s surname was Harmon, Isaac and Martha Harmon. They ran a general store etc in those parts. They moved from TX mid to late 1890s when it was Elk, Indian Territory. It’s been told that great-great grandfather Ike had a town named after him “Harmonville” supposedly close to Davis, Hennepin areas. About everyone has passed that might give me a history lesson on the area. I’ve seen an old fire map but that really doesn’t paint the picture of the town layout. I live in OKC but never made it down that way. I’ve seen areas from online current day maps but that’s about it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. -Matt Masterhistorian1@gmail.com
Hey from Western Carter County Butch. Read the article from the gentleman that traveled by the former schools of Graham, Dundee and couple of others. Might add Rexroat, Mt Home, Woodland, Pernell and the school that was mentioned East of Graham on hwy 53. It was Central School and yes it was attended by black students. I played basketball against darn near all the schools out there. I went to Dundee graduating in 1961. All the teams were darn good. In 1958 Central held a basketball classic with teams from Dundee, Healdton and Fox playing Central, Douglas and I think maybe Tatum. The gym floor at Central was tile with a shine. We stepped on the court to warm up and we all hit the floor. Somebody put oil on the mops then swept the tile floor. Sure looked good though. I remember several of the Central players. Cohee’s, Pickens, McGee, Wright to name a few. Those names and athletics are alive and well today. Central students ended up at Graham, Springer, Tatums and later Fox and Healdton. Don’t forget Gene Autry in there also. Great memories  -Vince
Nov 2009 issue:

“Yes, we will miss that ole trestle on G street NE. We lived in the 600 block of G street almost now a 100 years. Walked under the trestle on the way to Mama and Papa Lloyd’s at the Santa Fe Lake. Rode the Dinky across it on the way to Provence, to visit Aunt Ruth and Uncle Mack and our cousins there.

The Santa Fe Lake was near the refinery. There was a manned pump station there for the steam engines to fill with water. Our Dad had the lease from the railroad on the property after the Lloyd’s passed away. When our Dad died in l964, we failed to renew the lease. Someone else leased the property from the railroad and blasted the dam on the small creek running through and drained the lake and used it for pasture. It had been quite a popular fishing place for people in that area and neighborhood. The Lloyds collected a small fee for fishing there, seems like maybe 10 cents. The Lloyds were like grandparents to us. They had five children. Two lived to adult hood. Harold, a son was in the Navy. He married a girl in California. He was killed in a hunting accident there, about 1950. They had three children. His wife remarried and her husband adopted the children. I have always wondered what happened to them and where they might be??? Going down highway 70 go under the underpass on the right are some government apartments and a day care I think as we have not lived there this is as I recall visiting Ardmore. Across from these apartments etc. is an old motel two or three of the individual units are still there. There is a street going thru before Pst as I remember. This street will take you over to the old highway 70 pavement that is still there……take a right and the depression on the left is where the lake was. After the tornado about 46 the Lloyd’s garage was in the middle of the lake. Their house was destroyed and the neighbors and the members of the Calvary Presbyterian church on 3rd N.E. rebuilt it for them. We had Thanksgiving Dinner there that year. We had duck from the Lake. Light from kerosene lamps with wicks. The house is still there, having been updated and remodeled a number of years ago. Henry Lloyd (Papa) had worked for the railroad. As far as I can remember he had palsy. He was alert and sang for we children all the time. They had fallen on hard times as so many people of that era. Mama (Ella) Lloyd sold milk, butter, eggs and worked in homes of some of the people there in Ardmore. I can remember going to the Veterans home with her. It smelled like coffee. When I think of that home that is what I remember the smell of coffee. She was the one who introduced us to pickled chicken feet. So when visiting churches In Taiwan, a few years ago, that I relished to share this familiar delicacy with them was a happy, delightful surprise to the Saints there.” fjsmathers@aol.com

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of March 19, 2009

I received an interesting email this week along with an attachment.  It came from a lady in Arizona who was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  Here is her own words:

“Hi Butch, Here’s the picture of the metal Pepsi Cola sign I told you about. I got it from a friend 30 years ago, who knew that it came from Oklahoma. Today we googled “Gertie’s Grocery, OK” and found info on your web site about Gertie Morgan’s Cash Grocery on the highway north of Healdton, OK. I would love to see a picture of the store that shows this sign. I’m sure it was outdoor; it measures 51″ high x 42″ wide. It’s double sided-2 identical sides screwed together. Thanks.”  -Rebecca

A number of years ago someone wrote in to the Mailbag telling some history of Gertie’s Grocery.  I don’t remember the Reader’ name, but maybe there are others out there that remembers Gertie’s.   Here is the metal sign Rebecca owns in Arizona.

Wayne Vaughn found an old empty Havoline oil can this week.  I don’t know the age, but it has no zip code on it.  I remember in the 60s the friends I ran with wouldn’t be caught dead with a can of Havoline around the house, must less put it in our cars.  But times have changed.

Museum Memories – Contributed by Melinda Taylor
Extracted from the Lone Grove Ledger archives (originally taken from The Daily Ardmoreite)

85 years ago:
Aug. 5 – Hewitt.  The work on the new Methodist church is progressing nicely and the building will be ready for occupancy soon.

Nov. 18 – The Methodist Church, South, people will no doubt be the first to have a church building in Wilson, although it will be a close race, between that denomination and the Christians. Rev. Dr. W. U. Witt of Ardmore, presiding elder for this district, has closed a contract with the Wilson Townsite Company for two lots on which to put a church building and parsonage immediately. The South Methodists now have a church structure in the course of construction at Hewitt and it will be moved to the Wilson site. Rev. H. B. Thompson, now located at Lone Grove, has the circuit including Wilson, and will preach there after the church is located. Rev. Witt intends making Wilson a permanent charge with a pastor stationed there regularly. The Christian Church at Hewitt will also be moved to Wilson in the near future.

Dec. 2 – The Methodist Church has been moved from here to Wilson.

March 31 – The Methodist Episcopal Church announced the following appointments: Lone Grove and Wilson, J. C. Sessums; Woodford, Charles Mann

The Wilson Historical Museum has a collection of church notebooks filled with histories, news articles, records and pictures. All churches from Wilson and the surrounding communities are represented.

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”  -Benjamin Franklin

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

“Friends Make Life Worth Living”Ardmore, Oklahoma


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