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Russett, Oklahoma


by Wanda Faye (Benge) Akins

Dora and Ada Benge moved to Russett in 1945.

We moved just across the Old Washita River bridge ... (east of the new one) ... in a yellow house.

We lived there two years, then moved across the road on top of a hill. Dad worked for Dorce Coffee.

We lived by the O'Steens That's where we caught the school bus.

There were 9 kids in our family. Leroy, Eugene, Orbia, Edna, Delton, Wanda Faye, Edward, Cletis and Chester.

We all went to school at Russett. Leroy joined the Navy; Eugene and Orbia were in the Army. Edna married and that left all the rest at home with mom and dad.

We moved to Ravia in 1950 and I didn't want to come to Ravia because I thought I wouldn't get to play ball..

Mr. Portman was Superintendent at Russett .... Mrs. Albright and Mrs. Lula Oglesby were my teachers. After we moved to Ravia in 1950, I rode to Russett with two of our teachers, Pete Littlepage and Ms Pat Ross until school was out.

Mr. Covington was the Russett Janitor. He had 4 kids .. Leland, Donald, Mary Lou and Faye.

At this time (April 2007) Leroy, Orbia, Eugene, and Delton have passed on... Edna, Edward and Cletis live in Amarillo .. Check (Chester) and I live in Ravia. I married Albert Akins who attended school at Ravia and Check married Daisy Gilbert. Our kids, Dewayne and Debbie (Baxter) ; Susie and Jimmy Worcester; Kenneth and Audra ; Billy and Judy all live here at Ravia; Debbie and Shelton Dickerson live around the Milburn area, Linda and Jimmy Byles live in Tishomingo.

I remember lots of folks at Russett. ... that was the good ole days. We had some of the finest folks in the world living there. If you needed help, someone was always available....even If they had to ride horseback to get to you.


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