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Russett, Oklahoma

2007 Inductee

Guidelines for the election process:


The criteria are the same for the EAGLES and the LADY EAGLES.

Criteria # 1:  Must have competed at least one year in RHS athletics.


Criteria # 2:  In your opinion, who was the best all around athlete?


Criteria # 3:  One who had a very positive influence on the school and community.


(Posthumous nominations accepted)                                                            


Mechanics of the election process:


A form for your selection of both EAGLES and LADY EAGLES will be printed on the bottom of your reunion notice.  Simply cut off and return with your reservations.


Each person can vote for EAGLES and LADY EAGLES.


Absentee voting is accepted. That is, you can send in your nomination without attending.


The winners will be presented at the reunion.


The above process will be in effect for the year 2008.


However, we did not want to wait a whole year for the program to begin.  Consequently, we came to the consensus that we should at least have one inductee for the year 2007.  Since we could only come up with one name among all the RHS athletes that played college ball, we concluded that this person should be our first inductee.  We applied all the criteria and felt that they were met.   


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