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Russett, Oklahoma

John and Kathryn (Kate) Pfortmiller Family
by Phyllis (Pfortmiller) Franklin

I am the daughter of Veda (Pollard) and Gordon Pfortmiller. My uncle, Earl Pollard, has added the Pollards to the families on the Russett Website. My mom, Veda (Earl's sister), is so excited about all of the information about long lost friends but unfortunately has macular degeneration and is not able to read the website.

The Pfortmillers have all passed on but we will do our best to provide what information we can about them and their families.

I am the youngest grandchild of the Pfortmiller family that lived in Russett so I don't know that much. Besides my Pollard and Pfortmiller relations, I'm indirectly related to the Holbrooks, Eggenbergs (who lived close to Russett), and Briscoes (if they are the same family my
aunt Voncille Pollard married into). Throughout the years I've heard of several of the family names mentioned on the site like the Chapmans, Brasiers, and Waggoners. My family has really enjoyed reliving the good memories shared.

Unfortunately, I have very little information about the Pfortmillers as of yet. What I know is that John and Kathryn (Kate) had five children, Warren, Elizabeth 'Leet', Hildegarde, Walter, and Gordon. They moved from Kansas to Gentry, Arkansas and then to Russett, Oklahoma sometime around 1936 to 1938, although I'm not sure that Warren moved with them. What took them to Russett is a good question. I hope there is some way to find the answer but I doubt it.

Leet married Dave Eggenberg and had three children, David Jr., Helen, and John. David Jr. did attend school at Russett a short time before the Eggenbergs moved to Ravia. John lives in Tishomingo. Helen passed away a few years ago... I'm guessing 2003. My mother remembers
sending notes home to my dad, Gordon by David Jr. David did go on to become a doctor and practiced in Davis for many years. After his retirement he ranched and I think he did volunteer work in the Sulphur hospital until he passed away around 2005.

David Eggenberg Sr. passed away in very late December 1982 or January 1983 and Leet passed away just a few weeks later. Spending time at their farm were among my happiest childhood memories even if it did involve having to use an outhouse and sharing a drinking tin cup for well water. Apparently I wasn't the only one who loved being around them at their place since they always had a lot of company.

Hilda married Dooley Holbrook. By the time I came along they were in Ardmore. My mother and Carolyn have been talking regarding their time in Russett.

Walter married Iva Fowler and had three children. His is the only family I never knew. He was killed in WWII, I think in Okinawa.

Gordon married Veda Pollard. They had my brother Ronald in 1941 and me in 1952. Gordon passed away in December 1998 and Ronnie passed away in February 2003. My mother, Veda, lives nearby me in Edmond, OK.

My mom said everyone farmed working for Chapman. She has many little stories that I will try to capture and email. She has been trying to look for photos but with her vision being so bad she can't see them well enough to identify the people photographed. Unfortunately, the identification was not written on most of the pictures. We're still working on them and surely will be able to come up with a few.


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Walt Pfortmiller's


Pfortmiller FamilyWalt Pfortmiller's children Veda Pollard Pfortmiller and friendPfortmiller history
 Top row: Elizabeth(Leet), Warren, Bottom Row: Hilda, Grandma & Grandpa Pfortmiller, Gordon & Walt Joan, Renie, & JeaniePhoto taken at Russett.  Anyone recognize the friend?


Carolyn Day

John Dietrich Pfortmiller Boxing with David Eggenberg2nd & 3rd Graders, Natoma Grade School, 1921-22   


Carolyn Day


Carolyn Day



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