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Russett, Oklahoma

The Jim Green Family

by Flora Mae (Green) Bigger


Due to Lake Texoma being built the Jim Green family were forced to move from their sharecropper farm in Powell, Oklahoma.  They rented a place from Mr. Chapman at Russett, Oklahoma.


On January 19, 1942, Mr. Chapman sent Bill Wilcox to move us.


The family had four children at that time.  They were Clayton who was in the 10th grade.  Janice who was in the 8th grade.  Flora was in the 3rd grade.  Hoyt was only 2 years old at the time.


We lived west of the Russett School.


Clayton graduated in 1944.  He was salutatorian of his class.


Janice graduated in 1946 and was also salutatorian of her class.


Flora married in 1950 and attended Madill School her senior year.


Hoyt, Dorothy and Donald completed all 12 years at Russett.


Hoyt graduated in 1957 as valedictorian of his class.


Dorothy and Donald graduated in 1961.  Donald was valedictorian of the class and Dorothy was salutatorian of their class.  That was also the last class to graduate from Russett High School.


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