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Russett, Oklahoma

Junior,Senior,Alumni Banquet

One of the highlights of the school year was the Junior, Senior, Alumni Banquet.  Bigger high schools had proms but most Russett students didn't dance and so we had a banquet.  Sometimes we had a band that played after the meal but very few danced.  The banquet was a community affair.  The Ladies Home Demonstration Club cooked the meal, the sophomores served and the junior/senior class honored the alumni.  It was a great time. Being toward the end of school things seemed to be a bit more relaxed as the students busied themselves decorating the gym.  Each year the classes would come up with different themes for the decorations.  Below are some photos of these banquets. Click on the thumbnail photo to view it enlarged.  Click on the arrows to show more thumbnails.


Sophomores Serving 1943-1944 Banquet

Imogene Dake is the one to the far right and the one coming through the archway to the far right is Fern Easterwood. Can you identify the others?

(Photo Courtesy June Boyer)


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