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Russett, Oklahoma

R. L. "Buster" Bearden Family

by Martha Nell (Bearden) Bancenwicz


I am Martha Nell Bearden Bancenwicz.  My parents were R. L. "Buster" and Viola "Littleone" (Pardue) Bearden.  I was born in Brownsville, OK on the banks of the Red River before the lake came in.  We moved to Lark in 1941. Then in 1948 we moved to Russett.  That was in the middle of my 8th year.  I finished school at Russett, then went to Oklahoma City to Draughns Business College.


I met a girl and we became good friends.  She had a fiancé in Florida.  I went to Florida to be her Maid of Honor.  That is where I met my husband-to-be, Gil.  He was in the Air Force.  He was from Maryland.  When he mustered out he went to Maryland and got a job.  He sent for me.


I lived with his aunt and uncle until we got married.  We had four boys.


When Gil retired, we moved to Lebanon, Oklahoma.  I have been here for nineteen years.  Gil died in 2006.


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Martha Nell and

Elizabeth Bearden

taken 1938


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