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Russett, Oklahoma

The Henry Ervin James Family

by Donna (James) Reed

This picture taken in Russett prior to 1932

Back Row: left to right Ancel James, Cliff James, Jack James

3rd row:  Hal James, Helen (James) Dogget

2nd row: Mamie James, Lindle (James) Lemons, Joe James

Front row:  O. Z. James, Vonda (James) Thomas

Not yet born was their last child Bill Murray James


My grandfather Henry (Hal) Ervin James was born in Johnson County, Texas on April 18, 1883.  My grandmother was born Mamie Mary Gregg and she was born in Montague County, Texas on May 12, 1891.  They were married on January 1, 1907.  Not sure when they moved to Russett, if I recall right my dad said they lived in Mannsville before moving to Russett.  Their last child Bill Murray James was born in Russett on January 3, 1932.

I am not positive but I think they probably lived at Baum first.  Both of my grandparents are buried at Lone Cedar Cemetery there at Baum and that is where their first child was born.


My granddad Hal James worked as a farmer while in Russett.  They lived several places while there.  One place was right north of the Russett cemetery, then they moved to a house west of the Baptist church.  My dad O. Z. James started school in Russett and went through the 6 or 7th grade before moving to Mannsville.  He remembers playing ball in the gymnasium.  He has told me several times that he had a first grade teacher at Russett that would make you sit on her lap if you misbehaved.  He said the kids would have rather had a spanking than to have to sit on her lap... then he said she had a sister Mrs. Wolf that taught 3rd grade that would bust your rear in a heartbeat. 


Short summary of each child:
Ancel James
Born September 25, 1907 in Baum, OK
Married Leona Lemons
They had 4 children, three girls and one son.  Their son is deceased.
They lived in Blackwell.  Ancel worked for years at the refinery there.
Ancel died March 3, 1983.
Charlie Clifton James (We called him Cliff)
Born February 19, 1910 in Berwyn, OK
He married Lottie.  I don't know what her maiden name was.
They had 3 children.  All are still living.
They also lived in Blackwell.  Cliff worked at the refinery too.
Cliff died on June 10, 1994.
Floyd Euguene James (All we ever called him was Jack)
Born on November 21, 1912 in Berwyn, OK
His wife's name was Rose
Jack was a minister.  They had one daughter.  She is still living. 
Jack died February 8. 1998
Lindle Lee James
Born September 4, 1913 at Mannsville, OK
Married Lawrence Lemons
They had 3 children.  Two daughters and one son.  Only one daughter is still living.
They lived in Capitol Hill area in the city.
Lindle died June 26, 1997
Theron Houston James (All we ever called him was Joe)
Born August 12, 1915 at Ravia, OK
He married Serena Martin
They had 2 sons.  Both are deceased.
I'm not sure where all they lived, Joe is living in the Washington State area now.
Helen Irene James
Born May 28, 1919 in Mannsville, OK
Married C.A. Dogget
They had a son and daughter.  Both are still living.  They lived in the Dallas area while growing up.
Helen was killed on October 8, 1974
Vonda Lee James
Born April 19. 1922 at Mannsville, OK
Married Frank Thomas
They had 3 children, two sons and one daughter.  All are still living.  Vonda and all of her kids are living in the Portland, Oregon area now.
She worked for J.C. Penney's for years.
O. Z. James
Born February 4, 1925 in Mannsville, Ok
Married Gladys Lavon Smith
They have two daughters.  Both are still living.
O. Z. retired from Tinker Air Force Base.  They have lived in Midwest City for over 55 years.
Bill Murray James
Born January 3, 1932
Married Ruth (Not sure of her maiden name)
They have 2 children, a son and daughter.  Both are still living.  They lived in the Dallas area while growing up.  Now they all live in Arkansas.  Bill is a retired electrician.


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Hal James on Right

James Family - taken 1962 in Ardmore, OK

Standing from left to right. O.Z. James, Vonda (James) Thomas, Joe James, Lindle (James) Lemons, Cliff James, Helen (James) Dogget

Sitting left to right: Bill James, Mamie James, H.E. James, Ancel James, Jack James

Class Picture taken approximately 1938

Please help identify students and teacher.

(l-r) Standing: 1, 2, teacher, 4, 5, 6

Sitting: 1, 2, O. Z. James, 4, 5, Geraldine "Jill" Lemons, 7

O. Z. James - 1943

Perfect Attendance Award


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