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Russett, Oklahoma

The Family of Fred and Louise Bearden

By: Floudel Bearden Behrens

Daddy and Mother moved their family from Lark, Oklahoma to Russett in the fall of 1948. They had five children, Junior, Floudel, Charlie, Linda and Gary.

When we moved Charlie and I were the only two in school. We started the beginning of the second semester. I was in the middle of my sophomore year and it was hard even though we only had four subjects (which is all we needed to graduate). I went one day and I swore that I would not go back but when I got up the next morning I had a different attitude.

We finished that year and Daddy and my older brother, Junior got the new crop put in. Then Junior went to wheat harvest and sent money home for all of us to live on until the fall when the crops got ready together. It makes my back hurt just to think of picking cotton.

In the fall of 1950 we lost our baby sister, Linda, in a fire. Guymon Henry who live up the hill  from us drove Mother and me with Linda to the hospital in Madill. She passed away later that night. She was only in the first grade a few months before she died The Russett community supported our family both financially and spiritually during this tragic time.

I finished school in 1951 and married Bill Behrens. We moved to Oklahoma City where we lived for 20 years and raised our children. Bill and I then moved to Mannsville and stayed there for 28 years We moved to Madill in 2003 and on July 31, 2004 Bill passed away. I still live in Madill.

Charlie finished school at Russett in 1958 and that was the year that Daddy, Mother and Gary moved back to Enos. Gary then finished school at Kingston.

Russet was a good community to live in when we were young. Enclosed are some pictures that were taken when were all "couples" and having a good time. (Photos coming.)


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