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Russett, Oklahoma


By Gene Henry

I am not to sure what year it was when the first outsider's baseball team was formed, whether it was in 1946 or 47.   Anyway Lawrence Carman's Dad and Harold O'Steen got the community to have a Pie Supper Auction to raise money to buy the Baseball uniforms for the team.  

We had a good turn out and raised enough Money to buy I believe 12 uniforms for the Players.  Mr. Carman was to be the Coach.  The players as best as I can remember were : Harold O'Steen Catcher,  Roy O'Steen 1st Baseman, Clifford O'Steen 2nd Baseman,  Earle O'Steen Short Stop, Eugene Henry Left Fielder,  Guyman Henry Center Fielder,  Toy Rigney Right Fielder,  Paul Hart Pitcher.  I can't remember who Played 3 baseman. 

It turned out that we became a pretty good team and lost very few games.  Later my Dad, Fred Henry, managed the team and did some pitching too.  He was a pretty good Pitcher when he was a young man and liked his baseball.  I guess that is where us boys got our interest in the game. 

Guyman developed into a good Pitcher and took after his dad's athletic abilities.  I played with the team for at least four Summers until I went into the Service in September 1950.  The team finally disbanded as most all of the players grew up and left.  However Guyman went on and played for the Mannsville team and mother would write me and tell me about his games and some of them that he would hit Home Runs and pitching winning games for Mannsville.  

I know that the Russett Community did enjoy coming and watching the team play on Sunday Afternoons.  It seems the Team began to be known as the O'Steen and Henry Team.  There were 4 O'Steens and 4  Henrys and Paul Hart.  So this is how I best remember the Russett Baseball Team. 

Epilogue by JC Henry

Eugene's story remind me of a game that we had with Ravia.. It was in the bottom of the ninth. we were at bat, two outs and a man on second and Ravia was ahead by one.  Obviously we needed to score the run on second to win.  Dad was managing. Roy O'Steen was to bat.  Dad pulled him and pinched hit for Roy.  I did not think that it was the best thing to do at the time.  Dad hit the first pitch for a double and scored the run that won the game.  That is the way I remembered it.


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