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Russett, Oklahoma

The Caperton Family

by Sid Caperton


The Capertons moved to Russett from Mannsville about 1898. My father Roy, and two sisters, were already in the family at that time, having been born in Hamilton, TX. But the next two of my uncles were both born in Russett....George, in 1900, And Joe, in 1903. The family lived in a house which would now be in that big field NW of the Russett School House. They all moved to Ravia around 1904. Later on, (around 1919, or so) my mother taught school at Varner, which (I think) was down close to the River, North of the School House.

My Grandfather, Dr. Thomas Adam Caperton, was an early day dentist.  He had a practice there in Russett, in partnership with a Dr. Mitchell, an M.D.     He would load his dental equipment into a buggy and travel to different communities around the county to dispense his dental services.

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Dr. Caperton & Dr. Mitchell - Russett 1902

Frontier Doctors in Indian Territory

(Photograph Courtesy Sidney Caperton)

Mannsville String Band - 1897

Dr. Caperton (Russett Dentist) standing on left

(Photograph Courtesy Sidney Caperton)

Grandfather was a member of the Russett Chapter (Camp #120) of the Woodsmen Of the World (WOW).  The WOW are the ones who put up all the cemetery monuments that look like tree trunks.  He was Clerk of that Chapter till he moved to Ravia in 1904.   Grandfather also played guitar in a string band, made up mostly of Mannsvilleites.  I don't know any names.
The Hacklers:  My mother's family.
The Hacklers came from Texas, first to Mannsville and later to Russett, at about the same time the Capertons were there, and they too, eventually moved to Ravia.  While they were in Russett, however, Grandfather, Andrew Jackson Hackler, a farmer, worked a farm north of the River that belonged to Silas Sharp.   My Uncle Norby Hackler was born while they lived in Russett.


Not much to write!  Since my sister, Norbie Jo Sharp (86), and my cousin Ruth Moore (89), and myself (73), are all that is left of the Capertons in Johnston County, we don't know very much about the family's stay in Russett.  But I'll give you what little I do know. Sorry I don't know any more.    



by Jadean Paschall Fackrell


Sid and I are 2nd cousins. My grandmother, Fleeta Caperton Kuykendall, and Sid's father, Roy Clark Caperton, were siblings. Sid's sister, Norbie Jo Caperton Sharp, still lives in Ravia (near the cemetery) and has done a lot of research on the Ravia area. Also, my aunt, Ruth Kuykendall Moore, still lives in Ravia and will be 90 years old on February 13th. She is sharp and has a great sense of humor.

I have been told that the dental chair and some dental equipment belonging to my great grandfather, Dr. T. A. Caperton, is in the museum in Tishomingo. As I have returned to Ardmore (after a 35 year absence), I have not had the chance to visit the museum. That is a must in the near future. I want to get with Sid and Norbie soon to research our Caperton family genealogy, especially as the direct descendants with knowledge of Russett and Ravia are getting advanced in age.


The following photos were contributed by Jadean in addition to the wonderful student photos from 1902 and 1910 to found in the Student Section.

Wedding Photo: Dr. Thomas A Caperton and Edith Lee (George) Caperton - 12-8-1888 in Hamilton, Texas

Dr. Thomas A. Caperton b. 3-1-1863 d. 4-12-1931

Edith Lee (George) Caperton b. 1-10-1871 d. 12-19-1956

Dr. T. A. Caperton & Dr. D. L. Mitchell

Russett, Indian Territory

June 11. 1900 - Deligates to Democratic Convention at Ardmore, I T

(Note photo was taken at a studio in Mannsville)

Clem & Fleeta (Caperton) Kuykendall Family - 1921

(l-r) Ruth (Kuykendall) Moore b. 1917 and currently (2007) lives in Ravia, OK, Clem Bee Kuykendall b. 1887 d. 1952, Irene (Kuykendall) Bryan b. in Ravia 1914 d.1997, Fleeta (Caperton) Kuykendall b. 1892 d. 1969 - Student and then teacher at Russett, Jean (Kuykendall) Paschall b. in Ravia 1919 d. 2003 [Jadean's Mother]



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